Where Do You Find Playground Foam Flooring?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: June, 2021 - Modified: January, 2024

Playground foam flooring offers surfaces that are strong but soft, easy on skin, and durable enough to endure lots of playtime, foot traffic, and equipment.

Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor playground foam flooring tile or foam padding serve as an underlayment for other playground flooring, Greatmats offers the best that money can buy. Among the many options, the following 6 products are among the most popular:

  1. Foam Pad 1.25 Inch 3.25x7.5 Ft
  2. Foam Pad 2.25 Inch 3.25x7.5 Ft
  3. Playground Turf Play Time with 2.25 Inch Pad per SF
  4. Play Time Playground Turf with 1.25 Inch Pad per SF
  5. Indoor Playground Flooring Tiles
  6. Foam Kids and Gym Mats 5/8 Premium

Any of these playground foam flooring options would offer a top notch experience that looks and performs extremely well. They will allow for kids to play safely for hours while limiting the likelihood of serious injury

Foam Pad 1.25 Inch 3.25x7.5 Ft
The Foam Pad 1.25 Inch 3.25x7.5 Ft product is one that helps to create a safe and resilient playground subsurface. When paired with Play Turf, it makes for a safe and cleaner area for kids to play on.

This superior product is made from 100 percent recycled, closed cell polyethylene foam that is post-industrial cross-linked. This padding is highly elastic and retains shock-absorbing features for years.

It offers improved durability and safety, and it is a Next Generation playground flooring subflooring product.

Foam Pad 2.25 Inch 3.25x7.5 Ft
It is also offered in the 2.25 Inch 3.25x7.5 Ft version. Offering all the same features as the 1.25 inch version, this one, with the extra inch thickness, boasts a 8 foot fall height rating!

Play Time Playground Turf with 2.25 Inch Pad per SF
The Playground Turf Play Time with 2.25 Inch Pad per SF is one of the best playground foam flooring products out there. It has the appearance and feel of a nice, plush lawn, but will keep children safe if they ever take a tumble.

This turf for playgrounds reacts naturally - allowing rainwater and moisture to flow through it, resulting in a consistent level of performance over time. It boasts a 9-foot fall height rating, and it is suitable for indoor or outdoor installations with its UV protection.

Play Time Playground Turf with 1.25 Inch Pad per SF
Play Time Playground Turf with 1.25 Inch Pad per SF is padded turf that has an attractive top layer and 1.25 inch foam base layer for a 5 foot fall height rating.

This Next Generation playground flooring product helps to create a resilient and safe playground, as well. It offers thatch - reducing the amount of infill needed for installation.

Indoor Playground Flooring TilesIndoor Playground Flooring Tiles are phenomenal for indoor parks and playgrounds. They are waterproof and made from EVA foam, offering softness, flexibility, and shock absorbing qualities.

This product features a no floor burn top texture and 4 foot fall height ASTM rating. It is non absorbent and easy to assemble without any adhesive. The tiles are reversible and removable for portability.

Constructed without latex or lead, this product delivers a strong level of safety where kids will be running, jumping, and possibly falling.

Although soft, they also provide firmness to ensure children will not sink too far into the tile and suffer a twisted or sprained ankle style injury. This product works best with bare feet or soft shoes.

Foam Premium Playground Tiles
Foam Kids and Gym Mats 5/8 Premium offer a cost saving option that still delivers! They quickly transform any space into a vibrant, safe, and cushioned one.

Each mat is ⅝ inch thick and offers thermal insulation, noise suppression, and waterproof qualities. They are also stain resistant and shock absorbing and interlock to connect like pieces of a puzzle do.

These mats are available in 15 different colors. They have a thatch surface texture and can easily endure constant use while resisting scuffing.

Facilities like the have had a lot of luck with this product.

The owner noted, “It’s a gym floor. We’ve had a lot of compliments. We love it, and all of our customers love it. They come in and take off their shoes and are, ‘Oh, this flooring is awesome. It’s soft on my feet.’ They don’t get sore feet like walking around on a cement floor.”

Greatmats - Where You Can Find The Best Playground Foam Flooring!

Playgrounds are home to memory-making playtime and hours of enjoyment for children, and they give a little break to parents who need respite from entertaining kids all day long. They really can offer hours of physical fun… until someone falls and gets hurt.

An essential aspect that minimizes the severity of potential injuries are adequate playground floors. For options that look inviting and provide safety and durability, Greatmats has the best. For fewer injuries, less liability, and more fun, choose a floor designed specifically with playground safety in mind.

Whether one of the options highlighted interests you, or, if you want to explore some of the other options available, rest assured, that when you select your playground flooring from Greatmats, you will be getting the best in quality and affordability, as well as service and dependability.