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Customer Reviews for: Martial Arts Karate Mat Premium 1 Inch

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We are very pleased with this product. The wood grain look sets our dojo off. So glad we found them.



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We are very pleased with the mats. The woodgrain side is very realistic looking.....many people thought it was a wood floor from a distance or from a photo. We replaced similar gray mats and everyone likes the appearance of these much better. The quality seems great as well.

Kevin or Michelle

Frankenmuth, MI

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Very happy with the delivery and quality of the mats. Would recommend Greatmats.


Orem, UT

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great mats for intended purpose!


LaBlanca, TX

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I think that they look great and feel awesome. For the price I could not ask for more. Very please with the order


Harrison, AR

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Great mats everything was delivered on time and were exactly what we needed. The dojang looks great with the black and grey mats and we couldn't beat the price anywhere in North America. Thanks Jay


Calgary, AB

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Awesome mats, I appreciate everything and recommend great mats to everyone.


San Diego, CA

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As the owner of a large martial arts studio, teaching both karate and jiu-jitsu, we have found the 1" premium martiial arts mat to be an excellent blend of comfort and support. The mats have a no-burn tatami surface (great for grappling) yet sturdy for performing kata. The compression of the mats when being thrown or swept is good, and provides a great deal of shock disbursement. Half our studio is covered in the 7/8" mat and the other half in the 1" premium mat. We plan to replace the 7/8" mat with the 1" matting in the future, both for consistency and performance.


Russellville, AR

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We bought this mat for our martial arts club a few months ago now and we love it! It appears to be holding up really well given that we use it (typically wearing light martial arts shoes) every day for classes in kungfu, sanda, taichi, and wushu. This includes weapons training; even where spears and swords have accidentally slipped to cause a few cuts in the mat, the cuts do not appear to be opening up or fraying. The surface traction is ideal: not too gripping and not too slippery for such moves as kungfu sweeps and taichi. The thickness/cushioning effect also helps protect for falls. We also can't say enough about our very positive purchasing experience with They were so helpful, particularly with regard to ensuring all requirements were satisfied with shipping the mat internationally. (It was so refreshing to learn that our invoice was all-inclusive and there were no hidden extra charges that we had to pay afterwards.) We highly recommend and would definitely shop there again.


Winnepeg, MB

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The order was shipped as promised, and the mats were quickly headed downstairs to my basement dojo. My wife and I cut them to size as needed, and they fit was excellent. I have been using them regularly for my personal home trainings, and they are just the support I needed. The surfaces are slick, but I use a wet towel to give my feet some grip. After a few steps on the towel as I train the resistance to slipping I need is there. I love training on my new floor, and my home dojo looks great. The cost was well worth the money. Thank you. JB


Union, OH

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We were very satisfied with the product. Thanks



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It is great product for my basement.Easy to assemble,for kids play,Yoga,Karate.My basement is unfinished.It is very use full to conduct small functions and parties.I am 200% happy. Compare to other marchandise the Greatmats prize was very resonable when i purchased.


Chesterfield, NJ

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The mats are perfect for my workout area in my home. They're easy to set up and easy to keep clean.


Indianola, IA

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Received product in a timely manner and as advertised. Excellent product, easy on the feet.


Plainfield, IL

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Awesome. Love the quality, look and especially the price. Thanks to all at


Flagstaff, AZ

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The quality of the mats is fantastic. The only issue I have is that some of the mats are slightly different in thickness and I have had to pound down the edges to make them 'mate' better at the joint. Everyone comments on the wood look and has no idea that they are foam mats until they see them in person. I've already recommended them to several people and recommended your company to some cheerleading programs in my area.


McDonough, GA