Customer Reviews for: Martial Arts Karate Mat Premium 1 Inch

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Mats are nice. Trucking company that delivered terrible.


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Your mats are well constructed and great quality.


Albuquerque, NM

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I was completely satisfied with the purchase and the product from Greatmats. I would recommend them to my fellow athletes.


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The customer service from Greatmats was wonderful. The mats themselves arrived in good condition. However, we have had multiple students stain their uniform due to the red and blue of the mats. I am hoping this is temporary and after a few times washing them it will stop. The shipping company is terrible. We have placed two orders in the past month. We have had both orders delayed and not shipped on slated day. You must be present for delivery. I have had to take four days off work because the delivery window is 9am-5pm. They have done nothing but issue a ?I?m sorry?.


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Very good product, with immediate results

Michael Bolmer

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Second time I have bought mats from GREATMATS-both great experiences! The mats are durable and the cost is affordable! Looking forward to another 10 plus years of GREATMATS in my dojos!



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Greatmats have been huge upgrade for our Karate school. Our 1,600 sq.ft. floor can be cleaned and disinfected in less than 30 minutes and the surface is fantastic to work out on. Very firm but absorbs all impact. A truly amazing product.


Saint Clairsville, OH

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Thrilled with the quality and durability of the mats.



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Great mats, although be prepared to clean them a lot because of the texture. They hold a lot of dirt!

Vincent Louis


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Great product easy to install and cut but rugged enough for basement flooring.


Kennebunk, ME

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Work great and look great. Good quality.


Hauppauge, NY

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Good company, good product, fast delivery. I'm an international costumer, wish you have more options on payments like paypal or accept international credit card. Greetings from Guatemala City


Miami, FL

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Perfect firmness. Easy to install.


Moorestown, NJ

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I had bought 144 of the one inch karate mats from Greatmats a few years ago. I recently bought another 72 of the same mats expecting them to fit together with the ones I had bought previously. They dont even come close. The new mats are extremely slippery and make it unsafe to spar on them. A student did a roll with a break fall and slid 8 feet across the mats and off the edge. The old mats were good, but they have obviously changed something and lost the quality. I wont be buying any more of these. Tim Solberg, owner River Dragon Martial Arts, (605)682-1181

Timothy P Solberg

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Greatmats is a great company with great products. Our local shipper had some issues, but Greatmats really held our hand through the whole thing until it was straightened out. I was amazed at how easy it was to install the new floor and how clean and protected the mats were in their shipping packaging. This was a huge upgrade for our dojo and it started with a nice sample that Greatmats sent to us for inspection. Karate is not something you want to do on a really squishy mat, balance and explosiveness becomes too difficult. At the same time, you want your feet, knees, hips, elbows, etc. to be protected. Clearly a lot of thinking went into the design of these mats that were purpose built for Karate, allow you to keep your balance while still cushioning and disbursing impact forces. Kids and adults in our school have raved about the new floor and I am certain we will have greater success attracting and retaining students as a result of the upgrade. Many thanks to Greatmats, its President, David Butler and his staff for the fantastic service.

Robert C

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Customer service was great and they shipped fast!

Utah Valley Capoeira

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Easy to find and order the type of workout mat I was looking for for my dojo. When the order arrived, I was very satisfied with the quality, texture, and appearance of the mats. Additionally, reading the reviews written by previous customers, who ordered this same product, was very helpful and influenced my decision to order this particular workout mat for my Karate dojo as well. Good service, good products. I highly recommend Greatmats!


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Excellent customer service- loved getting samples in the mail prior to purchasing so I could compare products. Angela helped me place my order over the phone and delivery was quick and professional.

Lisa Silver

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After ordering the mats on line, I got a phone call from the company representative about how I mishandled the shipping cost in the order. I wouldve prefer to have ordered directly with the representative, but she wasnt available at the time. Only after a day later did she call back to let me know that I may have problem with the delivery. The actual delivery went fine, but I didnt enjoy being anxious about the process instead of being excited about receiving the product.

C.W. Taekwondo

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This is the second time we have ordered mats for our dojang from Greatmats. They are the best when it comes to selection and customer service.

Champions Way Martial Arts