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Top 5 Rubber Flooring For Basements on a Budget

By Kyle Schurman Created: June, 2017 - Modified: March, 2024

Finding just the right flooring for a basement isn’t always easy. When dealing with dampness or uncomfortable cold concrete, rubber flooring for a basement delivers many benefits.

Rubber basement flooring is incredibly durable while offering thermal resistance. For workout warriors, the traction that rubber basement floor tiles deliver is a huge help. Plus, rubber mats can handle weightlifting barbells, heavy workout machines, and just about anything else you can throw at them.

Best Recommended Rubber Floor Options for Basements

At Greatmats, our rubber flooring for a basement is available at a great price. Here are our five best basement rubber flooring ideas.

1. Versatile Rubber Flooring Rolls: Reduce Seams and Trip Hazards During Workouts

best rubber flooring for basements
Are you avoiding rubber floor tiles for a basement because you hate the idea of seeing seams everywhere? We have the solution by installing a roll of rubber.

Obtrusive seams can cause a significant safety hazard, and even basements with soft cushioning on the floors need a seamless surface, especially if you plan to use the space as a gym.

Even better, you can select the thickness best for your needs, ranging from 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch. Thinner models are easier to install, but thicker rolls can handle more weight.

2. Rubber Basement Flooring with Cushion: 3/8-Inch Plyometric Rubber Roll

rubber flooring roll for basement gym
Workouts can be hard on your lower body joints, especially on a concrete floor. We can’t guarantee that your tough workout will feel like working out on a cloud when you use our plyometric rubber roll, but it has more cushioning than you may expect from rubber tiles for a basement floor.

This shock-absorbing rubber flooring surface is designed specifically for plyometric exercises and can lead to better fitness. At 3/8 of an inch in thickness, the roll is easy to handle. For a cushiony surface, this is one of the best rubber basement flooring options you can find!

3. Create Basement Rubber Flooring on a Budget: 1/4-Inch Rubber Flooring Roll

rubber flooring options for basement
Our 1/4-Inch Geneva Rubber Flooring Roll proves that a high-quality gym floor for your basement doesn’t have to break the bank. This is one of our least expensive flooring options. No matter how big your basement or budget is, this roll delivers exactly what you need at a great price.

You can trust the quality of the materials, as this roll is made in the United States. It’s slip-resistant and offers 100% post-industrial recycled material. It even has some color flecks against the black base color, so you don’t have to sacrifice a fun design to fit a tight budget.

4. Floating Interlocking Basement Floor Tiles: Rubber Tile Utility 8 mm Black

rubber floor tiles for basement gym
Few products are as easy to install as our 3x3 Foot Rubber Utility Tiles. These mats have an interlocking edge that connects perfectly, providing a tight fit. No one wants to mess with glue, staples, or adhesive when doing a DIY floor, and these mats don’t need any of that.

Should you have a flood in your basement, you don’t have to worry about having a slanted floor that allows for drainage. Instead, disassemble the tiles to reveal the wet cement subfloor. Clean it up or dry it with fans before reassembling the highly durable interlocking tiles.

5. Rubber Basement Flooring for Gym: Gmats Interlocking Rubber Tiles

black floor tiles for basement gym
DIY installations are a piece of cake with our 2x2 Foot Rubber Interlocking Gmats Tiles. Each tile edge has a jigsaw puzzle design that simplifies the installation process. They’re even reversible, so you can hide any damage or excessive wear on one of the pieces … not that damage is a common problem with these tiles, as they are made in the United States and offer all the toughness you’d expect from rubber flooring for a basement.

At 3/8 of an inch in thickness, they’re easier to carry than some heavier, thicker tiles. Yet, you can trust them to give you the durability you want in flooring that can handle tough workouts, quick workouts, or anything in between.

Trust Greatmats to Deliver the Best Rubber Flooring for a Basement at the Best Price

Is rubber flooring good for basements? Of course, it is! It’s perfect when you are creating a gym space or when you want a highly durable option. Our rubber mats, rubber rolls, or rubber tile flooring for a basement are available to match whatever use case you have in mind.

Whether you need material to stand up to heavy workout equipment, rubber that’s easy to clean, or tiles that are easy to install, we can recommend exactly what you need.

If you aren’t quite sure which way to go with this product, reach out to the Greatmats customer service team. We will take the time to understand your needs for the product before making the ideal recommendation. Let us show you what we can do for you!