Kung Fu Floor Mats - Kung Fu Connection - Miami, FL - Testimonial

By Brett Hart Created: January, 2018 - Modified: June, 2021

Since 1989, Kung Fu Connection in Miami, Florida, has empowered thousands of students through the traditional arts of tai chi, chi gung and kung fu.

''Our pure lineage school, expansive curriculum and living Master of over 40 years has coined us 'The Real Thing,''' said academy owner SiMu Alice Billman.

The sole disciple of Master Bak Hay Chin (President of the United States Hua shan Pai Taoist Qi Gong Federation) and Dr. George Ling Salis (26th generation inheritor of Emperors Sungs Long Fits/Tai Shan Men/Great Age - or Monkey Style), Kung Fu Connection's head owner and instructor, Master Gus Cuervo-Rubio, secured more than 200 major tournament victories between 1977 and 1990, including the United States East Coast Championship, Miami International Open, Tampa Bay Open, United States Open and Sunshine Gold Cup Classic. He also studied Wu style Tai Chi Chuan with Chow Chin Chew.

While looking to update her flooring at Kung Fu Connection early 2016, Billman began looking for affordable mats she could use to equip her academy and found just what she needed in Greatmats Pro Martial Arts Mats Sport 20 mm puzzle mats, noting that Greatmats pricing played a pivotal role in the decision as she needed to cover more than 10,000 square feet.

''(It is) important for our vast array of weapon and floor training as well as our special needs students (elderly, autism, oncology and those prone to falling),'' Billman said.
Alice Billman
Kung Fu Connection
Miami Florida 33181