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Greatmats Raw Egg Bounce Challenge - EVA Foam Puzzle Mats

Date Published: 05-15 - 2020

You may have seen one of our previous videos where we dropped a raw egg out of a bucket truck onto our 1.5 inch thick Grappling MMA puzzle mats/Indoor Foam Playground Tiles a whopping 68 feet below. In that video the raw egg actually bounced roughly 16 feet back into the air.
Well, that little test got us thinking, just what would it take to get the raw eggs to break on these mats. So, just for fun, we grabbed a bunch more raw eggs and decided to throw the eggs at the mats from different angles to see what happens. While not all eggs survived our test, it was fun to see just how hard we could throw the eggs at them before they broke and just how high the eggs would bounce.
Enjoy this little montage. We’d love to see you come up with creative ways to bounce raw eggs on our mats. Have some fun and video yourself #BouncingEggsOnGreatmats. Then send us your clips and we’ll feature the best ones. Afterall, they are egg-cellent mats!

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