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Fitness Coach Karl Streit on ShokLok Rubber Gym Floor Tiles

Date Published: 01-04 - 2017

Hi I'm Karl Streit, 34 years old. I started CrossFitting about 4 years ago. I have my L1. I've coached at multiple affiliates in the Twin Cities area and really wanted to get my own garage gym.


We just moved in about a couple months ago. The house is brand new. And my wife was nice enough to let me reserve one of the garage stalls for a gym, so I'm really thankful to her for that.

Delivery was really easy. It showed up on a truck. I signed for it. That was as difficult as it got.

I'm really not very handsy. I don't really like to do a lot of projects around the house as Tess can attest to. But this was very straightforward and simple. It didn't really require a whole lot of tools. Everything snapped together very easily and I was done with it in maybe 20 minutes at the most.

Once you've got it down, it's not going anywhere. No glue, no nails, you don't have to rip up your floors. It was really great.

I train 5 days a week with one active recovery day and then one full rest day. It's usually 2-4 hours per day when I'm working out. And I compete maybe 2-6 times per year.

It's just a lot more convenient sometimes to not have to drive somewhere and just be able to step outside and get right to work.

I'm really partial to mostly smooth rubber flooring. I don't like too much texture. This is great. It offers enough friction that I'm not moving around at all. I'm also not tearing up my hands when I'm doing push ups and hand stands.

You need resistance too. This is good for lifting as well. You don't get the cushy feel where you're losing power when you're cleaning and snatching. And of course, you want to protect that nice new cement garage floor.

Dropping weights on this really doesn't affect the flooring below it.

Tess and I both really enjoyed working out when we met. And we tried to find something that kind of met both of our needs and interests and crossfit seemed to be a good fit.

Obviously, I was very much into it at the time. Tess had her own lifting program. We started going to the gym together and one of the things we like was just being able to share that time working out. So doing it at home I think will be great as well.

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