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Customer Reviews for: Martial Arts Karate Mat Premium 1 Inch

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Happy customer! Ordered 36 - 1 inch premium Martial Arts mats for our dojang in our house and are 100% satisfied. We got a great price, received them as promised on time and the mats were easy to install. My wife, daughter and me are all Black Belts and do a lot of training at home and having these mats make a big difference in the quality of our training. Thanks Greatmats, you really ROCK! Chris Sawyer Edgewater, MD


Edgewater, MD

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Also great in offices and packing mats for skydiving. Thanks!


Eloy, AZ

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the staff was easy to work with and explained product thoroughly. I have used them repeatedly for past 2 years.


Shelby, NC

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Delivery was great, it was quick to arrive and the installation was incredibly easy! We couldn't be happier with the mats and our clients agree!


Centerville, IA

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Very pleased with the product and ease of installation. I was a little concerned with slipperiness at first but have found it to be not a problem. My primary purpose is for martial arts training and the padding is very good for grappling and throws. I lots of forms barefoot as well and have done well keeping my footing... it is different from carpeting where I practice in a formal dojo. thanks


Stratford, CT

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Looks great and enhances the image of our dojo. Great feel for daily karate training.


Cincinnati, OH

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Mats look great and feel great. My students love the new mats.


Hurricane, UT

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Great product for the price! Super happy with how easy they were to install, and the protection they provide for my students. Will definitely order these again for my next karate space.


Fairfax, VA

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Very satisfied with the flooring. I recommend greatmats for all your martial arts flooring.


Cleveland, TN

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The puzzle cuts should be universal on all four sides. Having different cuts on four sides means that we as the consumer must buy extra mats due to having to cut the mats to make them fit our facility. If the puzzle cuts were universal than this would not be an issue. Also the color of the wood tiles vary greatly. Some are light some very dark.



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I ordered the woodgrain/black because I wanted the entire floor to look like a wood floor. The color of the mats were inconsistent so I tried several times blend the colors which didn't work out well. But in the end I was very happy with the results and I love my new floor! It was easy to install by myself. First I removed the carpet, carpet tack strips, carpet underlay and scaped off the glue. Then I vacuumed up the cement floor and assembled the full-sized mats directly over the cement in the majority of the room. Then, I measured and cut the remaining tiles to fit until the room was complete. Cutting and fitting the edges was easy. I will be using this room primarily to practice Nia and Yoga. It is very comfortable to dance on with bare feet and I don't even need to drag out a yoga mat!


Parker, CO

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Fast And Excellent Service Every Time I order. They are always very helpful and polite.

Spirit of the Wolf

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I am not in favor of mats since I practice traditional Japanese Karate, and hardwood floor would be my only choice. I didn't want my new opened dojo (Unity Karate & Holistic Arts) to look like another Teakwondo school, but... I tried to keep the initial costs down and decided to go with these wooden look 1inch foam mats at least for now. Mats arrived within a week of ordering which was great. Installation was easy, unfortunately I didn't order enough and didn't want to pay another $300!!! on shipping for additional 10 mats. There were enough edge peaces, so I used them to fill the "gaps". The floor looks great and many people got fooled that it actually isn't a hardwood floor. Even though I am not super excited about the mats, my students love them. The fact that it is much safer to train on mats than on hardwood floor helps a lot, and I don't have to loose much sleep worrying about students getting injured falling down. My main complaint about these mats is, that they are extremely slippery (Sales Rep assured me that they are not). We practice barefoot. They were covered/soaked in "Armor all" like substance and needed to be seriously "broken in" It was extremely difficult and dangerous to train in the beginning. We washed them numerous times with all kinds of detergents, even rubbing alcohol, without much luck. It took 2 months of training (6 times/week) to brake them in. If you leave any heavier objects laying around, they will cause indentations in the mats. The surface is not super smooth as it's been said in the reviews, it is light sand like texture. Overall decent value.

Robert B

South Windsor, CT

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So far, I am very impressed with this product. I bought it to replace inferior tiles from a competitor. These are much more shock absorbent and have a durable top layer that I doubt will wear or peel. They are a little thick to cut and at doorway transitions but the payoff is in injury prevention.


Perkasie, PA

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The mats are high quality and they look sharp. Its been six years since I ordered them the first time. I love them. I didnt really even consider getting them from somewhere else.

Dominachs TaeKwonDo Academy

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Greatmats rules! They got my quote,a sample, order and delivery in under 3 weeks of our dojo opening and I live across the country from there shop. Everyone on the phone was helpful. We laid them down last night and will send them pics when our new dojo location opens next week. thanks guys!!

James Newton

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Very happy with the Karate mats, they were in stock and I live close enough to pick them up. Good price and quality

Mark A Lintula

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These mats are easy to install look great and give my dojo a professional look. They are very durable and easy to maintain; when I purchase fold out mats for grappling you can .bet I will ordering them from Great Mats.

Kempo Jujutsu Martial Arts Academy Dyer.

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I originally considered installing a sprung hardwood floor, but ultimately chose Greatmats karate mats instead because of ease of installation and cost. Installation was extremely simple: just putting the puzzle-shaped mat pieces together. The surface was a little slippery to bare feet at first, but quickly the tactile grip improved, and is now good. Also, they dont like having anything heavy sit on them for any length of time--it will leave an indentation that may or may not go away when the weight is removed. But overall I am quite happy with this product. Also, the sales staff at Greatmats was very competent and helpful.


Customer Rating:


Very good value. I had originally considered installing a sprung hardwood floor, but decided to go with the karate mats instead because of ease of installation and cost. When first installed, they were a little slippery to bare feet, but after a short time the "tack" has improved. Also, they do not like having anything heavy sitting on them for any length of time--it causes indentations. But overall, I am quite happy with this product.


San Jose, CA