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Exercise Floor Mat - Foam Play Mat, Home Sport Mat 20 mm

Home Sport and Play 20 mm Exercise Floor Mat

(263 Reviews ) Write a Review
(263 Reviews ) Write a Review
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Kid Safe Kid Safe Floor Tiles

Latex and Lead Free, Non Toxic, Allergen Free, Waterproof, Safe and Soft, Low Odor

Leading properties: Fire Rated ASTM E648-03 and Surface Flammability Passed ASTM D2859.

Our interlocking foam tiles have been fire test rated by two laboratories.

Purchase safe and soft foam floor tiles and matting products from Greatmats.

We ensure that all of our foam flooring products are constructed with the highest quality EVA foam material and workmanship.

We know our products are Kid Safe and will provide for years of enjoyable family use.

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Thickness 20 mm
Length 2.00 feet
Width 2.00 feet
Weight 2.00 lbs
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
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Top Features for Home Sport and Play 20 mm Exercise Floor Mat

  1. Durable top texture for sport shoes
  2. Great for home basement floors and home exercise room flooring
  3. Extra thick waterproof foam material
  4. Durable EVA foam material
  5. Lead free and latex free and very low or no odor
  6. Easy to install and remove, cut to fit for wall to wall
  7. Lightweight portable and easy to clean
  8. Double color, double sided foam tiles
Use Types

Sport Play Foam Flooring, Like Rubber Play Mats, Exercise Room Foam Flooring, Home Gym Soft Floors

Durable interlocking foam exercise sport and play mats 20 mm

is a great option for home exercise and play areas.

Versatility is a great feature of the Exercise Floor Mat Sport and Play 20 mm product, as its bright colors look great and its high quality EVA foam material provides plenty of durability. For example, using these foam play mats for kids and home exercise, such as aerobics or taekwondo, is a common option for our customers.

These play floor tiles are offered in three double colored options. You can choose from green/brown, red/blue, or black/gray, with one color on each side of the mat. The reversible interlocking design allows for either color to be visible on top, which means you can create a checkerboard pattern or other design on your floor. Let your creativity show through with this foam play mat and make a fun pattern for your kids.

Another common use for these mats is to provide an area for marital arts practice and classes. If you have an athletic studio where you offer these classes or if you want your kids to be able to practice outside of class time, these exercise floor mats are a perfect option, providing a soft landing space that’s also very durable.

Simple Installation

Our home exercise and play mats are extremely popular because they’re so easy to install and move around. Each mat measures 2 by 2 feet with interlocking edges. No matter what color of home martial arts mats you’re using, they all feature the exact same puzzle edge design, so they all will fit together properly.

As each mat only weighs 2 pounds, thanks to the lightweight EVA foam design, one person will have no problem moving the mats around and positioning them for installation. Just line up the tabs on one of the play floor tiles with the slots on the adjacent play tile. Then step on the puzzle edges of the tiles to pop them into place. Or you can use your hands to press the edges together and complete the installation.

If you plan to create some sort of pattern in the flooring using the different types of colors available in the exercise floor mats, we would suggest that you lay out the mats first, making sure you have enough of each color to create the type of pattern you want. Once you have the tiles arranged properly, you then can attach the play floor tiles together.

Trimming Tiles

Our home martial arts mats will work as either an island or wall-to-wall installation. Each type has some benefits.

Island: The island installation means you’ll create a flooring “island” in the middle of a room. If you have a multipurpose room where you’ll be installing these play floor tiles, you can create an exercise area that will be clearly differentiated from the remainder of the room, for example. Island installations are easy with the Home Sport and Play Mat 20 mm, because we include border strips with this style of tile that you can attach to create a flat edge.
Wall-to-Wall: Creating a wall-to-wall installation looks great, as the tiles will stretch across the entire length and width of the room. However, to create this style, you will have to cut some of the mats to make them fit properly. Just use a utility knife or a box cutter with the play floor mats, cutting against a straight edge until you cut through the mats. Each mat measures about 0.79 inches in thickness, so you should be able to cut through the exercise floor mats successfully with a sharp blade.

These exercise floor mats are designed for a dry lay installation, meaning you will not use adhesive with them, either on the back of the tiles or on the puzzle style edges. By not using adhesive, you will be able to pick up and disassemble the pieces if you need to return to the original flooring. Or you can use the different color options to change up the patterns of the installed flooring from time to time, giving your martial arts studio a different look.

Durable Pieces

Use these home martial arts mats for all kinds of exercise and athletic sport flooring. Commonly mistaken for rubber floor mats, these heavy-duty EVA foam tiles are softer and safer than rubber tiles for children playing or participating in a martial arts class. And you’ll love the colorful options found with these play floor tiles versus the black-only rubber floor tiles.

Easily convert any hard surface in your home, such as a basement, attic, or garage, into a comfortable and safe sports floor for kids to play and practice martial arts or other sporting activities. These exercise floor mats are able to stand up to all kinds of play, thanks to a material density rating of Shore C 35. Each of the tiles carries a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

We do not recommend using the play floor mats in an outdoor installation, as the EVA foam material will expand when exposed to direct sunlight and heat. These mats do not have an added UV treatment to protect them from sunlight. We do not recommend using steam cleaning with these exercise floor mats either, as the steam may cause the tiles to expand. Instead, you can mop the tiles with a standard household cleaner, as long as the cleaner does not contain bleach.

EVA Foam

Many of our customers love the versatility they receive with EVA foam mats. EVA, short for ethylene vinyl acetate, is a closed cell type of foam. This means these types of tiles offer a flexibility and consistency that resembles rubber. In fact, these tiles remind people so much of rubber tiles that they’re often referred to as foam rubber tile, even though EVA foam tiles contain no rubber.

The EVA foam will absorb shock very well, which makes it an extremely desirable option for martial arts, where students may fall to the floor quite often. This shock absorption makes it a safer type of flooring for students than a hard floor.

Additionally, the closed cell construction of this type of foam gives it the durability that makes it so popular. The tiles have a firmness to them that gives students and athletes the sturdy footing they need to make quick and powerful movements. If the flooring in use for the martial arts students is too soft or has too much give to it, students won’t be able to make quick movements and run the risk of turning an ankle because their feet would sink into the material.

As another benefit of EVA foam, it serves as an anti-fatigue material. This means it’s not as hard on the student’s ankle and knee joints as some other types of flooring, which allows students to avoid muscle fatigue and sore legs. By remaining healthier, they will be able to practice longer and more efficiently.

One of the reasons why these home martial arts mats work so well is that you can use wresting shoes or bare feet on them with equal success. Tennis shoes and boxing shoes also will be safe to use on the surface of the tiles. The surface of the mats contains a thatched pattern, which provides a bit of traction for those exercising.

Ordering Options

If you’re unsure about how many tiles to order for your home martial arts mats installation, please contact our knowledgeable customer service team at Greatmats for some help with the calculations, which can be a little tricky because of the puzzle edges on these Home Sport and Play Mat 20 mm tiles, which affects coverage area. Or if you want to order multiple colors of tiles for a really complex installation pattern, we can help you figure out exactly how many play floor tiles to order.

Please understand that with these exercise floor mats that the color and shade may vary somewhat from tile to tile within the same order. This is common occurrence with this type of EVA foam material and not a manufacturing defect.

If you’re concerned that these slight color differences will be noticeable, we’d recommend that you create some sort of pattern in the flooring featuring different colors, such as a checkerboard pattern. With a multiple color pattern in the home martial arts mats, you won’t have tiles of the same color next to each other, making the shading issues far less obvious.

As the Greatmats Home Sport and Play Mat 20 mm tiles each measure 0.79 inches in thickness, you may want to consider a thicker style of mat, depending on your needs. If you’re interested in another thickness option, just contact the customer service team for more information. Explain how you plan to make use of these foam tiles, and our customer service team will be able to make the best recommendation for your needs.

For example, these mats work great for impact absorption when practicing jumping kicks. However, if you’re looking for a type of martial arts tile that will offer a critical fall height rating, you will want a much thicker mat. We offer MMA style mats that will yield a fall height rating of up to 4 feet with a thickness measurement almost double that of the Home Sport and Play Mat 20 mm.


Product can be damp mopped with common household floor cleaners, avoid bleach. Test your vacuum before use.


Ships in cartons via ground service or freight delivery for larger orders.

This Product Ships UPS Ground, FedEx Ground and/or Freight.
Please review our shipping disclaimer.

In Stock Yes
Product Type Tile
Material Type Foam
Product Edging Interlocking
Thickness 20 mm
Width 2.00 feet
Length 2.00 feet
SF per Item 4.00
Weight 2.00 lbs
Packaging Cartons
Number of Pieces per Package Type 25
Non Absorbent Yes
Special Adhesives No
Universal Interlock No
Interlock Loss 0.03 feet
Kid Safe Yes
Material Hardness Shore C 35
Interlocking Connections Yes
Made In Taiwan
Surface Finish Thatch
Surface Design Solid color, double sided, double color
Installation Method Interlocking, dry lay
UV Treated No
Reversible Yes
Border Strips Included Yes
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
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Ask a question about this product

Product Questions:

Can I put this over hardwood flooring without damaging them? Than you.
Hardwood or any other hard flat surface is suitable. Greatmats does not guarantee our product against what it may do to surfaces that the tiles are installed over. I've seen in the past that when installing foam tiles over hardwood, the polyurethane finish did yellow a bit over time, which was noticed after the tiles were removed. This ambering or yellowing did go away in a few days in the case that I witnessed. It may have been some sort of oxygen variation, not sure. The foam tiles will act as a vapor barrier so if moisture is coming up from the underside of the base flooring, the foam tiles will stop the movement of that moisture at the bottom of the foam tiles. Hardwood may be a bit slipper for sporting activities, meaning the tiles may slip around when installed over hardwood.
Only see the interlocking tiles. For a finished, flat edge, are special edge pieces also available?
Yes this product does come with two border strips per tile.
Can I install these mats over carpeting?
For best results this foam tiles needs to be installed over a hard flat surface. If you are looking for home gym or exercise mats over carpeting, read this blog.
Can these mats be used for boxing?
Yes this foam mat can be used with boxing shoes and tennis shoes. This is a good option for boxing.
Do these tiles make a good surface for yoga workouts?
They might be a little soft for yoga, depending on the firmness that is desired.
I primarily do aerobics and kettlebell workouts, and I am fairly positive the Home Sport and Play Mat is the right choice for me. However, my husband also has a bicycle trainer stand that he uses in the winter. Is this mat appropriate for the trainer stand, or is it likely it will dent? I'd like a mat that is a good answer for both of our activities. Thank you.
The bike trainer will most likely indent the foam tile, but will not really hurt the mats, the more area the weight of the exercise equipment the better. The tiles are great for aerobic and kettlebells.
I want to use these on my lanai outside son my daughter can play with less risk of getting hurt. Are these suitable for outdoors
These are indoor foam tiles and will expand in the sun and heat. We have a couple of PVC tiles for outdoor play areas with fall height ratings.
How does this product react to roo around office chairs? Also, I intend to install these mats over plywood in my hunting stands - do you think these will work well? Bill M.
This foam tile is not designed for office chairs, its too soft. In the cabin its ok.

REVIEWS⌃ Back to top

Customer Rating:



Customer Rating:

Love them.

Cherry Hill, NJ

Customer Rating:

Easy to install. Easy to clean. Looks great.

Bowling Green, KY

Customer Rating:

Wonderful experience from beginning to end!!! Love the product and the service!!!

Wellington, FL

Customer Rating:

Plan to add more dumbbells + rack next. You don't need a bunch of equipment collecting dust to get the job done.

Vicksburg, MI

Customer Rating:

Great for working out and for martial arts. Easy to clean, too.

Lenexa, KS

Customer Rating:

The product is terrific! So easy to install and very durable! We will definitely be purchasing this again when we redo our other child's room.

Montgomery, AL

Customer Rating:

Great quality on the mats.


Customer Rating:

Great mats for all cross training workouts.

Englewood, NJ

Customer Rating:

This mat is thick, sturdy and looks great. Installation was also very easy. We chose the grey/black colors. The grey is dark so when laid with all squares grey side up, it looks like a very dark graphite/almost black. Next to the black you can see the variation in color but it is not the light grey you see from the side. So far it has held up well and cleans easily with a broom or damp cloth. We are very happy with this product.

Hillsborough, CA

Customer Rating:

Excellent choice for child's play area, and wife's exercise area.

Benbrook, TX

Customer Rating:

Great material, delivery, conform, great everything. Thanks

Elizabeth, NJ

Customer Rating:

Very well constructed, easy to assemble.

Hutchinson, MN

Customer Rating:

5 star rating. The floor mats were easily put together and everyone is happy now.
I recommended your flooring product to one of our other field divisions for use in their fitness room.
Russ Plummer


Customer Rating:

Spray and wipe clean! Easy to install. Doesn't absorb any odors.

Louisville, KY

Customer Rating:

I love my great mats!...I was looking around for some sort of mat I can do my yoga on with my wife. I needed a decent amount of space so we weren't so close while working out. I already have some Karate mats, but were not suitable for standing positions in yoga. What I like about 'Great Mats' is they offered to send me some samples of 3 different mats that I was interested in.That really helped me in making my decision for which type of mat that would work for me. So I picked out the Home Sport and play mat which is 7/8 of an inch thick. I ordered on a Tuesday and the mats arrived on Friday. Fast service!...Plus it only took me about 20 min to put together, and you can make several unique patterns, so it looks more personalized. We use them in our gym in the basement, so it insulates against the much colder floor and it looks super. They are priced pretty reasonable too. Great company to deal with also, because they keep you updated all the way.
Thank You, Rodney

Rochester NY

Customer Rating:

The experience with Greatmats was easy and painless. The prices are reasonable, there is an online chat feature for questions and the shipping was fast. I ordered the 7/8 inch interlocking foam tiles. Each piece was in perfect condition when I got them. I laid the floor down in my basement over a vinyl floating floor covering concrete. Installing the floor was very easy, and took under an hour. I had a rubber mallet on hand to help lock the pieces together, but most of the time it was not necessary. The pieces each came with two edges to finish off the mat. On other sites I looked at, you have to buy the edge pieces separately, so this was definitely a plus. There is no odor to the tiles after installation, and I worked out the next night. I created a 10 X 16 foot workout area for two people. We do weight lifting, and many different cardio/circuit training programs such as T25, Insanity, and various Jillian Michaels workouts. These mats are sturdy, but provide support for high-impact activities, and importantly do not slide when running and jumping. These tiles are a great product, are perfect for a home gym, and I would highly recommend them!

Somerset, NJ

Customer Rating:

Not only is the product excellent, but the customer service was stellar. As a senior, I had special requirements that customer service easily and pleasantly accommodated. Shipping and delivery were also excellent. Your company obviously cares about its employees, and they in turn care about their customers. I can't recall when I've ever had a more pleasant shopping experience. Great Job, GreatMats!

Weehawken, NJ

Customer Rating:

I am using the mats for a home gym floor. The first thing I noticed is that my feet Slip when I am stretching on the mats. I have to put a yoga mat on top of them to stretch and workout. Is there a way to reduce the slip factor?


Customer Rating:

I'm happy with these mats. They are sturdy, and they look great (I made a checkerboard pattern of black/gray).
They hold together fine, even during workouts that involve jumping and lunging. I didn't find the need to use tape or anything underneath the mats. They haven't come apart.
They aren't too mushy, which is good, but they do a great job of absorbing impact. I was getting pain in my legs before I got the mats, working out on a solid floor. That cleared up right away after I installed these mats, so they did the job perfectly.
At first my feet moved a little on the surface, but that might also have to do with the shoes I'm using. I think it's better now after some use (I think the surface gets a little less slick, although I don't see any visible wear), and I have also learned to compensate (good for the muscles!). If you really need to be perfectly still in a pose for a while, use a yoga mat on top of the mats.
They aren't quite 7/8'', but in the description it says they are 20 mm. 20 mm is not quite 7/8''. 20 mm is actually closer to 3/4''. I'd say the description ''20 mm'' is accurate. Also the thickness varies slightly from tile to tile, so you might get a very slightly uneven surface in some places. You can adjust it by putting material under the mats in some places, but eventually you just forget about it as you get more used to using the mats and don't think about the mats themselves.
I have already used them for several months now, and I have not had any problems with them. They seem like they will hold up with heavy use.
Shipping was quick, and the mats arrived in perfect condition.

Long Island, NY