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Gym Exercise Mat, Thick, Foam, Large, Rubber

Displaying 49-92 of 92 Products
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Quality designed to provide an ideal workout surface makes all the difference in the quality of each and every workout. Whether you're designing a professional gym or want to outfit your home workout space, investing in quality exercise mats is a must. At Greatmats, we've selected a variety of both home and professional gym mats. These mats are comfortable, safe, and durable, so that you can enjoy your workout, safely.

Our exercise mats are available foam, rubber, and plastic, and they are designed to meet numerous athletic and fitness flooring needs. Our specialty mats can accommodate a wide variety of fitness-related activities, including weight training and even aerobics. Many of our mats are designed to provide wall-to-wall coverage, and they can be easily installed without any need for adhesives. Additional options include interlocking floor tiles and space-saving personal mats.

Benefits of Exercise Mats, Gym Mats or Workout Mats

  1. Comfortable, safe surface for workouts
  2. Shock absorption properties make for a more comfortable workout
  3. Mats are designed with specific traction, shock absorption, and densities required of different workouts
  4. Durable mats are intended for repeated use, some within commercial facilities
  5. Easy installation is suitable for home and professional settings

How to Choose an Exercise Mat

Greatmats offers a wide variety of mats. Consider the following factors when choosing the right mats for your facility
  1. The type of exercise that will be performed (higher impact activities, like gymnastics, will require thicker exercise mats)
  2. The size of the area that you will be covering
  3. Whether you will be exercising barefoot, or whether you'll be wearing shoes
  4. Whether the mats will be laid down permanently or temporarily
  5. Whether you may want to be able to expand your mat coverage area in the future
  6. How much traffic your mats will see

No matter whether you're constructing a small workout space for home use, or if you need professional flooring that can withstand the heavy traffic your professional gym will see, Greatmats has plenty of suitable options. We've highlighted a few of our main products below to help you get started.

Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Exercise Mats

What is the best brand of exercise puzzle mats?

Greatmats! Of course.

What is the best flooring for a home exercise room?

Home exercise rooms often have different needs than commercial exercise areas. For your home exercise room, you're likely looking for a floor that is easy to install. That's why our 2x2 foot EVA Foam puzzle mats tend to be the most popular option for home use. Our flexible 1x1 foot PVC flooring tiles, such as our StayLock Tiles, are also a great option, since they're both lightweight and easy to install.

What is the right thickness for an exercise mat?

This depends on the top of exercise you'll be doing. Generally ground stretches and yoga can get by with the thinnest exercise mats generally in the 3/8 inch to 1 inch range. On the other end of the spectrum is martial arts that include a lot of throws or falling. These exercise mats usually range from 1.25 inches to 2.5 inches of shock and impact absorbing foam.

Where do you get an exercise mat with your name on it?

Our folding mats can be custom-made to incorporate your logos and designs on the vinyl cover. It's a great way to incorporate your team, your branding, or your school's colors.

Where can I find cheap rubber exercise mats?

Greatmats offers a couple dozen forms of rubber exercise mats, starting at 98 cents per square foot.

Exercise Mat Surfaces

Gym mats are available with a variety of surface types. Different surface types are suitable for particular uses.

Our folding gym mats are available with heavy-duty vinyl shells like those found in schools and universities. The vinyl cover is smooth and partially non-absorbent. It can also handle athletic shoes.
Cheer mats are equipped with a carpet top which offers greater rebound and comfort.

Other exercise mats may have different surface textures, including thatch, smooth, orange peel or ribbed surfaces - many of which are non-slip.

Most of our thatch surfaced puzzle mats are scuff resistant against shoes and boots. These mats are also waterproof, stain resistant, and easy to clean.

We also offer roll out mats and traditional judo mats with a tatami textured vinyl surface. This surface is one of the most durable options and provides additional grip for grappling and other combat sports. It's also easy to disinfect.

For an option that is gentler on the skin, check into our no-burn tatami surfaced puzzle exercise mats. They provide excellent grip for barefoot exercises and will not burn your skin. This style exercise mat is very popular for combat sports such as wrestling or jiu jitsu. It also works for indoor play areas for kids who love to roughhouse.

Our leather textured EVA foam mats are designed for bare feet and a controlled slip. This allows athletes such as striking martial artists to execute spinning kicks without putting unnecessary strain on joints.

Foam Exercise Mats

Foam offers many benefits when used as a gym floor mat. Foam is highly comfortable, but it also provides excellent shock absorption, which can help to keep athletes comfortable during workouts. Because of these benefits, it's a preferred material for gym mats. Foam exercise mats are suitable for activities such as gymnastics, martial arts, cheerleading, wrestling, yoga, and floor exercises.

Greatmats' foam mats range from 3/8 inch to 2-1/2 inches thick, and they run the full gamut of gym cushioning needs. Thicker exercise mats tend to provide more cushioning for landings or falls. The thinner options help to save on storage space, but provide a bit less shock absorption. They're usually suitable for floor-based activities, and tend to be a more economical choice over the thicker mats.

When choosing a floor mat for your facility, remember that mats don't all have the same density or hardness. Some mats are designed to prioritize cushion or buoyancy, while others are designed to create a more stable space while still offering shock absorption. The type of foam used in the mat will affect the mat's properties, too. Closed-cell EVA foam mats are usually the most versatile option, and don't require a cover.
  • Closed-cell foam mats provide a waterproof and soft surface and are often firm enough to stand or balance on comfortably.
  • Open cell foam will disperse impact across a broader area making for softer landings. These foam mats are most often covered by a vinyl or denim surface to contain the softer foam material.

Most foam mats are lightweight and portable whether they fold, roll, or stack when uninstalled. They are also offered in a wide array of colors and are less expensive than most other forms of fitness mats.

For your personal fitness space, you can find an individual foam exercise mat that will meet virtually any need. Our 5x10 foot roll out mats are perfect for practicing martial arts or gymnastics skills that require some cushion without needing a great deal of space. The same goes for our folding gym mats. Both can stand alone or be connected with other similar mats if necessary.

Foam exercise mats:

  • Are highly comfortable and offer excellent shock absorption
  • Are a great fit for gymnastics, martial arts, wrestling, yoga, and floor exercises
  • Are lightweight and easily portable
  • Are more affordable than many other types of fitness mats

Interlocking Puzzle Mats

Interlocking puzzle mats are one of the most popular options for home use, thanks to their convenience, easy installation, and affordability. However, interlocking gym mats for exercise are also suitable for many commercial installations. You can install the mats in just minutes, and they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes so they're suitable for floors and areas of different sizes.

For island installations, most of our puzzle mats are sold with border strips to create a clean, finished edge. Some mats even have ramp border options which you can purchase separately. These ramped edges facilitate a smooth transition onto and off of the matted floor. Border strips attach easily along the puzzle style edging, and you can remove them just as easily as you can unzip a zipper.

Puzzle gym mats for exercise are available as smaller tiles that can be connected to create a larger floor, so the mats themselves are easy to transport and handle. They're ideal if you're looking for an easy DIY installation right in the comfort of your own home, and they're simple enough to install that kids can even participate. If a tile becomes damaged, you can replace that single tile, rather than having to replace a large section of flooring. And if you ever decide that you want to expand your floor in the future, expanding the mats is as simple as just adding on more tiles.

In most cases, puzzle mats are made of a closed cell EVA foam. This closed cell foam won't absorb moisture, and is durable enough to function without a cover. Some mats are even reversible, so you can get maximum use out of every mat.

Our small 2x2 foot puzzle style exercise mats are designed specifically for home use and are highly lightweight, coming in at just 1.2 pounds per tile. These gym mats for exercise easily fit in the back seat or trunk of a car, so transportation is easy. Virtually anyone can install these mats, since there's no adhesive required.

Our 1x1 meter interlocking mats are generally intended for professional exercise, fitness, aerobic and martial arts studios and can weigh as little as 1.9 pounds per tile. Also easy to transport and install, the larger puzzle exercise mats leave fewer seams in the final installation. With the interlocking design of the pebble top foam exercise mats, you can customize your exercise area to fit any desired size or space.

Interlocking puzzle mats:

  • Are easy to transport, handle, and install
  • Can function without a cover, and won't absorb moisture
  • Offer great versatility, since you can customize the floor to fit any desired size or space
  • Are practical, since you can replace a single worn or damaged tile, rather than replacing the entire floor

Personal Exercise Mats

If you need a portable personal mat (also known as yoga mats) for home or gym use, our foam exercise fitness mats provide easy-to-store and easy-to-transport options. Our personal fitness mats offer the best when it comes to space saving, as they are the thinnest and most flexible form of mat we offer.

Personal mats are as thin as 3/8-inch thick and can weigh as little as 1.25 pounds for a 1 2/3 by 4 1/3 foot mat. They are also available in larger and thicker versions. These mats are designed for floor exercises are not designed for high impact activities.

For thicker and more durable personal exercise options, consider home roll out mats or folding gym mats. All are at least 1.25 inches thick and offer greater cushion and versatility than thinner options.

Personal exercise mats:

  • Are both easy to store and easy to transport
  • Are available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, for everything from personal floor exercises to cheerleading practices

Folding Exercise Gym Mats

Folding gym mats are the most versatile and durable foam mat option intended for exercise and fitness. Though these mats for fitness are heavier and slightly bulkier than personal or puzzle-style foam mats, folding mats are also easy to install, remove, and store.

Folding mats for fitness are built to be durable. They have a cross-linked polyethylene foam core which is wrapped with a durable vinyl cover. The mats feature hook and loop closures on their sides, so you can connect multiple mats together to create larger surfaces. Mats for fitness with the closures on all four sides offer the most versatility in terms of designing a larger surface.

These mats generally fall in the 1.5 to 2.5-inch thickness range and start at about 18 pounds for a 1.5-inch thick 4x6 foot mat, and work their way up from there as size and thickness increases.
Folding mats are commonly used as a padded flooring surface for cheerleading, martial arts, gymnastics, and general exercises. They can be used lying flat, partially folded for multi-level exercises, or even upright as wall padding for wrestling rooms, martial arts studios, and other athletic spaces where athletes or flying objects may make contact with your wall.

Folding gym mats:

  • Are fast and easy to install or remove and store
  • Feature durable foam interiors for excellent shock absorption
  • Are often used for cheerleading, martial arts, gymnastics, and general exercises
  • Can be used when laid flat, partially folded up, or upright as wall padding

Roll Out Exercise Mats

Roll Out Mats, while still very portable, are easy to install and store, but they will take up the most storage space. These exercise mats start as thin as 1.25 inches and are offered up to 2 inches thick, 5-6 feet wide and a nearly endless supply of length options. The smallest option of a 5x10 foot mat weighs in at 22 pounds.

Like folding mats, this mat also features a cross-linked polyethylene foam core, but the vinyl cover is bonded to the top rather than fully surrounding the foam core. Roll out fitness mats are designed to be used on a hard, flat, finished surface. They help to soften hard floors such as concrete or hardwood gym floors, and can also be used over carpet. The polyethylene foam base does grip carpeting well, helping to reduce or eliminate slipping. Over smooth, hard surfaces, such as concrete, however, you may need to take additional measures to prevent smaller roll out mats from slipping.

Roll out exercise mats:

  • Are highly portable and are easy to install and store
  • Feature a durable foam core with a vinyl cover bonded only to the core's top
  • Help to soften hard surfaces, and grip the flooring to prevent slipping

High Impact Exercise Mats

High impact mats designed for use with activities such as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) provide increased shock absorption and safety for falls and other significant impacts.

If you are looking for economical, easy-to-install, wall-to-wall flooring for facilities such as MMA studios, our high-density ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) tiles with interlocking edges are the most popular. These workout mats lock tightly together and can fill any size studio with ease and precision.

These mats are available in thicknesses up to 1 5/8 inches and have critical fall height ratings of up to 4 feet. Some have even undergone testing in which eggs were dropped onto the mats from more than 65 feet - and the eggs did not break. In fact, they bounced!

Our 10 x 10 foot wrestling mats bring a high school or college quality wrestling environment to your very own home.

High impact exercise mats:

  • Offer exceptional shock absorption for falls and other impacts
  • Have critical fall height ratings of up to 4 feet
  • Are used for high-impact activities such as Mixed Martial Arts

Rubber Exercise Mats

Rubber mats are incredibly strong and dense, making them an ideal option if you need to protect your subfloor in weight rooms or underneath heavy gym equipment. These mats are a practical option for both home and commercial gyms. Heavier rubber mats can be laid directly on top of concrete. They provide an excellent buffer between your heavy equipment and the subfloor, and they also offer sound and thermal insulation, making for a more enjoyable gym environment.

For a more cushioned rubber flooring option, check out our plyometric rubber mats. These large mats come in rolls 4 feet by 10 feet in size and combine the durability of rubber with the anti-fatigue properties of foam. They are a great choice for areas where both equipment and aerobic activities will take place.

Other economical options for large exercise mats include rubber flooring rolls that can come in lengths of up to 100 feet and start at just $1.22 per square foot.

Our rubber flooring options come in black or black with white or color flecks. Most rubber workout mats carry a 5 to 10 year limited warranty and are made with recycled materials in the USA.

Rubber exercise mats:

  • Are strong and dense, suitable for both home and commercial gyms
  • Can protect your subfloor from heavy equipment and dropped weights
  • Provide sound and thermal insulation, making for a more enjoyable space
  • Offer excellent durability, even in high-traffic areas

Plastic Exercise Tiles

If you need a flooring option that can be used in carpeted areas or even in basements with moisture issues, be sure to consider plastic tiles. These pliable plastic tiles act similarly to rubber, but they're unaffected by water and can be laid directly on soft surfaces, like carpeted rooms. These tiles can be pulled up and removed in the future if needed, and are available in many color options. They're a great option for aerobics, but can also be used beneath gym equipment.

Plastic exercise tiles:

  • Act similar to rubber, but are completely waterproof
  • Connect together tightly and won't separate over soft surfaces, like carpeting
  • Are a great choice for aerobics, but are strong enough to use beneath exercise equipment

Commitment to Customers

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- Offer a price match guarantee. You'll never overpay for a product at Greatmats.
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With every purchase you make from Greatmats, you'll be doing good, too.

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