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Customer Reviews for: Foam Floor Mats 5/8 Premium

Customer Rating:


I am sooooo happy I purchased these mats! They have made such a difference in my workouts! I am able to do floor work such as yoga, cardio, think Insanity, strength training like P90X......any type of exercise and my joints and lower back do not feel any pain! LOVE IT!



Customer Rating:


I ordered the mats for a kids' outdoor play space. They are working out PERFECTLY!!! They were so easy to install and fit the space like a glove. Now the kids have a clean, safe, durable area to run around and play. I love them!


Olathe, KS

Customer Rating:


Planning on buying more, SO EASY to put down. Only time will tell if they perform as advertised, but so far, so good. Others here mentioned they love the feel underfoot. Recently saw a similar product at Costco, but only 3/8" thick, made of rubber. Not impressed, though similarly priced, they only came in 12" x 12" tiles - twice the work!


Greensboro, NC

Customer Rating:


Great product. Pretty and works well for a play area for my 9-month old.


Brooklyn, NY

Customer Rating:


These were great to work with for our recent event - Diaper Derby. They were easy to assemble and clean up well. Made perfect race tracks for our little crawlers and walkers.


Braintree, MA

Customer Rating:


I am exceptionally happy with these mats. I purchased them for outdoor use, to cover portions of my concrete patio and form a soft flooring for under my 1 year old's playhouse. I installed these immediately before a major storm. When the clouds cleared, teh mats survived with no discoloration, or deterioration. My obese beagle has also been running and playing on these with no punctures. After much research I opted for these because the edges were included. I think the shipping costs were excessive, but other than than, fantastic. Would definately buy again. Very happy.


Elk Grove, CA

Customer Rating:


Great product. Great price. Easy to put together and dismantle. We're using it to create a 'reading corner' at events. Thanks! Liron


Springfield, MA

Customer Rating:


Was very satisfied with the asssitance that I received when ordering my mats over the phone and was surprised at the speedy delivery. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I have not been able to put them down and enjoy them as yet. Hopefully That will happen soon. Tom Rizza


Wallkilill, NY

Customer Rating:


I used these mats at a home show. In the past I only had the concrete floor under foot and was exhausted by the end of the show. These mats made all the difference in the world. Will be buying more for the next show when I have a larger booth.


Upton, MA

Customer Rating:


I love my mats. Wonderful colors. They are well made, really cushy on the feet, and are just what we hoped for.


Brooklyn, NY

Customer Rating:


These mats were great for my son's room. He is allergic to dust mites so is unable to have carpet in his bedroom. After installing hardwood floors, these mats were a great alternative to a rug. We chose 2 happy colors to complement his wallpaper border and he loves it!


Warrenton, VA

Customer Rating:


I put this in my new workout room. Very easy to install. It seems to be very sturdy. Great for floor work, sit ups...And the pricing is fair.


Vero Beach, FL

Customer Rating:


I am using the Dense Foam Mat in a home gym. It is just what I expected and works very well.


Harleysville, PA

Customer Rating:


They are attractice and comfortable, my dog likes them, and they do a nice job of protecting the floor.


Charlottesville, VA

Customer Rating:


Great - So easy to install - the kids did most of it. Makes a great basement floor (mold-free)! Color is beautiful. Thank you.


Shutesbury, MA

Customer Rating:


The mats worked out great! We did a consumer show in Chicago with the mats this year that was 5 days long and approx. 10 hours per day standing & speaking to customers the entire time. Last year when we did this show our bodies were exhausted and sore all over, so this year we invested in the foam mats and they worked out great. Our bodies did not hurt all over, the mats really took the shock out and made the job much easier. Also, we had thousands of people walking through our booths over the 5 days and the mats held up great, they were easy to put down and put away as well, they will surely last us for several years. It was a very worth while investment, worth every penny. The customer service was also great, we had a few samples sent to us of thickness and color which made everything very easy. Thank you again!


Winnebago, IL

Customer Rating:


This was bought specifically for our booth space floor at trade shows. After three days of standing on it, you appreciate the cushion it provides. Compared to some of the other products we see our competitors wrestling with at the shows, this one is so easy to put together and light as well - and inexpensive...


Marion, NY

Customer Rating:


Great mats for our now 6 month old son Nate's play area. Very safe, and firm enough for play, but soft enough to catch his falls without tears! We will probably order more as he becomes more mobile.


San Francisco, CA

Customer Rating:


We bought yellow and orange mats and arranged them in a checkerboard pattern in our living room, not only have they brightened up the room but we love them infinitely more then our old rug, the rough side even feels good on bare feet and because the mats don't shed like the rug (and don't collect dander particles) that we can breathe much easier. We did find some cons: the mats are not reversible(different textured sides) and the cats love to scratch these things as much as they scratched the carpet (but we put a stop to it). The cat scratching was the biggest disappointment really, they worked for years on the carpet but barely made a dent while a few days of scratching at the mats and we're just about ready to toss some panels (good thing we got extras). All in all, we'm very happy with the purchase. The mats are thick and cushy, easy to walk on, easy to fall on, easy to play on. Our son's toys with wheels never really worked on the rug... now he has tons of room to play. Wish we had bought them sooner.


Kew Gardens, NY

Customer Rating:


I can not believe the quality and performance of our new mat. The colors are as bright as they looked on the internet, and the thickness is perfect for children falling onto them. The mat is under a play gym and our grandchildren fall off the slide onto the mat without ever getting hurt. I can not give it a high enough rating. It has made our playroom safe and fun. I have already recommended it to our friends. I would love to send a photo, where do I send it ?


Wallingford, CT