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Customer Reviews for: Martial Arts Karate Mat Premium 1 Inch

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Great mats qualitie is great , costumer service respond quickly



Customer Rating:


I am very happy with the product. The wood grain looks great! The price was very reasonable and the product was delivered in a timely manor. The only slightly negative would be that the floor is a bit harder than I expected. I may ad a layer of carpet padding to compensate. That being said, I am 95% satisfied with the purchase and would recommend highly. Master Ken Pure Balance Martial Arts Martial Arts Kids After School Program


Tampa, FL

Customer Rating:


Great product, love the smooth structure, easy to clean! Timely delivery too!


Waupaca, WI

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Our Marital Arts Studio recently purchased this flooring. The ordering process was easy and Greatmats took care of all of the shipping and brokerage paperwork. It took only a few hours to install all of the mats...the look was amazing! Our Grand Master is a quiet person, but it was easy to see that he was very excited with the flooring. We have been using the matting for about a month now and it is great. Everyone has commented on how professional it look, how the mats can take running, jumping and stretching on them with no signs of moving or coming apart. We give this product the highest rating for quality, and highly recommend it to any other martial arts studios. We also rate Greatmats 5 stars for their support!


Calgary, AB

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Before purchasing from GreatMats I was under the impression that good customer service and quality products were a thing of the past. I am glad to have been proven wrong! GreatMats you are the best!! I have never had such good customer service and the quality of the mats is top notch for a price you will not find anywhere. Thank, Aaron


Arroyo Grande, CA

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These puzzle mats look fantastic at my martial arts studio. I purchased the wooden ones and they make the place look more professional and clean. However, the only drawback was that the mats came in different tints and colors, so that may bother some...for me though, I just thought it gave it some character. The mats overall are good quality, but they do take on scuffs and scratches easily, so be careful with not dropping, rolling, or placing heavy items on them. I would recommend these to folks who wouldn't let these minor things bother them.


Sacramento, CA

Customer Rating:


These are great for when the kids are playing and practicing karate. I did not realize how easily they puncture. We just have to make sure that they don't have any sharp toys out. We put this in the kids play area for easy clean up and so that they can practice tumbling and karate. Installing was quick and easy. We like that we can remove it, clean it, and put it back!!


Des Plaines, IL

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Awesome. Easy to install, easy to cut, took 90 minutes for a 16 x 20 room. My wife and daughter both use the room for Taekwondo training and have said the floor is better than what they use at the schools and tournaments.


Chesapeake, VA

Customer Rating:


I give these mats 5 out a 5. There awesome. Being a Jeet Kune Do school we wear our shoes when we train. And there is vary low visual wear & tear after 4 years. Thank you Great Mats, Academy of Jeet Kune Do Sciences Petaluma,CA.


Petaluma, CA

Customer Rating:


The mats worked out great for us. We use them in a commercial gym classroom room. We do yoga, kick boxing, zumba... on them and the members love them.


Columbus, OH

Customer Rating:


Excellent product! Great condition upon arrival. Go together very fast and looks great!



Customer Rating:


The mats arrived ahead of schedule in great condition! We laid them the next day and they look great! We have had about 15 training sessions on them and they are performing beautifully. We do both stand up and grappling work as well as throwing. The mat performs well in all formats. We will definately order from you again!


Cary, NC

Customer Rating:


The Premium martial arts mats arrived in good condition, and were easy to install. So far, the wood grain look of the mat surfaces has held up well -- it doesn't readily show dirt or scuff marks. These mats are firm enough to give good support for demanding kata practice, but offer enough padding to protect an adult student during falls and takedowns. When we first put them out, the mat surfaces were a little slick -- something common with many new puzzle-type mats. After a week or ten days, this slickness had largely passed off. Overall, we're very pleased with this product.



Customer Rating:


Highly recommend this product. Firm and exactly what I wanted for my home TaeKwon Do studio / workout room. Very easy to install and looks great.


Rye, NY

Customer Rating:


I received great assistance in placing this order. However, the delivery time was too long.


Houston, TX

Customer Rating:


Everything was great! Perfect! Great customer service as well! These mats did the trick!


New York, NY

Customer Rating:


Great mats. Look great in our new dojang. Durable & easy to care for.


Canton, MI

Customer Rating:


Friendly service, and a great product. The wood grain mats are high quality and look fantastic. If nothing else we will be the best looking Dojo in town!


Hickory, NC

Customer Rating:


We bought the 1 inch, wood grain for our do jahng. Everyone loves it and people think it is an actual wood floor at first. Very nice mats.


Wilmington, NC

Customer Rating:


The mats are great. They are not too hard and not too soft. Perfect for throwing and falling. They cushon against hard landing but let you know that landing could be hard. They are good for preventing slipping, but do not restrict you're feet from moving. They are good for traditional style training in todays workout environment.