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Customer Reviews for: Martial Arts Karate Mat Premium 1 Inch

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Work great and look great. Good quality.


Hauppauge, NY

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Good company, good product, fast delivery. I'm an international costumer, wish you have more options on payments like paypal or accept international credit card. Greetings from Guatemala City


Miami, FL

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Perfect firmness. Easy to install.


Moorestown, NJ

Customer Rating:


Dojo installation


Commerce Twp, MI

Customer Rating:


Great mats for the price

Mark M

Butler, WI

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I bought my mats from you back around 2005/2004. I purchased the red and blue puzzle 1 inch mats. I still have them today. I'm actually looking to get new mats for my new location. I got a lot of use out of my mats.


Wake Forest, NC

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We are so happy to have a set of mats! The 1 inch mats are made of quality material, and will work well for sparring. So easy to assemble and versatile. We can set up one master ring, a couple smaller rings, or a long run way to practice jumping kicks. Fits our needs perfectly. We just got them, so don't know the status of durability, but from the quality of the product, and proper care, they should last for a long time. Storage is easy, as they stack nicely.


Des Moines, IA

Customer Rating:


We love our Great Mats flooring. We opted for the 1" karate mats because the aerobic flooring was on backorder and we needed it quickly; I was worried, but completely unnecessarily. I am so pleased with my decision. No more joint problems for me or my customers-not from our floors! Our old floors were concrete under carpet. These are NOT slippery, yet easy to pivot and dance on. They are easy to clean. We vaccuum or dust with a swiffer-type dry mop and steam mop twice a week to sanitize. They can also be mopped with soap and water-we just haven't found the need to do that with the steam mop. Customers who left because of joint issues related to our flooring, are now coming back.

Nina L


Customer Rating:


Greatmats was excellent to work with. The product was shipped as expected and communications were timely and professional. The product was exactly as advertised and is a fantastic Taekwondo academy floor! Great job Greatmats! Your products and customer service were excellent.


Gahanna, OH

Customer Rating:


Thanks for all of your assistance. We were concerned about finding the right mat to go with our decorating scheme and be functional. The one-inch karate mats are perfect for our home dojo. Lots of cushion and a very classy appearance.

Larry & Karen

Elkton, VA

Customer Rating:


We order our dojo mats from After months of training on carpet, our students loved the new mats. It made a huge difference in our student's moral and performance. The mats were easy to install and fit wonderfully. We did have a few issues with the freight company but the customer support staff at Greatmats took care of the issue. We look forward to many years of training on our mats.


Irving, TX

Customer Rating:


The Greatmats that I purchased recently and placed in the Dojo that my wife, daughter and me use. The mats are awesome and make training for our Taekwondo Black Belt tests so much more efficient and enjoyable. Thank you Greatmats!


Edgewater, MD

Customer Rating:


Happy customer! Ordered 36 - 1 inch premium Martial Arts mats for our dojang in our house and are 100% satisfied. We got a great price, received them as promised on time and the mats were easy to install. My wife, daughter and me are all Black Belts and do a lot of training at home and having these mats make a big difference in the quality of our training. Thanks Greatmats, you really ROCK! Chris Sawyer Edgewater, MD


Edgewater, MD

Customer Rating:


Also great in offices and packing mats for skydiving. Thanks!


Eloy, AZ

Customer Rating:


the staff was easy to work with and explained product thoroughly. I have used them repeatedly for past 2 years.


Shelby, NC

Customer Rating:


Delivery was great, it was quick to arrive and the installation was incredibly easy! We couldn't be happier with the mats and our clients agree!


Centerville, IA

Customer Rating:


Very pleased with the product and ease of installation. I was a little concerned with slipperiness at first but have found it to be not a problem. My primary purpose is for martial arts training and the padding is very good for grappling and throws. I lots of forms barefoot as well and have done well keeping my footing... it is different from carpeting where I practice in a formal dojo. thanks


Stratford, CT

Customer Rating:


Looks great and enhances the image of our dojo. Great feel for daily karate training.


Cincinnati, OH

Customer Rating:


Mats look great and feel great. My students love the new mats.


Hurricane, UT

Customer Rating:


Great product for the price! Super happy with how easy they were to install, and the protection they provide for my students. Will definitely order these again for my next karate space.


Fairfax, VA