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Customer Reviews for: Foam Mats 5/8 Premium

Customer Rating:


Great mats for your toddler/infant to play on. Ships fast.


Jersey City, NJ

Customer Rating:


These are great in my playroom... I am thinking of ordering even more. My kids love taking them apart and using them to build with too. Thanks!


Bismarck, ND

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This was my second order of these mats in brown, to complement our dark wood floors. They are soft, easy to clean, and durable. After 2 years with my toddler, they are still in very good condition and now, with a new addition, we needed more mats for a baby area. These mats are perfect for the baby to scoot around on and provide enough cushion that she can safely roll onto her back/head. They fit together tightly enough that when water or other liquid spills, it doesn't seep through the seams as I would've expected it to. I just need to wipe the top dry and, no matter how many times I check, there is never liquid between the seams. Though they are more expensive than the ABC puzzle mats sold in stores, the fact that they are all one color seems to discourage my toddler from taking them apart and thinking they are a toy. They are left alone to protect my kids from bumps and bruises and my floors from my kids!


Westminster, CA

Customer Rating:


I am using GREATMATS in my second grade classroom! The cost was half that of a rug of equal size and the mats seem easier to keep clean. The 24 students have their own large space which helps with classroom management and learning. Thank you, GREATMATS!


Del Mar, CA

Customer Rating:


Great product - as expected!


Dunwoody, GA

Customer Rating:


I love GreatMats :D


Norfolk, VA

Customer Rating:


I'm really happy with the product. I bought them in 2007 when I was in the US and I'm so glad we found a way to get them in canada. Thank you to the team for helping me with the shipping of my order. Marie-France Dutil


Les Eboulements, QC

Customer Rating:


We purchased 22 mats to cover a tile floor for our 9 month old son. I love that these mats came with the corner pieces. The extra corners make for great toys, too! I am satisfied with the thickness even on hard tile, it's enough protection for falls. Cleaning spit up is really easy as well, I'm glad I went with these mats instead of a carpet! My son loves his new playroom!


Fairfax, VA

Customer Rating:


I use the 5/8 mats under my slot car tracks and train tracks, it really makes a smooth surface and it also quiets the sounds from the tracks. The floors also has the 5/8 mats in the walkways and where we stand to operate the tracks. The mats really makes a big drifference.


Beech Island, SC

Customer Rating:


If I had a dollar for every client who commented about how much they liked the new flooring, I'd have it paid for! Easy to clean, easy to put together, extremely comfortable and the free shipping was the much appreciated! After I had it together I decided I wanted to extend it further than I originally planned and when I re-ordered, it was here in 3 days! I'm very happy with my purchase! Thanks GREATMATS!


Sheboygan Falls, WI

Customer Rating:


This is the second set of mats I have purchased for my kitchen. The first are now under carpet as a pad. They are so comfortable to stand on, I can cook for hours.


Alexandria, VA

Customer Rating:


Everything on the website is accurate. Great product and company. Perfect basement flooring for kids and exercise.


Cranford, NJ

Customer Rating:


These Mats are great! I work in a group home and have put one down where one of our patients falls a Lot. This will help him to prevent severe injuries to himself. They do tear pretty easy so you have to be careful moving furniture around on them. All in All........Worth every penny for them.


Ithaca, NY

Customer Rating:


I am using these mats as the flooring for our pediatric physical therapy room. They are great. They clean easily and the children love them.


Goshen, NY

Customer Rating:


I ordered the 5/8 inch dense foam mat for a trade show. I ordered the mats just a couple of weeks prior to the show, had them shipped to the location and receive the mat in plenty of time. They where easy to put together, attractive, and comfortable to stand on for the long hours put in. I appreciate the follow up call to make sure the product was going to make it by our deadline. In gratitude.


Somerset, WI

Customer Rating:


Great product and website. Fast shipping. Would love to see a RYBG 4-pack in the 5/8 thickness. Fast shipping and easy to reorder.


Somerset, NJ

Customer Rating:


Great product, just wish dye colors of each mat were more similar. Some are dark blue and some are light blue. But its for a kids room so no worries.



Customer Rating:


The floor mats are perfect for our trade show needs. I can't say enough about Great Mats' customer service. Very helpful, professional people. They really helped us out in a pinch where some of our freight was lost for an important event. Thank you Great Mats! Dwan Shepard Co-Motion Cycles, Inc.


Eugene, OR

Customer Rating:


My wife and I purchased these mats for our new baby. She absolutely loves playing and them and we don't have to worry knowing she is on a nice soft yet firm surface. We're thinking about buying some more because our daughter is starting to crawl and the mats would be very helpful.


Westfield, IN

Customer Rating:


For the price, this type of mat is a very good buy. Lightweight but durable and easily assembled. The only caveat is the mat assemblage tends to slide a bit on my wood floors when I'm doing jump-type training. I'm using a 70 lb dumbell on one side of the mat assembly to minimize the sliding, although this is obviously not a perfect solution. But, on the whole, the mats are working fine for me and I would still buy them again.


El Paso, TX