Folding Gym Mats - Cross Fitness Training Mats

Comfort CrossFit Training & Fitness Folding Gym Mats

Greatmats folding gym mats are great accessories for cross training and fitness competition training.

Panel mats can create platforms of varying heights which can aid in learning new techniques or provide cushion for exercises were maximum output is less important than comfort or safety. Take for example a single leg squat or pistol squat. As you're learning this technique, it may be difficult to get your body in the proper position or lift yourself once you are down fully in you squat.

With a 4x10 gym mat, you can fold it up into a stack of 5 panels. If each panel is 2 inches thick, you've got a nice 10 inch tall platform that will aid you in rocking into your motion as you first begin learning the technique. As you get better, simply unfold the mat one panel at a time until you are able to complete the task without the aid of a gym mat platform.

If you've done handstand pushups, you know the strain that can put on your head and neck as your learning. A comfort gym mat such as this can ease the stress on your head and neck and provide some extra safety in case of a fall. Even if you're a seasoned professional, it doesn't hurt to provide yourself with a little extra safety in case of the incidental crash.

Use them for stretching, ab workouts and other floor based exercises as well and skill building tools.

Get your cross fitness training off to a strong and safe start with folding gym mats and then use them to take your training to the next level!
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