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How to choose folding gym mats - Comparing Gymnastics Panel Mats

Date Published: 03-11 - 2016

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Today we're going to compare our brand of folding gym mats.
Folding gym mats, otherwise known as panel or gym mats, are one of the most common and versatile forms of padded flooring for general exercise, gymnastics, tumbling, wrestling, martial arts and even wall padding.

These folding mats come in several different sizes and colors and usually include hook and loop connector strips on two or four sides to allow multiple folding mats to be connected together to cover larger areas.

Greatmats offers its own line of folding gym mats that include 4 or 5 foot widths, 8 or 10 foot lengths and 1.5 or 2 inch thicknesses.

All our folding gym mats come with hook and loop connectors on all four sides.
Regardless of width, these mats fold, accordion style, in 2 foot sections.

Length, width and thickness preferences are determined by a number of factors, including type of use and height of people using the mats.

You'll want to make sure your mat or mats are large enough to keep your activity on the mats, whether stationary or in motion.

The more impact you expect to have when training, the thicker the mat you'll want to absorb that impact.

1.5 inch thick gym mats are ideal for stretching, aerobic exercises and for kids.

2-inch thick folding mats offer more cushion for high impact activities like cheerleading, judo, wrestling or tumbling.

Thicker mats also offer greater height variation when using the folded mats for multi-level skill training.

For tumbling training, you'll like want to connect multiple mats together end-to-end to create a long, narrow lane.

For wrestling, connect mats in multiple directions to create a square large enough for at least basic moves.

Keep all of these factors in mind when determining which size of folding gym mat will work best for you.

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