What Is The Best Vinyl Boat Flooring?

By Paige Cerulli Created: August, 2020 - Modified: October, 2023

Boat flooring needs to be strong, durable, and able to withstand exposure to significant amounts of water, UV rays, and more. That’s why at Greatmats, we’ve carefully curated a selection of PVC boat flooring products.

Why PVC Boat Flooring Is Ideal

PVC, short for polyvinyl chloride, is a highly durable type of vinyl. It’s wear-resistant, even when exposed to heavy use, and is waterproof. PVC marine flooring is comfortable underfoot and can even provide fatigue relief, ideal when you’re out on a boat for long hours each day.

PVC floor tiles are available with multiple surfaces to maximize traction, and perforations help to drain water away. Many of these products are chemical-resistant, and they’re easy to install on your boat deck. At the end of their lifespan, PVC boat floor mats are recyclable.

vinyl matting used in a boat for flooring

The Best Boat Flooring Options

We offer several vinyl boat flooring options suitable for a variety of boats, from pontoons to sailboats to fishing boats and more.

Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting

vinyl matting can be used for boat flooring

The Vynagrip Heavy Duty Industrial Matting is designed to withstand the harshest environments. The mat contours to uneven surfaces and can be loose laid for an easy and fast installation. Its dual-layer construction offers anti-fatigue benefits, ideal when you’re spending lots of time on the boat.

This matting features an anti-slip diamond tread pattern for excellent traction. It features an open grid design to quickly drain water away, and it’s non-porous to help prevent bacteria and mildew growth.

Heronair Industrial Matting

heronair pvc matting used in boat floor

The Heronair Industrial Matting is crafted from non-porous PVC. Its open grid and etched pattern make it completely waterproof while also helping it to disperse liquids, contributing to a safer boating environment. The mat is also certified slip-resistant.

Since the mat is hollow, it creates a cushioned surface to maximize your comfort. The mat is resistant to chemicals, oils, and acids. It is suitable for use on boat decks, docks, jetties, and in boat compartment liners.

Since the mat can be dry-laid, it is easy to install.

Patio Outdoor Tile

flexible pvc tiles used in boat for flooring

The Patio Outdoor Tile features a perforated design that makes it an excellent choice for wet areas, like use on boats. The tile is waterproof and resists mold and mildew formation. The non-slip surface helps to maximize safety, and the tile is flexible and creates a bit of cushion to help maximize your comfort while you’re on the boat.

The perforations allow water to drain through, helping to keep your feet up and out of the water for enhanced safety. The tile fits directly over your boat’s surface, and measuring 1x1 foot each, the tile is conveniently sized and easy to install. It features connectors on the edge, so you can easily create a unified flooring surface with the tiles. You can also trim the tiles to fit the space as needed.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, the tile is available in four colors, so you can choose the option that looks best on your boat. The tile is backed by a one-year limited warranty.

Floorline Matting

pvc matting flooring shown on boat walkway

Floorline Matting delivers valuable cushioning but is designed to withstand wet environments, including boats. It features an open grid and embossed surface designed to maximize both slip resistance and drainage. The mat also features antifungal properties to contribute to a safer environment.

Made of a single layer of PVC, the mat is lightweight and easy to clean and lift as needed. It can be loose laid and is capable of contouring to uneven surfaces. You can also cut it to fit an area.

Greatmats - for All of Your Boat Flooring Options

Greatmats has many boat floor options to choose from that go far beyond the vinyl options listed. Perhaps you have a smaller space to cover, or maybe you’re looking for a versatile marine-grade flooring solution. Greatmats offers other products that might give you ideas for your boat project.

For example, foam tiles is a great marine solution, as it provides a non-slip surface that will not absorb water. Greatmats has some quality foam boat flooring solutions from which to choose, all of which are cushy, soft, attractive, and slip-resistant. Foam boat flooring provides a softer footing than hard surfaces, and it is often anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, non-toxic, and mold-resistant. It can be more economical than other flooring options, also.

Rubber floor tiles also work in boat settings. If you have a fishing boat, you’re in luck; these tiles are easy to install and are designed to withstand the heavy weight of fishing equipment and constant foot traffic, and they also dampen noise so the fish will keep coming in. They have durable, long-lasting surfacing, and they are simple to keep clean by sweeping and vacuuming. They offer a smooth but non-slip surface that will provide years of quality boat flooring.

Greatmats also has other flooring options like PVC tiles and carpet squares that have been used successfully for boat flooring. Again, regardless of your preferences and budget, Greatmats has a product that will work for you!