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Options for Floor Mats

Having the right floor mats in place is important to make your favorite activities more enjoyable and safe. Whether you need cushioning, firmness, traction, water resistance, or multiple features, the right floor mats make all the difference.

No matter what kinds of floor mats you need, Greatmats has the products you want in stock. And if you aren’t quite sure what you need, our customer service team knows how to help you determine which features are most important for you.

Types of Floor Mats

Finding the right floor mats starts with selecting the format you need. Some types of flooring are easier to install than others, and some will cover a large amount of square footage quickly.
  • Interlocking Floor Mats: Interlocking pieces use a hidden tab and loop system to maintain clean lines in the final layout.
  • Puzzle Floor Mats: Puzzle-style edge pieces are extremely easy to install, as they connect like a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Straight Edge Mats: We offer straight-edge mats that need a glue-down installation or full-size, standalone styles with straight edges that are portable.
  • Folding Mats: Folding padded mats have thick padding, and the sections can fold upon themselves for easy storage.
  • Roll Out Mats: Roll out mats offer a padded base and cover a large, narrow space quickly. You can roll them up for easy storage.

Materials in Floor Mats

Some materials in floor mats deliver cushioning to protect against falls or the stress of repeated jumps, while others focus on delivering traction.
  • Foam: Foam mats usually are thick to provide significant cushioning, but some are thinner to deliver a sure footing with less cushioning.
  • PVC plastic: PVC mats are waterproof, and they deliver a nice mixture of durability and cushioning.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl-covered mats usually have a soft foam interior, and the vinyl provides durability and a sure footing.
  • Rubber: Rubber floor mats are extremely durable and water-resistant, while providing a little bit of cushioning for people who must stand much of the day.
  • Blended: When you want a mixture of some of the best features of individual materials, look for mixtures like carpet-bonded foam, PVC and foam, PVC and vinyl, PVC and rubber, vinyl covered foam, and foam rubber mats.

Where Can I Use Floor Mats?

Whether you need floor mats for home or commercial installations, we have products that will meet your needs.


Our flooring options are perfect for a home office in a spare bedroom, a home gym in a garage, or anywhere in between.

Gyms and Fitness

Both commercial and home fitness centers can make use of our gym floor mats, as well as our padded mats for gym layouts.

Martial Arts Studios

At martial arts studios, where students need padded floors that also provide a good footing, we have dozens of floor mat options.

Commercial Locations

Commercial and industrial locations need flooring mats that can stand up to harsh chemicals, rough weather, significant moisture, and heavy foot and cart traffic.

Sports Activities

When practicing different sports or athletic activities, having the right floor mats can keep the athletes safer and can keep their lower body joints fresher so they can practice for longer periods.


Outdoor floor mats are highly durable, allowing them to stand up to multiple kinds of weather, temperature variations, and UV rays.

Pet Areas

Pets can be tough on flooring, but our pet-safe floor mats support the weight of larger animals and resist damage from domesticated animals.