Folding Panel Gym Mat Comparison

By Paige Cerulli Created: June, 2017 - Modified: February, 2021

Greatmats panel mats come in many dimensions and thicknesses, including 4- or 5-foot widths, 8- or 10-foot lengths, and 1.5- or 2-inch thicknesses. Each folding panel mat offers convenient storage, and included hook and loop closures let you connect the mats together. But how do you know which mat is right for your needs?

Our folding mat gym comparison can help. Here are the highlights of the folding gym mats you can choose from at Greatmats:

1. Gym Mats 5x10 Ft x 2 Inch V4 18 oz

5x10x2 gym mat These school-quality mats feature a durable 18-ounce vinyl cover and a high rebound foam core. Weighing 36 pounds per mat, these mats come with hook and loop connectors on all four sides. They are strong and versatile, suitable for use in school programs and homes, too. These mats are ideal for gymnastics training, cheerleading stunting, tumbling, home exercises, home wrestling, and martial arts.

Number of Panels: 5
Weight: 36 lbs.

2. Gym Mat 4x10 Ft x 2 Inch V4 18 oz

4x10x2 gym mat These gym mats are school-quality and feature a convenient 4x10 foot size. Their 2-inch thickness and PE foam core provides shock absorption and cushion. That core is topped with the same 18-ounce vinyl cover with double stitched seams for strength and durability. The vinyl is lead-free and 6P compliant, so it’s safe for kids.

Each mat weighs just 30 pounds, making it easy to move around and fold up. It’s equipped with hook and loop connectors on all four sides for plenty of layout options. This mat is ideal for gymnastics training, cheerleading stunting, tumbling, home exercises, home wrestling, and martial arts.

Number of Panels: 5
Weight: 30 lbs.

3. Gym Mats 4x8 Ft x 2 Inch V4 18 oz

roll-out feature cheerleading mats Suitable for schools, athletic studios, and homes, these mats are among the smallest folding panel mats with a 4x8 foot dimension that’s ideal for many different uses. Their PE foam core and 2-inch thickness provide cushion and shock absorption, while the durable 18-ounce cover features double stitched seams. Hook and loop connectors on all four sides allow for plenty of layouts, and each mat weighs just 19 pounds.

These mats are suitable for gymnastics training, cheerleading stunting, tumbling, home exercises, home wrestling, and martial arts.

Number of Panels: 4
Weight: 19 lbs.

4. Discount Gym Mats 4x8 Ft x 1-3/8 Inch 2V 15.5 Ounce

4x8x2 gym mats Measuring 1-3/8 inches thick, these mats are a little thinner than the others, which also makes them lighter and easier to carry. They feature a PE foam core and a 15.5 ounce vinyl cover for durability.

These mats are designed for home use and feature double stitched seams and hook and loop connectors on two ends.

They’re suitable for home gymnastics, home tumbling, home exercises, and home wrestling.

Number of Panels: 4
Weight: 12 lbs.

Tips for Choosing the Right Gym Mat

Depending on your activities, you’ll want different factors in your gym mat. This guide can help you to choose:

  • Tumbling: Look for mats that can be connected together end-to-end, and choose a 2-inch thickness for shock absorption.

  • Gymnastics: Choose mats that connect together on all four sides, and that have a 2-inch thickness for maximum shock absorption.

  • Wrestling: Look for mats that can be connected together on all sides. Choose a 2-inch mat to absorb the shock of falls and takedowns.

  • Kids play: Thinner mats can be suitable for kids play areas.

Mat width and length will vary, but the best mat for your needs should offer plenty of space for the number of people who will be using it at one time. Be sure to also consider your available storage space when choosing the mat dimensions right for your needs.

When are thinner panel mats appropriate?

A thinner panel mat is appropriate for low-impact uses, like stretching and aerobic exercises. For higher-impact activities, like tumbling or wrestling, you’ll want to invest in a 2-inch-thick mat that offers additional shock absorption.

Why are there so many sizes of folding gym mats?

Folding panel mats are available in many sizes and thicknesses because they are designed for many different types of activities and uses. Thinner mats are suitable for low-impact activities like aerobics and kids’ play, while thicker mats are better suited for tumbling and high-impact activities.

The dimensions of mats vary, too. Smaller mats may be all that your child needs to practice tumbling at home, and those mats take up minimal space when folded up, making them ideal for home use. Larger mats offer more generously sized spaces suitable for teens, cheerleading practices, and more. In addition to being available in larger dimensions, mats can be connected together to form larger surfaces or longer lanes. When they’re connected together, mats can accommodate different uses, like tumbling runs, and greater numbers of people.

What makes these folding panel mats so high quality?

Greatmats’ gym folding mats feature quality materials and construction. They’re equipped with cross-linked polyethylene foam cores that offer excellent shock absorption and durability. Their covers are all made with heavy-duty vinyl, ensuring the mats can withstand plenty of use and maximizing your investment in them. The vinyl is lead-free, so the mats are safe for kids. Other features include double-stitched seams for strength and strong connector strips for a secure hold. These panel mats deliver far more quality and longevity than you’ll enjoy with cheap panel mats you see advertised elsewhere.