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Axel Landscape using Greatmats Ground Protection Mats

Date Published: 09-23 - 2016

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For Axel Landscape of Hopkins, Minnesota, protecting lawns is a top priority. As a renovation landscaping company, Axel Landscape is always driving heavy machinery over existing lawns.

After 18 years of using and replacing plywood to protect lawns from his machinery, Axel Landscape owner Chris Axel decided to upgrade to clear polyethylene ground protection mats from Greatmats.com.

Guaranteed for life, his new ground protection mats won't waterlog, wear out, break or splinter like plywood. He can now drive his compact skid loaders, skid-steers and mini track loaders across them with confidence. His machinery, that when loaded, commonly exceed 11,500 pounds cause no problems underneath these ground protection mats, saving Axel Landscape time and hassle while allowing it to do the fun part of the job that makes money, rather then spending extra time and resources on cleanup and lawn repair.

The mats can be laid individually or connected together for a platform on which his machinery can turn. They provide traction and lawn protection on hills and soggy ground as well as over concrete and other finished surfaces. And the clear version of these lawn protection mats also allows the mats to sit in place days longer without killing the grass underneath.

Axel admits the mats were a big investment, which is why it took him more than 10 years to get up the nerve to spend the money on them, but he's positive that with the time and replacement costs he'll save, it's well worth it.

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