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Industrial Floor Mats: Rubber, Safety, and Non-Slip

Industrial rubber flooring can create a safe and durable space for people who must stand and work in challenging locations. Greatmats offers mats and runners that provide water resistance and cushioning for people as they work.

Commercial fitness centers may also make use of this style of rubber flooring, as it will protect the subflooring from damage while offering cushioning for the lower leg joints of the athletes. Should weightlifters drop barbells, our heavy-duty rubber mats absorb the impact.

Size and Shape Options

At Greatmats, we offer hundreds of different industrial rubber flooring options, so customers can find the perfect size of coverage for their needs. We also offer many different thickness measurements.

For a mat or a tile, we have sizes that range from 2x3 feet to 3x10 feet. We offer several other coverage options as well, including highly common 4x6 feet and 3x5 feet products.

Some of our mats have beveled edges that make them usable in areas where tripping is a concern. Others have interlocking edges, so you can use several of these 3x3 or 4x4 foot mats to create the desired coverage size.

For runners, we also have a range of sizes available. Most of our runners will measure between 2 and 6 feet in width. The lengths of the runners can range from 20 feet to 100 feet.

Thicknesses are available in a range of options, and mats measuring between 1/2 and 3/4 inches are some of the most popular choices. Some mats are as thick as 1 inch.

Material Options

Our industrial rubber flooring selections typically consist of recycled rubber from tires and left-over virgin rubber materials from other projects.

We primarily source these rubber mats from manufacturers in the United States, which allows customers to trust the quality of the materials and the precise manufacturing tolerance measurements.

Our anti-fatigue industrial floor mats and runners often make use of a durable vinyl top layer and a nitrile rubber base that has some cushioning. Sometimes, a runner sheet will have a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) top layer and a vinyl lower layer.

For customers who choose perforated mats to use in wet industrial areas, we typically offer rubber mats. Rubber is naturally resistant to water absorption. Additionally, our perforated mats have large holes cut through the entire thickness of the mat. This allows moisture to fall through to the subfloor and reach a floor drain.

Pattern and Texture Options

Our industrial rubber flooring mats naturally offer traction when wet, as rubber provides a non-slip surface in many types of conditions.

To further enhance the traction of the high-grade rubber surface, some models of these mats will contain a diamond tread pattern, a pebble top pattern, or a bubble pattern.

A runner can make use of texture as well. In fact, many anti-fatigue mats have textured patterns over the top to enhance the cushioning and anti-fatigue properties of the mat. A bubble-top mat is an especially common design for this type of anti-fatigue mat.

Additionally, some of these industrial rubber flooring mats and vinyl runners have beveled edges, which reduces the possibility of someone tripping over the lip of the mat.

When you select rolls of rubber to use as runners, you can select speckled color flecks embedded in the black base color of the rubber to create a pleasing look.

Common Use Options

Our industrial rubber flooring mats, rolls, and runners appear in a wide range of business and commercial settings.

Some customers place them along the length of a workbench or assembly line, giving people who must stand and work extra comfort. These mats also deliver anti-slip capabilities to keep workers and visitors safer.

Thick rubber interlocking mats and rolls can work as flooring for an athletic facility, delivering noise reduction, traction, and a means of protecting the subfloor from heavy exercise equipment.

Installation Options

One of the benefits of our runners, rolls, and mats is that they rarely need adhesive to keep them tight to the subfloor. The weight and size of the rubber and vinyl materials should keep them in place and prevent them from sliding around.

Long rolls of rubber and anti-fatigue runners simply roll out to cover the desired space. Interlocking rubber mats require the installer to match up the tabs and slots on the edges of the mats before popping them together for a tight fit.

With a dry lay installation, the installer can pick up the materials to return to the subfloor at any time.

Cleaning and Maintenance Requirements

Our materials for industrial runners and mats are easy to clean, which is important in a factory situation where workers may spill liquids or solids onto the floor.

Customers can use a push broom or vacuum over the top of the rolls, runners, or tiles to remove dry debris or spilled powders.

For a deeper cleaning process, customers can use a neutral-pH cleaner diluted with hot water. Then run a mop over the top of the flooring to clean it thoroughly. Allow it to naturally dry in the air over a few hours.