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Flooring Planks and Tiles Made in the United States of America

When you want a type of flooring where you can trust the quality of the ingredients in use and of the manufacturing process, stick with flooring made in the USA from Greatmats.

We source dozens of our flooring options from American-based manufacturers. These floors use high-quality materials and stick to precise manufacturing tolerances, ensuring that customers receive the exact measurements they need in their flooring without worrying about weak spots.

Size and Shape Options

When you select among our models of flooring made in the USA, you will have dozens of choices in the sizes and shapes of the flooring.

For those who want to simplify the installation, consider sticking with our square tiles that interlock together. Many of these tiles have dimensions of 1x1 foot, making them extremely easy to carry into place and install. To cover more space faster, though, consider tiles up to 2x2 feet in size.

We also offer modular tiles in a kit that connect together to cover a certain space. With the kit, you receive all the pieces required to cover a space between 10x10 feet and 20x30 feet.

When you need a rectangular mat for use by an individual, we offer 4x6 foot standalone mats that offer excellent durability.

For those who prefer a roll of flooring, we offer rolls that can range from 10 feet in length to 50 feet. Most of these rolls have a width measurement of 4 feet.

Material Options

Our flooring made in the USA products appear in many different materials, making it easy to find the perfect one for your planned use case.

  • Rubber is a common flooring material that we source from American manufacturers. Rubber appears in tiles, mats, and rolls, and it is the best material for a high level of durability.
  • Vinyl is another popular option for American made flooring. We offer interlocking tiles that use a vinyl top layer over a hard plastic base layer, allowing them to resemble hardwood planks or laminate designs. Max Tile is a top US manufacturer from which we source these products.
  • Carpet delivers a high quality look for your room, and our carpet tiles made in the United States and sourced from Mohawk and Shaw are easy to install.
  • PVC plastic offers some of the long-lasting benefits of rubber, along with a little bit of cushioning. StayLock products are among our most popular flooring made in the USA models consisting of PVC.
  • Polypropylene plastic is extremely firm, delivering excellent durability and sturdiness for a variety of use cases.

Pattern and Texture Options

Flooring made in the USA can appear in almost any color or pattern that you could want to see.

When you select PVC plastic or polypropylene plastic, you can select from neutral colors like gray or black and from brighter colors like blue or red.

Selecting a vinyl layer over the top of a plastic base provides multiple options for designs and colors, including hardwood patterns that contain varying tones that resemble basketball court floors. Some may even resemble engineered hardwood.

With rubber flooring made in the USA, the most common color is black. For a bit of a design change, you may select flooring with color rubber flecks embedded in the black base.

Carpet tiles often appear in neutral colors, ensuring they can match up nicely with any color scheme that already exists in the room.

Common Use Options

American made flooring is usable in nearly any location. It has pleasing design elements that match the room nicely.

Customers use these floors in basements, office buildings, gymnasiums, weightlifting centers, dance studios, showrooms, pool surrounds, and outdoor play areas. Some tiles are usable either indoors or outdoors, while others are only usable in a protected location indoors.

Both commercial and residential customers can select these types of floors to create the perfect layout.

Installation Options

Many of our US-constructed floors have a design made to simplify the installation process. This allows customers to choose to do the work themselves as a DIY project to save some money.

They also can hire a professional to handle the work, which may be the better choice when installing heavy flooring, like rolls of rubber.

Many of these products consist of interlocking tiles that pop together with a little bit of force. There’s no need to use glue on the edges of the tiles, as the interlocking edges hold the tiles tightly together on their own.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

To clean floors with a smooth surface indoors, use a broom or vacuum to clean up any dust or loose soils. You then can mop the floor with a neutral pH cleaner.

With carpeting tiles, treat them as you would a roll of carpet. Run a vacuum cleaner over the top on a regular basis. Use a carpet cleaning machine as needed.

For outdoor installations, you often can simply clean the American-made flooring by rinsing it with a garden hose and a sprayer. Scrub it with a soft-bristled broom or mop, if desired.