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Options for Floor Tiles

When you need floor tiles, count on the experts at Greatmats to help you find the perfect product with the coverage sizes and costs that meet your needs.

We offer hundreds of flooring products consisting of tiles that work indoors or outdoors and as temporary or permanent floors. They appear in a multitude of styles and colors, too, so you can create the perfect floor.

Types of Floor Tiles

We have several different types of flooring tiles that use a variety of installation methods. The majority of our products have designs made for a DIY installation, but you also can hire a pro to do the layout, if desired.
  • Interlocking: Interlocking tiles may have a hidden tab and loop system that connect them tightly while showing clean lines.
  • Puzzle edge: Puzzle edge tiles have a jigsaw edge that pops together easily, making them perfect for a DIY flooring novice to install.
  • Straight edge: Straight edge tiles create a pleasing layout with clean lines, but they often require adhesive for installation.
  • Peel and stick: The manufacturer applies adhesive before shipping peel and stick tiles. You then remove the protective backing layer before sticking them to the floor.

Materials in Floor Tiles

We offer floor tiling in a range of materials, ensuring you can match the design to your desired outcome for the space.
  • Carpet: We offer interlocking carpet tiles that use a hidden connection edge or a puzzle connection edge, and we offer peel and stick carpet tiles that have pre-applied adhesive on the back.
  • Foam: Foam puzzle edge tiles are extremely easy to install, and they’re available in multiple colors and designs at a low price.
  • Plastic: Plastic interlocking tiles use a hidden tab and loop interlock system that leaves clean lines in the final layout.
  • PVC: PVC plastic interlocking tiles have a hidden tab and loop system, delivering a clean final layout, while using a flexible material.
  • Rubber: Use rubber floor tiles with puzzle edges or with straight edges in areas where you need maximum durability and a little bit of cushioning.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl flooring tiles may have hidden interlocking edges or puzzle edges. They usually feature a vinyl top layer and a plastic base layer. Some models have a peel and stick back with a vinyl top layer as well.

Where Floor Tiles Can Be Used

Because of the significant versatility these tiles offer through the hundreds of different products that we have, our customers deploy them in a variety of areas.
  • Garage: Garage flooring tiles create a safer space for people to walk without slipping at home or in a commercial location. These tiles can stand up to harsh chemicals, snow melt, and rain water leaking off cars, as well as the weight of the vehicles.
  • Residential: You can deploy our floor tiles in multiple locations in your home. Many customers use our basement tiles to create a more comfortable space over the top of cold concrete. Kids’ bedroom tiles yield comfort in flooring that also can be colorful and fun. Use our family room tiles and adult bedroom tiles to create a sharp-looking space using faux wood grain finishes. Home gym tiles can stand up to the weight and stress of exercise equipment, including some tiles that can survive weightlifting equipment.
  • Commercial gyms: Commercial gym rubber tiles need to be able to stand up to dropped barbells, to support exercise machines, and to cut down on noise generation.
  • Dance studios: We have dance studio tiles that can create suitable flooring for almost any style of dance, including tap, clogging, hip-hop, ballet, and more. They work at home or at a commercial studio.
  • Martial arts studios: Whether you need to practice martial arts at home or at a dojo, our martial arts tiles are safe to use for multiple disciplines, including karate, judo, BJJ, taekwondo, and more.
  • Commercial locations: The durability of select tiling products makes them ideal to use in commercial locations. Our industrial tiles can contribute to safe working conditions at a factory or warehouse. Our office carpet tiles are perfect for customer-facing locations, areas with employee cubicles, hotels, or retail locations. Create a professional-looking first impression for visitors to your office, commercial, or retail location with our entrance tiles.
  • Trade shows: Our trade show tiles give you a space that’s sure to impress visitors and potential customers, while being lightweight for transport and easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Sports: Use our sports court tiles to create courts for basketball, volleyball, tennis, and more at indoor or outdoor locations.
  • Pets: Dog agility facilities, dog obedience classes, and doggy daycares all can use our dog flooring tiles to create a safe and easy-to-clean space.
  • Outdoors: Many of our products are durable enough to use outdoors, even when exposed to harsh weather. Deck tiles go over the top of worn out elevated decking surfaces. Patio tiles cover hard concrete, hiding cracks and stains, while delivering added comfort. Pool deck tiles deliver slip resistance around water. Playground tiles protect kids who may fall while running or climbing on equipment. Roof deck tiles create a gathering space in an area that otherwise may be unusable.