Padded Rubber, Vinyl Covered & Foam Athletic Floor Mats

We have a variety of padded floor mats to meet multiple planned use cases. These will fit residential, athletic, and commercial applications. Each type of padded floor mat offers different features and benefits to the user, depending on the material type. Those consisting of tires that have been recycled are heavier and more durable, while padded mats are lightweight, softer, and forgiving.

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Padded gym mats, Interlocking exercise floor mats, foam and rubber

We have a variety of padded floor mats to meet multiple planned use cases. These will fit residential, athletic, and commercial applications. Each type of padded floor mat offers different features and benefits to the user, depending on the material type. Those consisting of tires that have been recycled are heavier and more durable, while padded mats are lightweight, softer, and forgiving.

Padded Floor Mats

In short, there are potentially endless uses for the padded floor mats that we have. There are two primary types available.

  1. Rubber floor mats for trucks, for garages, and other uses are highly durable and are sold in a variety of densities. They yield shock absorption and can guard against the cold feeling of a concrete subfloor. Many people prefer these because they are made of recycled tires and are eco-friendly. They’re heavier, so multiple people may be needed for installation. These typically have a longer warranty and consist of recyclables. Additionally, they can often be recycled again when they reach the end of their useful life.

  2. A foam mat, on the other hand, is a lighter weight alternative. It has excellent cushion. Some have ASTM fall height ratings. It tends to be softer, making for a comfortable surface, and are also easy to clean up. It is lightweight and easy to install, but keep in mind that a few aren't made to withstand heavy weights, such as exercise equipment.

Both are available in different sizes and designs, including interlocks, straight edges, and large rolls to cover greater areas.

We have plenty of designs that are DIY friendly. Below are just a few of the potential applications for these.

Exercise Padded Floor Mats

We have a wide range of popular choices for martial arts floor mats and for various kinds of workouts and athletics. A padded mat can help to protect the subfloor from dropped weights, and it has the excellent strength and durability that professional gyms and facilities demand.

For a softer alternative, our karate floor mats and taekwondo floor mats create comfortable workout spaces suitable for horizontal exercises, yoga, and additional athletic endeavors. These padded flooring tiles can provide protection for high impact activities, especially for use as an MMA, wrestling, or cheer floor mat. This model of workout floor mat is a popular choice for home gyms, since it’s lightweight for quick installations.

Want to convert a basement into a living space? Or is there any plan to put in a child’s playroom? We have padded floor mats that are perfect for the job. Both are suitable for basements. If moisture in the basement is an issue, we offer small sized units that are simple to pull up and remove temporarily until the area has dried.

They result in a popular selection for kids playrooms and kids rooms, as they're available in numerous brilliant colors. There’s even a no-burn tatami surface on certain ones, so rug burns are a thing of the past.

We offer lead- and latex-free models, so children can crawl around on them safely without risk of harmful chemical exposure. These make cleaning up spilled food or drinks a breeze.

Adding indoor door mats to an industrial or manufacturing space is ideal in the building's entryways and can make a commercial space safer and comfortable for all employees and clients. Including those specially designed for use in wet, greasy kitchens or entryways, we have a variety of products suitable for any pro level application.

Animal Interlocking Floor Mats for Dog Training

Models for canine trainers are frequently used in an equine facility too. They can withstand the significant weight of horses and farm equipment.

An inch thick floor mat is ideal for use in horse stalls, in barn aisles, and even in horse trailers. Our rubberized stalls matting is designed to maximize traction and absorb the shock of falling if a handler slips. Choose from straight edge or interlocking stall mattings, and we even have stall matting kits to further simplify the installation process.

Alternatively, our perforated units are a great choice for wash bay flooring. Farm owners find many other ways to put these to use too, including using them to line walls of stalls when horses are chronic kickers.

We have portable units that are perfect for travel. Put these in an equine trailer, take them out after reaching the destination, and use them to line a temporary stall while at a horse show.

We sell special custom floors mats just for dog kennels and training facilities. We offer multiple canine foam floor tiles. Our foam floors mats are a great way to provide cushion in kennels and runs, while also being durable to withstand frequent use and cleaning.

They provide excellent traction for both dogs and handlers, helping to prevent slips and falls. At the same time, these maximize comfort, allowing everyone to stay on their feet longer and get more training time in. Ours are used by professional trainers in their facilities, as well as by dog owners in their own houses.

At Greatmats, we do everything we can to make sure customers have a great experience. From quality products to unmatched customer service, we go above and beyond to ensure the success of a project. We also have the best prices on the Internet, backed by a price match guarantee. When choosing Greatmats, customers won't be disappointed.

Call one of our national flooring experts at 877-822-6622 to find out how we can help. Our experts can deliver product samples, detailed shipping information, and can help discover the right product. We're happy to work with customers for finding an uncommon product to solve floorings issues anywhere.

FAQ Floor Mats Q&A

What are the best interlocking tiles?
It really depends on the usages that are planned. Sturdier materials in a kitchen floor mat will protect the subfloors from damage. A carpet floor mat for home may have a bit less cushioning than foams, which is why these are far better for protecting the joints in the lower body.

How do you wash food service floor mats?
Start with warm water, a mild dish soap and a soft bristle brush or mop. This will take care of the majority of stains and grime on them. For a more thorough cleaning, take them outside and use a garden hose with a high quality pressure nozzle. If they cannot be moved because they don’t have weather protection, use a degreaser on them.

How do you clean rubberized floor mats for cars?
Protect your car floors mats with regular cleanings. They can be swept clean if there’s only dry debris on them. A mop or soft bristled brush will work for grime and minor stains. For those vehicle floor protection models needing an extensive washing, carry them outside. Scrub them with a brush, using soap for dishwashing by hand and warmer water. Certain people choose to spray them with a pressured hose nozzle if there is mud or particles stuck on them first, before scrubbing them.

Where do you buy home gym floor mats?
Not to brag, but Greatmats can meet any need for exercising, for a commercial floor mat, for customized fit floor liners, or anything in between. Our catalog of home floor mat products is extensive. Nearly all of ours have manufacturer warranties of between 1 and 20 years, so purchase with confidence. Browse our selection of economical and professional quality anti fatigue floor mats for kids. We've got something for everyone, no matter what project is occurring.

Do heavy duty rubber foam mats damage hardwoods?
The majority of the time, there is no problem laying these out over hardwood. Occasionally, the finish on the hardwood will create some sort of reaction with the foam rubber mat, leaving black marks once it is removed. Some installers use a protective layer of paper between the hardwood subfloor and the overlay to prevent this possibility.