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Infield Turf, Outfield Turf, Batting Cage and Box Turfs

Find a wide range of baseball turfs and softball turfs for every part of your baseball diamond. This includes artificial turf for infields, outfields, batting cages, batters boxes, pitching mounds, on deck circles and even dugouts.

Modern artificial baseball turfs that you can use for indoor, outdoor, and off-season practices are greatly improved over the models used for training in the past. They also serve dual purpose for softball fields and practice areas.

Our indoor practice field grass has a realistic feel and level of performance. After your team and players work out on softball turf, they will be fully ready for the season or any tournament to come.

Size and Shape Options

The majority of our baseball turfs products will be available in a roll format, as this is the best and most cost effective way to deliver this type of product. Because customers often are covering a huge space with faux grass, a roll format will do the job quickly.

When ordering these rolls, the most common width will be either 12 or 15 feet. You then can select a custom length that you want to receive.

Other options in this product line will provide a mat or an interlocking tile format at a smaller size. Such mats can be good for golf practice, for batting practice for baseball or softball, or for use in workout areas where sprints and sled work are common.

Material Options

Our baseball turfs look like the real thing. The majority of these products appear in a green color that resembles grass. However, you can select some other color options as well, including white, red, blue, yellow, and black.

These rolls often make use of polyethylene plastic to create the faux blades of grass. The highly durable blades may use different heights and slightly different shades of green to create a design that more closely resembles real grass.

The biggest advantage of these types of blades is that most do not cause skin burns when athletes slide or fall on the faux grass.

Some rolls of these athletic grass materials will contain a foam or rubber backing that provides a little bit of padding for workouts. This is helpful when going over the top of a hard subfloor, such as cement.

Pattern and Texture Options

The texture on our baseball turfs will resemble that of actual grass with individual blades. Pile heights available from the blades of grass can range from around 1/4 inch to 1 inch.

The faux blades of grass will allow athletes to use almost any kind of shoes on the surface without slipping.

Baseball, softball, and soccer players may wear cleats when practicing on most baseball turfs. Cleats do not damage these tough materials. Shoes with small nubs are usable as well. Athletes even can choose to wear smooth-bottom athletic shoes, if desired.

Common Use Options

Almost any type of athletic endeavor is possible over the top of this artificial grass. Anything from youth baseball to women's fastpitch softball to men's slowpitch softball works on this turf.

You will receive a realistic ball roll and bounce when practicing defense on this faux practice turf, allowing players to move from the turf to natural grass seamlessly.

It also works for soccer practice, as players can receive a sure grip for making sudden moves on the soccer field, while maintaining a true ball roll.

Golfers may install artificial turf in an indoor practice facility or outdoors around a practice green. Much of this turf can stand up to repeated golf swings without showing damage, while remaining green and viable all year around.

Less common sports also can use this turf for safe practice sessions, including ultimate Frisbee, field hockey, kickball, stickball, and dodgeball. It works for agility practice as well.

Installation Options

Many customers choose to hire a professional for the installation, unless they have previous experience and some large power equipment available. You can install many of these rolls indoors or outdoors, creating a safe space for practice time.

Indoor installation typically will occur with the use of adhesive over a firm subfloor. Make sure that the subfloor is free of significant cracks or protrusions that could cause an unstable layout or a trip hazard.

With a few of these rolls of baseball turfs, you can attach them to the subfloor with vinyl tape. This is ideal for a temporary installation, as you can remove the tape and roll up the material when you want to return to the subfloor.

For an outdoor installation, you can go over a firm surface with adhesive. When going over a dirt surface, you may need to bury treated wood around the perimeter of the field, and you then can attach the turf to the wood to hold it in place.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

A significant advantage of our baseball turfs is that they require very little regular maintenance or cleaning. When installed outdoors, this faux grass is far easier to care for than natural grass, which requires regular mowing, watering, and fertilizing.

To clean these rolls of faux turf, you can run a vacuum cleaner over the top for an indoor installation, assuming it does not require infill, or you can rinse the material with a garden hose outdoors.

The material will be easier to maintain and clean if you do not allow those using the area to have gum or sunflower seeds.