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How To Install Modular Carpet Tiles Over Concrete

Date Published: 02-03 - 2022

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When installing a modular carpet tile system with snap together interlocks, its important to look at the grain or nap of the carpet. With Greatmats Carpet Tiles Modular squares, there each box comes with an equal amount of tiles where the nap runs in one direction and tiles where the nap runs perpendicular to the other tiles. You'll want to stagger these tiles to give an alternating pattern.

Another key component to making your installation successful is to make sure the base of all of the tiles are facing in the same direction - with the loop sides pointing in the directions you'd like to expand your floor. (Starting in a corner.)

Since the tiles are pretty thick, a ramped border strip edging may be wise to use - assuming you have exposed edges. This will not be necessary for wall-to-wall installations.

The border transition strips and corner pieces install just like the tiles, using a tab and loop connector system. Just keep in mind, there is still an order in which they should be installed, due to the need to push the tab into the loop. In some cases, it may also be helpful to connect the transition borders together first and then attach them to the carpet tiles.

These carpet tiles can be installed over any hard flat surface, including concrete and ceramic tile.
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