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Ground Protection Mat Details

Ground protection mats deliver an extremely valuable service as a construction mat at a worksite. They can be used again and again on the worksite. These mats will bend but not break and are a must when driving over lawns, muddy areas, and other finished or delicate surfaces.

Ground mats create drive-on matting for vehicles and heavy construction equipment, yielding protection for the lawn and grass landscape areas.

They also work as a ground mat on a field, at a park, at a cemetery, for a tree trimmer, or across an asphalt track at a school. For landscapers or homeowners, they will protect grass from being dug up by machinery. These heavy duty mats are reusable, providing a good value versus using plywood that can warp and splinter under pressure.

How to Choose the Best Ground Protection Matting

  1. Calculate the number of times they will be used per year.
  2. Determine the total weight of the items that they will need to support.
  3. Calculate the time frame needed to use them.
  4. Determine the grade of the area where they will be installed.
  5. Consider the types of tires on the vehicles. (Some are only suitable for use with rubber tires.)

Some of our ground protection mats lock together, yielding a user-friendly layout. These are designed to hold together under a hefty load. We even offer wedge-shaped pieces for making perfect corners.

Purposes and Uses

Ground mats for heavy equipment have several use cases, including:
  • Providing a temporary road or walkway at a construction site
  • Supporting tree trimming equipment
  • Protecting driveway from heavy vehicles
  • Create a temporary road to a remote location
  • Protect lawn, grass, or soft ground from vehicles or landscaping equipment
  • Create a temporary road to a remote location
  • Protect finished surfaces such as track field
  • Provide extra tire traction for tractors and other vehicles
  • Avoiding getting vehicles stuck in mud

Materials and Durability

Customers use our ground mats to make a temporary road for a couple of hours, a couple of weeks, or anywhere in between. Unlike sheets of plywood, these sturdy mats are usable for years without the wear and tear you will see in plywood in just a year.

Greatmats offers heavy-duty and lighter-duty options. Our polyethylene plastic and fiberglass track mats are extremely firm while maintaining a relatively lightweight design.

Ground Protection Mats Q&A

Where Can You Use Ground Protection Mats?

A contractor or roofer using a boom truck or forklift to work on a customer’s home can use the mats to move the vehicle without damaging landscaping or lawns safely. Tree trimmers and power companies reach remote locations with their vehicles by using these mats. Cemeteries and schools protect their grounds from excessive foot or vehicular traffic, especially during a wet and muddy season.

What size ground protection mat do I need?

The most common size of ground protection mats for heavy equipment measures 4x8 feet. You can use them for small vehicles and equipment or place two of them side by side to handle the wheels or tracks of larger vehicles. You also can find smaller lengths of 4 feet and widths as narrow as 2 feet.

How do I protect my yard or grass from heavy equipment?

Drive on lawn protection mats for heavy equipment are the best solution to protect a lawn when needing to drive construction vehicles across it. These yard mats support the weight of the vehicle, but they do not sink into the ground, even when it’s soft.

How do you create a temporary roadway?

Just lay our grass and turf protection mats end to end to create a temporary road almost anywhere. These mats each support tens of thousands of pounds of weight, yet they don’t buckle or sink into the ground.

How Do I Protect My Driveway From Heavy Objects?

When looking at driveway protection, there are several things to look for. It’s important to know how heavy your loads will be so that you can select an option designed to endure that weight. Having these heavy-duty mats in place will help protect blacktop, concrete, asphalt, and other surfaces from a crack, rut, or multiple dents caused by the weight of heavy vehicle and machinery traffic.