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Sterling Rubber Tiles are some of the best-quality tiles that you can buy. When you're investing your time, money, and energy into a project, you want to be able to do things right the first time, and you want a product that will last. Sterling tiles are highly durable, and most are backed by an unbeatable limited lifetime warranty. Offering surfaces from fall height-rated playground tiles to durable tiles for athletic installations, Sterling is a leader in the rubber flooring industry.

Benefits of Sterling Rubber Tiles

Whether you're looking for rooftop paver tiles or Sterling rubber playground flooring, Sterling rubber tiles offer some excellent benefits.
  1. Excellent durability: Rubber is highly durable, and Sterling products are backed by impressive warranties.
  2. Manageable size: Rubber tiles are conveniently sized for easy transportation and installation.
  3. Simple installation: These tiles are designed to be easy to install.
  4. Low-maintenance: Sterling tiles are low-maintenance, saving you both maintenance time and costs.
  5. Easy replacement: One of the major benefits of working with rubber tiles, as opposed to rolled rubber, is that if a tile becomes worn or damaged, you can replace just that one tile, rather than replacing your entire floor.
  6. Eco-friendly: Most rubber tiles are made with recycled materials, making them an eco-friendly choice. You'll find that many rubber tiles contribute toward LEED points for construction projects.

Sterling rubber tiles are available for a variety of applications. We've outlined some of the most popular Sterling rubber products below.

Athletic Tiles

There are countless benefits to going with rubber gym flooring. Rubber creates a comfortable surface but also provides valuable shock-absorption properties. Rubber gym flooring can help protect your subfloor from dropped weights and wear and tear, while creating an ideal athletic surface. Rubber athletic tiles provide excellent traction while also offering sound-muffling properties that help create an ideal workout environment.

Sterling athletic tiles are available in 1.25, 2, and 2.75-inch thicknesses, meaning that you can find a tile suitable for almost any athletic use. Generally speaking, the thicker the tile, the more protection it offers to your subfloor.

Sterling tiles offer superior sound reduction and shock insulation, which can make your gym or athletic facility more appealing to athletes. These highly durable tiles are easy to clean and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

These tiles feature interlocking edges for a secure fit and can be installed using a partial glue-down method. Once installed, they create an aesthetically pleasing, smooth surface that can help improve the safety and comfort of athletes.

Consider these rubber athletic tiles for:

  1. Cardio studios
  2. Free weight and dumbbell areas
  3. High-impact studios
  4. Personal training areas
  5. Machine areas
  6. Cross fitness training areas
  7. Spinning studios
  8. Locker rooms
  9. And more

Playground Rubber Pavers

Rubber is a preferred material for playground surfaces, both indoors and out. Since rubber offers excellent shock absorption, it makes for a more forgiving surface in the case of falls. At the same time, rubber is highly durable and can withstand the extreme temperatures and UV light that come with outdoor installations.

Rubber playground pavers or tiles offer many benefits over loose-fill and mat options. Rubber outdoor playground safety surfaces create a cohesive surface that doesn't get kicked up and carried away, like loose fill does. Additionally, the solid surface created by rubber tiles won't conceal broken glass or other harmful objects like loose fill can.

Sterling rubber playground tiles are an excellent choice for any playground. These tiles are available in varying thicknesses, including 3.25, 4.25, and 5-inch-thick tiles. Each of these tiles offers a fall height rating ranging from 4 to 10 feet, ensuring a safe surface for children.

When deciding which tile option is right for your playground, measure the height from the tallest piece of playground equipment to the ground, and purchase a tile that offers a fall height rating greater than that height.

All of the Sterling rubber playground tiles feature an interlocking design for a tight, secure installation that won't dislodge over time. These durable outdoor tiles are designed with a unique molding process that contributes to their excellent performance. The molding process compresses each tile from three different directions, giving the tile excellent shock absorption and fall protection properties.

If you're looking for a particular color, you're in luck - Sterling rubber playground tiles are available in many eye-catching colors that will look great in any setting. All of the tiles are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, and the tiles may contribute to LEED points.

Sterling also offers a variety of rubber playground ramps. Attached to the playground tiles, these ramps serve to make a smooth transition onto the playground surface. They add accessibility to any playground, as you can navigate a wheelchair, stroller, or walker right onto the playground.

Consider these playground pavers for:

  1. Playground outdoor areas
  2. Safety surfacing
  3. And more

Rooftop Patio Tiles

Rubber rooftop paver tiles offer excellent durability and a safe, comfortable surface to stand on. These tiles are highly resilient and can withstand the harsh temperature extremes and UV rays that accompany outdoor installation. They're low-maintenance and easy to clean, and they make an excellent addition to decks, patios, and rooftops.

The Sterling rooftop patio tiles are 2x2 foot square rubber tiles with interlocking edges. The interlocking edges make for a simpler installation, ensuring a tight fit and no separation between the tiles. Border and corner ramps are also available to make for a smooth transition onto the surface, adding wheelchair and stroller accessibility.

These rooftop paver tiles are made with high-quality manufacturing, ensuring a top-quality product that will perform for years to come. The tiles are available in black, terra cotta, green, blue, gray, and brown, giving you plenty of choices in the type of appearance that you want your living space to have.

If you're looking for more colors, then consider our Sterling Roof Top Tile in premium colors. These durable tiles are available in eight eye-catching color blend options. Made with 50% TPV color, these tiles have a beautiful finish and are suitable for both home and commercial installations.

When properly installed, rooftop patio tiles are the best option for use on a rubber roofing membrane. Additionally, these tiles are durable enough to withstand the weight of patio furniture, so they can transform that rubber membrane into a usable space.

Since these tiles are affordable and easy to install, they can help you improve the look and versatility of any space. Whether you want to revitalize an old patio or want to transform your rooftop into a livable space, rooftop paver tiles can increase the comfort of these areas. These tiles are particularly valuable when you have an unused flat rooftop and have otherwise limited space around your home since they create an enjoyable space for you, your family, and your friends to gather in.

Consider these rubber rooftop pavers for:

  1. Patio floors
  2. Rooftop flooring
  3. Golf courses
  4. Deck tile surfaces
  5. Outdoor rubber flooring
  6. And more

Ordering Your Rubber Pavers or Tiles for Playgrounds or Rooftops

As you explore the choices above, please feel free to give our flooring experts a call. We would be happy to provide you with product samples, give you detailed shipping information, and even help you find rubber tiles that are perfect for your project.