Commercial Gym Flooring

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Commercial gym flooring can stand up to rough treatment, while protecting the athletes. This is among the best options to use as commercial fitness flooring, thanks to its durability. It’s a high grade flooring that fits into almost any design plans you have in mind for the gymnasium.

Rubber rolls, tiles, and mats are popular selections for commercial gym flooring because of the high level of durability they provide. However, some gym owners may prefer a PVC plastic tile or a foam tile installation instead. Such materials usually offer puzzle-style tiles that are easy to assemble. Artificial turf is another option for workouts.

How Gymnasium Owners Make Use of Our Commercial Gym Flooring

  • Standing Up to Rough Treatment: In a gym where free weights and battle ropes are in use, commercial fitness center flooring can protect the subfloor from damage from these heavy items.
  • Delivering Years of Use: Gym owners who want a professional gym flooring that can provide a good value over years of use may select rolls of rubber flooring.
  • Supporting a Weightlifting Area: Customers can match the thickness of the rubber commercial weight room flooring to the most common amount of weight in use. A 15mm industrial gym flooring should handle purposely dropped free weights, while 12mm industrial gym mats easily support more than 120 pounds of weights.
  • Noise Reduction Flooring: When your commercial gym shares a space with other businesses, using rubber professional gym flooring or professional gym mats can reduce noise and vibration from workouts, especially if they involve free weights.
  • Safe Ground-Based Workouts: Some commercial gymnasiums host martial arts classes, making PVC flooring tiles a good choice. Such tiles sometimes have a tatami texture that prevents skin burns after falls.

Color Options for Commercial Gym Flooring

Although many commercial gymnasiums will select rubber flooring, you don’t have to stick to basic black colors (but you can, if desired). Some of the color options for flooring for commercial gyms include:
  • Black
  • Black with color flecks
  • Blue
  • Blue with color flecks
  • Brown
  • Forest green
  • Green artificial turf
  • Gray
  • Gray with color flecks
  • Light green
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Tan
  • Tan with color flecks
  • White

If you have a need for any specific kind of commercial gym flooring, feel free to contact us for help.