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For industrial settings that demand the highest performance from their flooring, ErgoDeck Wearwell interlocking tiles provide highly customizable options. This anti fatigue safety flooring can be easily assembled, and then taken apart on demand. All ErgoDeck tiles by Wearwell fatigue mats are made of 100 percent silicone-free PVC, and are created to withstand the unique demands of industrial environments.

ErgoDeck flooring, made by Wearwell, is a top-quality anti fatigue safety flooring. At Greatmats, we are proud to offer a full line of industrial fatigue flooring tiles.

ErgoDeck flooring, made by Wearwell, is a top-quality anti fatigue safety flooring. At Greatmats, we are proud to offer a full line of industrial fatigue flooring tiles.

Ergodeck Industrial Fatigue Flooring Tiles

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is choosing anti fatigue tiles that aren't specifically made for industrial use. Your typical anti fatigue tiles provide a comfortable surface for workers, but aren't manufactured to withstand the unique demands of industrial settings. Whether the tiles need to hold up to oil, grease, cutting fluids, heat, significant weight, or rigorous cleaning, chances are that your everyday interlocking anti fatigue mats and tiles will not last in industrial settings.

Wearwell industrial safety floor tiles are a perfect choice for the demanding settings of factories, assembly lines, and more. These interlocking tiles create an anti fatigue floor covering above your subfloor. Designed to maximize worker comfort and safety, these tiles are backed by unbeatable manufacturer warranties.

Because every work environment has different needs in terms of traction and the features of their anti fatigue floor tiles, Wearwell flooring is designed with many different options available. Choose from features such as the amount of traction provided to perforated options to promote drainage. Thanks to the diverse line of flooring, you can order industrial fatigue flooring tiles that have the exact features that you need in your workplace.

As you explore the products on this page, you'll find the following options:

  1. Solid: Solid mats feature a durable construction and are recommended for indoor areas that are mostly dry, but which experience heavy foot traffic.
  2. Smooth: The smooth flooring features a surface on which cart wheels can easily pivot, roll, stop, and start.
  3. Open: Open flooring tiles have perforations to maximize drainage. They're ideal for wet areas, and can help to keep employees' feet dry.
  4. Cleated: Some mats are available with cleats to truly maximize traction in slick areas. The cleats are strategically placed to help prevent slips and falls.

Potential Uses for Commercial Anti Fatigue Floor Tiles

Because of their extreme durability and various features, the anti fatigue floor tiles offered here can serve many different applications. Consider them for:

  1. General manufacturing
  2. Automotive manufacturing
  3. Energy, oil, and gas facilities
  4. Workstations
  5. Assembly lines
  6. And more

The True Value of Commercial Anti Fatigue Flooring

Why invest in commercial anti fatigue flooring? There are many reasons. Not only does the flooring help to maximize employee comfort, it can also provide important traction and serve as a safety precaution.

But anti fatigue flooring offers additional benefits, too. According to Wearwell's independent studies at Illinois State, anti fatigue mats are scientifically proven to reduce fatigue. Anti fatigue flooring has been proven to help reduce the physical stress of standing by 50 percent. This reduction in physical stress also reduces the strain and long-term effects on the feet, legs, and back.

Investing in anti fatigue flooring won't just leave your employees feeling better; it will also be reflected in workplace productivity and your bottom line. Because anti fatigue flooring can positively affect your workers' health, wellness, and morale, they can result in boosted productivity. This flooring has been proven to significantly reduce workplace accidents, downtime, and absenteeism. A 1% or 2% increase in employee productivity can significantly increase your annual bottom line, possibly resulting in tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue.

Consider the benefits of investing in fatigue mats for your facility:

  1. Improve worker comfort on a daily basis
  2. Reduce workplace accidents and maximize worker safety
  3. Reduce worker downtime and absenteeism
  4. Increase worker productivity

Remember, too, that a commercial anti fatigue floor is highly durable and will not break down in your factory environment. By purchasing anti fatigue flooring, you will be making a long-lasting investment in your facility, your workers, and your business' bottom line. With increased productivity and profits, anti fatigue flooring can essentially pay for itself.

Choosing The Right Wearwell Mats

Industrial fatigue flooring tiles will only be a good fit for your workspace if they're carefully matched to your needs and the demands in your space. Consider the following factors as you determine which options are right for your facility:

  1. How much traffic does the area typically see?
  2. Will the tiles be used in an area that is frequently wet?
  3. How important is maximized traction in the work area?
  4. Does the space see regular cart traffic?
  5. Are there other elements that the tiles will be exposed to, like oil or grease?
  6. Is protection against static discharge a priority for your workspace?
  7. Do you need flooring for a smaller workstation, or for a larger space?

We've outlined the anti fatigue flooring options below to help you make your choice.

Wearwell ErgoDeck Comfort Solid Tiles

For areas with a high amount of foot traffic but no cart traffic, Wearwell ErgoDeck Comfort Solid Tiles are an ideal solution. The tiles are made with a soft compound and a special underside that gives them a spring-back feel. The underside compresses and rebounds as you walk on it, giving the tiles a 'rubber-like' feel that is comfortable for long-term use.

ErgoDeck Cleated Open Tile

If you need excellent traction and slip protection in your workspace, our ErgoDeck Cleated Open Tiles are an excellent choice. This anti fatigue safety flooring offers exceptional anti-slip traction, even in extreme environments where hazards like water are present. Strategically placed cleats offer additional traction and are rated to withstand up to 600 pounds. The tiles can withstand powerwashing, and are truly made to last even in a demanding environment.

Wearwell ErgoDeck ESD Tile

If your workspace handles electrically sensitive products, like medical supplies or electronics, then you know full well the risk that static electricity discharge can pose. That's why they created their ErgoDeck ESD Tiles. These tiles offer standing relief while also creating an electrostatic dissipative environment. The ESD properties are carried through the entire tile, so there are no snaps or grounding necessary. All you have to do is install the tile over a conductive sub-flooring, and your area will be protected from static discharge.

ErgoDeck General Purpose Solid Tile

The Wearwell ErgoDeck General Purpose Solid Tile offers comfortable fatigue relief in dry work areas. These tiles are built upon a box-spring foundation that is made with a soft compound. This compound and construction helps to maximize fatigue relief, while the tiles themselves remain stable, solid, resilient, and durable even in a workplace with heavy traffic.

Wearwell Ergo Deck HD Solid Tile

For areas that see heavy use, particularly from cart and foot traffic, the Ergo Deck HD Solid Tiles are a great choice. These tiles are manufactured with a firmer compound, making them firm enough so that carts can be wheeled over them with ease. The tiles are firm, but the underside box-spring design offers plenty of impact absorption, making the surface comfortable for workers.

ErgoDeck No-Slip Cleat Open Tile

For reduced fatigue but maximized traction, consider the ErgoDeck No-Slip Cleat Open Tiles. This anti fatigue safety flooring offers superior slip prevention which outperforms and outlasts the anti-slip gritted surfaces. The tiles have an ergonomic design to help prevent fatigue, but they are highly durable and can even withstand powerwashing.

Wearwell ErgoDeck Solid Gritshield Tile

Suitable for areas where improved traction is a must, ErgoDeck Solid Gritshield tiles are solid, stable, and resilient. The tiles have a Gritshield finish to naturally maximize traction and prevent slips. They are built on a box-spring foundation and are created with a soft compound, which enhances their overall comfort.