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Options for Gymnastics Landing Mats

For gymnasts, gaining new skills is the key to advancing a level. As they gain more skills, flying through the air off the different apparatuses – gracefully – is necessary for advancing to the higher levels. However, the learning process for new skills usually involves suffering more hard falls and crash landings than graceful movements, especially at first.

Even though falls are part of the learning process, painful injuries from those falls don’t have to be. When you deploy foam gymnastics landing mats at your training center, you can give the gymnasts a soft, thick crash pad that reduces hard landings and gives young gymnasts the courage to try again. At Greatmats, we have multiple crash mat sizes and thicknesses to deliver the perfect landing spot that keeps your gymnasts and cheerleaders healthier while they master new aerial tricks.

Types of Gymnastics Landing Mats

At Greatmats, we offer two types of gymnastics landing mats for your gymnasium.

Non-Folding Landing Mat

Non-folding mats are extremely durable. They often have handles sewn into the vinyl cover that makes it easier to carry these large pads around the gymnasium or studio.

You often can find non-folding mats in thicknesses up to 12 inches. Whether you are looking to deploy a thick crash pad for practice time or for a competition, these gymnastics mats have the quality you need for maximum longevity and performance.

Folding Landing Mat

Folding mats are available in a single-fold or bi-fold design. The best reason to use a folding crash mat for gymnastics is that you can create twice the thickness when you fold it in half. It’s also easier to store the folding mat between sessions.

Just like the non-folding mats, these have the quality required for either practice or competitions. Our folding gymnastics landing mats are made in the United States, so you can trust the quality of the design and materials. Folding mats are usually available in thicknesses up to 8 inches.

Athletic Landing Mat Use Types

You can use these gymnastics competition mats in a variety of situations, including:
  • Working on different gymnastics apparatuses safely
  • Cheer and gymnastics tumbling practice
  • Gymnastics skills development
  • Gymnastics practice sessions or competitions
  • School gym classes
  • Martial arts takedown sessions
  • Practice at home

Benefits of Gymnastics Training Mats

Because we focus on providing only the highest-quality materials in our gymnast training and landing mats, you receive a number of benefits when you trust Greatmats to fill your order.
  • Variety of Pre-Made Sizes: Multiple coverage sizes are available, ranging from 4x6 feet to 6x12 feet.
  • Custom Sizes: Should you need a specific coverage size for your gym, reach out to Greatmats.
  • Safety During Falls: When gymnasts are learning new skills that have a fall risk, our crash mats soften the blow.
  • Colors and Branding: Select among more than a dozen colors in the vinyl covering. You also can have us create a custom-printed logo or message to represent your gym on the vinyl if desired.
  • Move the Mat: Many of our mats have handles sewn into the edges, making it easier to move the padding to a new location in the gym.
  • Safety Ratings: Because we focus on maximum quality in our padding, you can rest assured that these mats have ASTM fall height ratings and Class A fire ratings.
  • Durability: Our gymnastics landing pads have designs with repeated use in mind, so you can trust them to give you a good value over time.

Gymnastics Landing Mats Q&A

What is a landing mat or sting mat?

A landing mat or sting mat is an extremely thick mat (2.5 inches or more) that protects gymnastics students after potential falls while learning new skills.

What are the best crash landing mats for gymnastics?

The best crash landing mats for gymnastics are those that match the needs of your studio and students. Pick a thick mat with plenty of cushioning to guard against potential falls when students are working on skills from significant heights, for example.

What is the difference between a balance beam mat and a dismount mat?

What is a balance beam mat versus a dismount mat? The balance beam mat is a thick mat that goes underneath the beam. If the students fall from the beam, it protects them from hard, out-of-control landings. Dismount mats are mats placed away from the beam, giving students a softer landing space as they do flips and other aerial tricks when dismounting from the beam.

How thick should a gymnastics landing mat be?

A gymnastics landing mat thickness measurement should be enough to protect the gymnast from a hard landing. Thinner mats measuring a couple of inches are suitable underneath apparatuses that are closer to the ground. Thicker mats measuring several inches in thickness are better for taller apparatuses.

What makes a good stunt mat?

A good stunt mat needs to have the appropriate coverage size and thickness to protect athletes wherever they may fall in the gymnastics studio. They also need excellent durability for repeated use. You’ll want the ability to store them easily when they aren’t in use. Folding mats often are easier to store than non-folding mats.