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Rubber Floor Mat Sizes and Thicknesses

Rubber mat products from Greatmats provide impressive versatility in use cases, sizes, and thickness measurements, meaning customers can use them almost anywhere. From 1/4 inch thick gym matting to our 2 inch thick swingset mats, you will find a wide variety. They provide benefits in fitness centers, home gyms, industrial settings, commercial kitchens, and more locations.

Although 4x6 mats are common, you can find rubber floor mats in almost any dimension, including small and large mats for outdoor and indoor use. To create a greater coverage area, such as in a horse stall, you could even order rubber stall mat kits for a pre-cut coverage size.

Where to Use Rubber Mats

Some of the most popular places to deploy our rubber floor mats include:

They work extremely well in commercial and industrial settings, too. Use them in a restaurant kitchen, on an assembly line, or at an industrial workstation to keep the floor from becoming slick after spilling food or liquids.

Additionally, large rubber floor mats perform well in areas where people must stand and work all day. They deliver anti-fatigue benefits, keeping the lower body joints fresher.

Rubber Mats Q&A

Where do I find 3x4 rubber mats?

Check with the Greatmats customer service team if you have a specific size of rubber matting that you need, including 3x4 feet. Another option is to order a more common size, such as a 4x6 heavy duty rubber mat, and cut it down to the desired 3x4 size or another size.

Are rubber mats recyclable?

Rubber mat flooring that consists only of rubber and no other materials potentially is recyclable. Check with your local recycling companies to see if they accept large rubber floor mats. Otherwise, you can make an eco-friendly choice by selecting heavy duty mats that already consist of recycled materials.

How heavy are rubber floor mats for gyms?

A 3/4-inch thick 4x6 foot mat is a common size for an area where you will be lifting free weights, and it averages about 100 pounds. You’ll find that 2 inch thick rubber mats for floors weigh more than double the average, while 3/8-inch thick mats weigh about half the average.

Should I not buy a 4x6 foot by 3/4 inch rubber mat for a home gym?

This nearly 1 inch thick rubber mat for gym works nicely underneath a weight bench where you are lifting large amounts of weight. However, most homeowners can save some money and stick with a 3/8-inch thick gym mat because they lift smaller weights.