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Finding the Best Exercise Workout Mats

Discover various exercise and workout mats specially designed for fitness flooring. Our selection caters to multiple needs, ensuring you find the perfect mat for your training regimen. Many mats are crafted for durability and performance, providing the ideal support and stability for your fitness journey. Explore our range to enhance your workout experience with the right mat choice.

Stocked Workout Mats

At Greatmats, you'll find a selection of the most sought-after exercise flooring systems readily available for prompt delivery. Our inventory includes top-rated mat options, including rubber rolls and foam tiles.

Home Workout Mats

The best exercise mat is one that fits the planned use case you have. We offer multiple formats for our customers to use the gym.

  • Foam Tiles: Foam exercise mats are cushioned to protect body joints; these are a great general-use mat.
  • Folding Mats: Tumbling fold-out mats are ideal for gymnastics and cheer practice.
  • Rubber Rolls: An excellent choice for gym floors under exercise equipment. High traction for agility, however, too firm for floor exercises.
  • Rubber Tiles: Fast installation, no tape or glue, excellent under equipment, get thicker tiles for weight lifting and dropping weights.

Benefits of Exercise Mat Products

Our exercise mats for home, a commercial gym, or a studio that needs workout mats carry several benefits for our customers. Our product offerings are designed to accommodate all types of fitness routines, ensuring you have the ideal mat for your specific needs. Whether it's for high-intensity cardio or kickboxing, our mats provide the optimal blend of support, durability, and comfort.

  • Multiple thickness options: We have thin foam mats that work to provide excellent traction in a firm material. Large mats are perfect for cushioning to protect the lower body joints of athletes.
  • Varying comfort levels: In workout areas where athletes need cushioning to protect themselves from falls or while jumping, we have highly cushioned materials. Where firmness and traction are more critical than cushioning, we also have fitness mats for this purpose.
  • Shock absorption: When you will be jumping or landing hard during workouts, shock-absorbing athletic surfaces are a necessity.
  • Portability and ease of installation: Many of our exercise mats have a puzzle-style edge, meaning you can assemble and disassemble them quickly to take them anywhere without needing to hire someone to do the installation.

When to Use Exercise Mats

At Greatmats, we offer exercise matting that’s ideal for all workouts.
  • Low intensity: Foam mats are perfect for low-intensity workouts.
  • Medium intensity: PVC tiles provide the desired mix of traction and cushioning for medium-intensity workouts.
  • High intensity: High-intensity workouts may require rubber flooring, gym foam mats, or durable PVC mats with textured surfaces.

At Greatmats, you can access a comprehensive assortment of exercise and workout mats ideally suited for fitness flooring. Our selection includes a variety of types, each designed to meet your specific training needs. These mats promise quality and durability and enhance your performance and safety across different fitness environments. Please choose from our range to find the ideal solution that aligns with your fitness goals and preferences.

Exercise Workout Mats Q&A

Is there a difference between an exercise mat vs. yoga mat?

Yes, as the best workout mats typically are thicker to support body weight exercises and impact workouts. Yoga-specific mats offer little cushion and focus on providing stability, meaning they are often thinner than average exercise mats.

What are the best exercise style-specific mats?

Exercise-specific workout mats are ideal when focusing on a particular type of exercise rather than general workouts. The design and materials in the exercise-specific mat ensure a design that meets the challenges these athletes face. Folding mats work best for stunt workouts like tumbling and cheerleading. Other styles of mats work better for specific workouts like martial arts, plyometric workouts, or weight training.

What are some features of the best cardio workout mats?

The best cardio exercise mats focus on providing impact absorption for athletes, protecting the lower body joints in the knees, ankles, and hips. They also need significant durability to stand up to repeated workouts without showing wear and tear.

What kind of workout floor should I exercise on?

Selecting the proper type of workout floor depends on the exercises you plan to do. If you will do high-impact workouts, cushioning is key to protecting your body. For low-impact workouts, firm materials that deliver excellent traction are ideal.

How firm should rubber exercise flooring be?

Rubber exercise flooring is available in multiple firmness measurements. Look at the Shore A hardness rating for the rubber floor to determine firmness, ranging from 47 to 90. Higher numbers in the range are firmer, while lower numbers are less firm. Weightlifting workouts require substantial rubber flooring, while aerobic or cardio exercises are better with less firm rubber surfaces.