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Where Should You Use Interlocking Anti Fatigue Mats?

By Paige Cerulli Created: August, 2021 - Modified: October, 2023

When you’re spending long periods of time on your feet, your flooring choice can make a difference in your comfort. Interlocking anti fatigue mats are versatile flooring choices that you can use in many different ways.

What Are Interlocking Anti Fatigue Mats?

Interlocking anti fatigue mats are modular flooring systems that offer a cushioned, softer surface that helps to relieve muscle fatigue and strain. They’re often used in locations where people spend long periods of time standing.

Because these mats connect together, they’re highly versatile and easy to install. Rather than dealing with cutting flooring rolls to fit, these tiles can be easily fit into smaller areas. Most can also be cut with a sharp utility knife if needed.

The interlocking design also means that these mats can be removed if needed. They can be moved to a new location and reinstalled, ensuring you’ll get plenty of use out of them.

The ability to replace just one or two mats is a major advantage if some mats become worn or damaged. Thanks to their interlocking design, you can replace just one or two mats, keeping the flooring in good condition while saving money over the cost of replacing the entire floor.

Ways to Best Use Interlocking Anti Fatigue Mats

Interlocking anti fatigue mats can serve many purposes, and depending on the mats’ qualities, you can install them in different environments.

These mats are popular for:
  • Chef stations and restaurant flooring
  • Laboratory stations
  • Workshop areas
  • Machining stations
  • Distribution centers
  • Assembly lines
  • Cashier checkout lanes
  • Basements
  • Kids’ play spaces
  • Gyms and athletic spaces
  • Trade show booths

As you shop for anti fatigue mats, think about the types of challenges that are present in the area where you’ll be using them. If moisture is present, then you’ll need to look for mats that are waterproof.

If you’re expecting significant water in an area, then consider looking for mats that are perforated or raised. These designs let water flow beneath the mats, helping to keep workers up and out of the water and contributing to overall safety.

Industrial and utility areas often expose the mats to oils and even chemicals. It’s important to buy mats that are resistant to these substances.

If you’ll be using the mats in a commercial application, then be sure to look for a heavy duty option that’s designed to withstand the traffic and significant use these areas often see.

Top Interlocking Anti Fatigue Mats to Consider

Greatmats carries a wide variety of interlocking anti fatigue mats. All of these mats are designed for an easy installation, and they’re suitable for many different applications.

Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile

Royal Interlocking Carpet TileThe Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile is durable and decorative, creating a warm and welcoming feel without the inconveniences and limitations that come with traditional carpet. They offer anti-fatigue and insulation properties that make them a comfortable surface with many potential uses.

These tiles are lightweight and portable, and they don’t require any adhesive. You can put them directly on concrete, wood, or tile, and their interlocking edges create a secure fit.

These tiles are waterproof, odor proof, and stain resistant, so they can be used in a wide variety of settings. The foam backing is also highly durable and easy to maintain.

These tiles are ideal for use in basements, trade show booths, and theaters. They won’t be damaged if they get wet, and they’re even high heel resistant. So they’re a highly versatile option.

Wood Grain Foam Tiles Reversible

Wood Grain Foam Tiles ReversibleThe Wood Grain Foam Tiles Reversible are highly durable foam tiles. They offer great cushion and make for a forgiving, soft surface.

You can lay these tiles directly on concrete, and they’re waterproof, so they can be used in areas prone to moisture. The tiles are also lead and latex free, making them a safe floor option.

Lightweight and portable, these cushioned tiles are easy to clean and have a beautiful wood grain pattern. They have a scuff resistant surface on the opposite side, allowing for various potential uses.

These tiles are popular for use in daycares and preschools, as well as in basements, exercise rooms, and trade shows.

Be aware that the EVA foam can be punctured by sharp objects such as high heels or small furniture legs.

Comfort Carpet Tile 10x10 ft Kit Beveled Edges

Comfort Carpet Tile 10x10 ft Kit Beveled EdgesThe Comfort Carpet Tile 10x10 ft Kit Beveled Edges offers cushioning properties similar to carpet. They’re easily cut to fit with a utility knife and add comfort to your existing flooring.

These tiles feature an interlocking design for an easy installation. They’re ideal for showroom flooring, basement flooring, trade show flooring, home theaters, and installations over concrete. These tiles are available as single tiles or in a pack of multiple tiles.

Foam Kids and Gym Mats 5/8 Premium

Foam Kids and Gym MatsThe Foam Kids and Gym Mats 5/8 Premium feature soft, impact-absorbing properties that make them comfortable underfoot. They’re waterproof and stain resistant, and free of lead and latex.

These tiles are available in 12 brilliant colors and are made of quality EVA foam. They’re ideal for basement floors, kids play mats, exercise flooring, and home gyms.

Comfort Tile Plus 10x10 ft Kit Beveled Edges

Comfort Tile Plus 10x10 ft Kit Beveled EdgesThe Comfort Tile Plus 10x10 ft Kit Beveled Edges features a unique wood grain finish for a distinctive aesthetic. These tiles are lightweight and portable, and they offer anti-fatigue properties.

Both waterproof and non absorbent, these tiles are an ideal choice for event floors, basement, trade show floors, family rooms, and exhibit booths.

Comfort Matta 20x20 Inch Solid Black

Comfort Matta 20x20 Inch Solid Black TilesThe Comfort Matta 20x20 Inch Solid Black tiles offer ergonomic and anti fatigue qualities, as well as sound dampening properties. These raised tiles offer drainage, while their non-slip diamond shield tread design maximizes traction.

These tiles connect with a locking lug system for easy installation. They’re made of recycled materials and can be trimmed to fit your space.

These tiles are a top choice for use in work stations, pool and spa surrounds, checkouts, home gyms, and exercise rooms.

StayLock Tile Bump Top

StayLock Tile Bump TopThe StayLock Tile Bump Top features the durability of rubber, but also provides the cushion of foam. It’s made of a waterproof PVC that resists most acids and oils, making it ideal for industrial environments.

You can install these tiles over carpeting, concrete, wood, or tile, and they don’t require any underlayment. The tiles are made in the USA, and they’re manufactured with quality recycled materials.

They’re a popular choice for use in aerobic exercise spaces, home gyms, industrial situations, and athletic applications.

StayLock Tile Orange Peel

StayLock Tile Orange PeelThe StayLock Tile Orange Peel offer anti-fatigue cushioning properties. They have a 20-inch ASTM fall height rating, meaning they can enhance the safety of a workplace or other space.

The tiles have an average lifespan of 20 years, and they’re waterproof and resistant to many oils and acids. These upscale designer tiles are made right here in the USA.

These tiles are ideal for use in exercise rooms, basement floors, and home gyms.

ErgoDeck Wearwell Comfort Solid 18x18 Inch Tile

ErgoDeck Wearwell Comfort Solid 18x18 Inch TileThe ErgoDeck Wearwell Comfort Solid 18x18 Inch Tile is made of silicone-free PVC, maximizing their durability. These tiles offer fatigue relief ideal for dry applications.

The tiles have a positive interlocking system, creating a secure closure while helping to prevent separation. They compress and spring back as you step, similarly to a rubber floor.

These tiles are suitable for general manufacturing and automotive manufacturing settings.

Foam Tiles Wood Grain

Foam Tiles Wood GrainThe Foam Tiles Wood Grain are soft, cushioned, and waterproof. They include two border strips with each tile, and are available in multiple wood grain finish options.

These tiles measure 2x2 feet, allowing them to quickly cover larger areas. They’re not designed to be used with shoes, but they make a beautiful addition to non-commercial spaces, creating a high-end look at a fraction of the cost of real wood.

The tiles are lightweight and weigh just 1.2 pounds per tile, making them easy to carry and install. Their universal puzzle edge makes it easy to install them, and the tiles come with border strips so you can create a clean, finished edge.

These tiles are ideal for use in basement floors and in other rooms in your home to get a faux wood finish.

Ergo Matta CushionTred Solid

Ergo Matta CushionTred SolidThe Ergo Matta CushionTred Solid tiles offer ergonomic and anti fatigue properties, and they can also help to dampen sound. They’re backed by a five-year warranty and feature a non-slip diamond tread.

These tiles feature a surface texture that helps to prevent slips and falls, making them an ideal choice for areas where kids will be playing. They’re available in many different colors, so you can choose assorted colors to create fun patterns and designs.

These composite PVC tiles are made from recycled rubber and PVC plastic, giving them a forgiving texture while also being flexible. They’re best for home gyms, indoor playrooms, and exercise rooms.

Choosing Your Interlocking Anti Fatigue Mats

You’ll find a wide assortment of interlocking anti fatigue mats at Greatmats, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from for your project. Whether you’re looking for 24x24 inch tiles in blue or foam tiles in a distinctive wood grain finish suitable for use in your garage, you’ll find what you need at Greatmats.

Our customer service team is ready to help you find the perfect mats in the right color for your needs. Please contact us with any questions, or if you need a shipping quote.