What Are the Best Inexpensive Floor Mats for Fitness?

By Kyle Schurman Created: February, 2021 - Modified: December, 2022

Fitness floor mats made for use in a home or in a studio need to deliver excellent cushioning for the athletes, along with a sure footing. Even better, if the flooring has a cheap price per square foot of coverage, while being made with high quality materials, customers will be able to create a useful workout space that does not break the bank.

Here are six of the best fitness floor mats that have a reasonable price:

  • Pacific Rolled Rubber (1/8 Inch Thick)
  • Plyometric Rubber Roll Sport Natural (6 mm Thick)
  • Plyometric Rubber Roll Sport Natural (8 mm Thick)
  • Plyometric Rubber Roll Sport Natural (10 mm Thick)
  • Home Gym Flooring Pebble Foam Tile (10 mm Thick)

What Are Some of the Best Options for Rubber Fitness Floor Mats?

Pacific Rolled RubberUsing rubber for fitness floor mats is an excellent choice for those looking to save some money. Rubber is extremely durable, even when used in a thin roll, allowing it to support the weight of workout equipment and gear. Rubberized flooring materials also work extremely well for athletics, because they give the athlete a sure footing for performing many different types of exercises.

The Pacific Rolled Rubber is one of the most cost effective options when creating a workout space at home, delivering a price of a little more than $1 per square foot. This roll has a black base color. Some rolls contain color fleck options, giving customers an option for changing up the look of the flooring.

Installers appreciate the 1/8 inches of thickness (about 3 mm) in this rubber roll, as the thin design reduces the weight of the roll. At 4 feet in width, the roll weighs 0.75 pounds per linear foot. This product has a custom cut length option, so customers can order the perfect length to match the requirements for the workout space.

6 mm Plyometric Rubber Roll Sport NaturalFor another option that costs a little more than $1 per square foot, consider the 6 mm Plyometric Rubber Roll Sport Natural product, which is equal to almost 1/4 inch in thickness.

For a little more thickness that works for plyometric workouts, such as lateral box jumping and other jumps on the floor, consider the 8 mm Plyometric Rubber Roll Sport Natural (about 5/16 inch of thickness). This product costs about $1.50 per square foot of coverage.

For those who need more thickness, yielding a heavy duty, yet forgiving type of rubber flooring roll, the 10 mm Plyometric Rubber Roll Sport Natural delivers an economical flooring, measuring about 13/32 inches in thickness for less than $2 per square foot of coverage.

Each of these rolls consists of recycled rubber, which makes them ideal for customers looking for a green product. This rubber has just the right amount of cushioning for a workout space at the house or at a studio, while keeping the overall weight of the product at a minimum, which simplifies installation.

Customers can order these products by a custom linear foot, and each roll of these fitness floor mats measures 4 feet in width (regardless of the thickness). Customers must make a minimum order of 15 linear feet.

Does Foam Work as Inexpensive Fitness Floor Mats?

Foam is another excellent choice for fitness floor mats at a low price. It has a lightweight design in tiles that interlock, which greatly simplifies the installation process. Foam has a high level of cushioning, which means the workout is easy on the lower joints of the athlete.

Some installers prefer foam when performing a wall-to-wall installation in a room, as foam is extremely easy to cut with a straight edge, allowing installers to create the perfect fit in the flooring.

Home Gym Flooring Pebble Foam TileA popular option for foam matting for fitness areas is the Home Gym Flooring Pebble Foam Tile. These puzzle edge interlocking tiles measure 10 mm in thickness (about 13/32 inch), giving them a nice combination of durability and cushioning that’s appropriate for use at a house, at a school, or in a professional aerobics studio. They’re durable enough to accommodate workout gear and equipment without suffering damage. Just keep in mind that heavy equipment will cause indents in any foam flooring.

The Pebble Foam Tile includes a slight texture in the top layer in a round pebble shape, which gives athletes a sure footing as they perform the workout. This model costs less than $2 per square foot.