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Customer Reviews for: Foam Play Mat and Sport 3/4 Inch Super Thick

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Customer Rating:


Love them.


Cherry Hill, NJ

Customer Rating:


Easy to install. Easy to clean. Looks great.


Bowling Green, KY

Customer Rating:


Wonderful experience from beginning to end!!! Love the product and the service!!!


Wellington, FL

Customer Rating:


Plan to add more dumbbells + rack next. You don't need a bunch of equipment collecting dust to get the job done.


Vicksburg, MI

Customer Rating:


Great for working out and for martial arts. Easy to clean, too.


Lenexa, KS

Customer Rating:


The product is terrific! So easy to install and very durable! We will definitely be purchasing this again when we redo our other child's room.


Montgomery, AL

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Great quality on the mats.



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Great mats for all cross training workouts.


Englewood, NJ

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This mat is thick, sturdy and looks great. Installation was also very easy. We chose the grey/black colors. The grey is dark so when laid with all squares grey side up, it looks like a very dark graphite/almost black. Next to the black you can see the variation in color but it is not the light grey you see from the side. So far it has held up well and cleans easily with a broom or damp cloth. We are very happy with this product.


Hillsborough, CA

Customer Rating:


Excellent choice for child's play area, and wife's exercise area.


Benbrook, TX

Customer Rating:


Great material, delivery, conform, great everything. Thanks


Elizabeth, NJ

Customer Rating:


Very well constructed, easy to assemble.


Hutchinson, MN

Customer Rating:


5 star rating. The floor mats were easily put together and everyone is happy now. I recommended your flooring product to one of our other field divisions for use in their fitness room. Sincerely, Russ Plummer



Customer Rating:


Spray and wipe clean! Easy to install. Doesn't absorb any odors.


Louisville, KY

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I love my great mats!...I was looking around for some sort of mat I can do my yoga on with my wife. I needed a decent amount of space so we weren't so close while working out. I already have some Karate mats, but were not suitable for standing positions in yoga. What I like about 'Great Mats' is they offered to send me some samples of 3 different mats that I was interested in.That really helped me in making my decision for which type of mat that would work for me. So I picked out the Home Sport and play mat which is 7/8 of an inch thick. I ordered on a Tuesday and the mats arrived on Friday. Fast service!...Plus it only took me about 20 min to put together, and you can make several unique patterns, so it looks more personalized. We use them in our gym in the basement, so it insulates against the much colder floor and it looks super. They are priced pretty reasonable too. Great company to deal with also, because they keep you updated all the way. Thank You, Rodney


Rochester NY

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The experience with Greatmats was easy and painless. The prices are reasonable, there is an online chat feature for questions and the shipping was fast. I ordered the 7/8 inch interlocking foam tiles. Each piece was in perfect condition when I got them. I laid the floor down in my basement over a vinyl floating floor covering concrete. Installing the floor was very easy, and took under an hour. I had a rubber mallet on hand to help lock the pieces together, but most of the time it was not necessary. The pieces each came with two edges to finish off the mat. On other sites I looked at, you have to buy the edge pieces separately, so this was definitely a plus. There is no odor to the tiles after installation, and I worked out the next night. I created a 10 X 16 foot workout area for two people. We do weight lifting, and many different cardio/circuit training programs such as T25, Insanity, and various Jillian Michaels workouts. These mats are sturdy, but provide support for high-impact activities, and importantly do not slide when running and jumping. These tiles are a great product, are perfect for a home gym, and I would highly recommend them!


Somerset, NJ

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Not only is the product excellent, but the customer service was stellar. As a senior, I had special requirements that customer service easily and pleasantly accommodated. Shipping and delivery were also excellent. Your company obviously cares about its employees, and they in turn care about their customers. I can't recall when I've ever had a more pleasant shopping experience. Great Job, GreatMats!


Weehawken, NJ

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I am using the mats for a home gym floor. The first thing I noticed is that my feet Slip when I am stretching on the mats. I have to put a yoga mat on top of them to stretch and workout. Is there a way to reduce the slip factor?



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I'm happy with these mats. They are sturdy, and they look great (I made a checkerboard pattern of black/gray). They hold together fine, even during workouts that involve jumping and lunging. I didn't find the need to use tape or anything underneath the mats. They haven't come apart. They aren't too mushy, which is good, but they do a great job of absorbing impact. I was getting pain in my legs before I got the mats, working out on a solid floor. That cleared up right away after I installed these mats, so they did the job perfectly. At first my feet moved a little on the surface, but that might also have to do with the shoes I'm using. I think it's better now after some use (I think the surface gets a little less slick, although I don't see any visible wear), and I have also learned to compensate (good for the muscles!). If you really need to be perfectly still in a pose for a while, use a yoga mat on top of the mats. They aren't quite 7/8'', but in the description it says they are 20 mm. 20 mm is not quite 7/8''. 20 mm is actually closer to 3/4''. I'd say the description ''20 mm'' is accurate. Also the thickness varies slightly from tile to tile, so you might get a very slightly uneven surface in some places. You can adjust it by putting material under the mats in some places, but eventually you just forget about it as you get more used to using the mats and don't think about the mats themselves. I have already used them for several months now, and I have not had any problems with them. They seem like they will hold up with heavy use. Shipping was quick, and the mats arrived in perfect condition.


Long Island, NY