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Customer Reviews for: Foam Floor Mats 5/8 Premium

Customer Rating:


We ordered almost 200 mats in 5 different colors for a 30x30 play floor for our church's childrens' group. Greatmats gave us a great price & service. Our entire order was delivered together and complete. The mats went together super quick (even with some edge cutting) in about 3 hours with 2 volunteers. There was some color difference with a few tiles but nothing really noticeable. The only improvement we needed (for liability concerns) was a sloped edge so the children wouldn't trip going from the concrete to the foam tiles. We ordered those from another supplier but if Greatmats had them, they would have had our whole order. Everyone, including the children, are very pleased with the foam tile floor!


Benson, AZ

Customer Rating:


The mats are great. I compared them to another mat company and although they sounded like similar items they just were not. The warranty is a sure sign of that. I use the mats everyday and they are great mats.


Rainier, WA

Customer Rating:


I'm using the 5/8" dense foam mats in the play space for my 11-moth old son. They look great, function great (as a comfortable place for the little one to crawl, play, and fall), and are really easy to clean. I highly recommend them


Brooklyn, NY

Customer Rating:


This product was both affordable and fun to install. It reminded me of doing a giant puzzle but without any guess work. Thanks to GreatMats, my workers are enjoying their day on their feet!


Ennis, TX

Customer Rating:


Great quality, great service. Just would like to see some type of calculator which would allow a person to enter room dimensions and then have the ability to compare different mats to those particular dimensions. This would give your customers the chance to save money as well as give them an idea of the amount of mats needed to correctly cover the area in question. I personally had to order twice and will have to order a third time just to get the results I want in only one room. I would personally also like to see more of a "softer surface" kid mats since the ones I purchased have a very rough diamond cut top. I almost installed them upside down however did not want to ruin any of the resistant features that the mat has. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED COMPANY


Carle Place, NY

Customer Rating:


Hi. Greatmats, Thank so much for your attention, I'm satisfied with the products, is easy to install and looks great. I always wanted to have a product like that for my playroom. Thanks again. I will keep greatmats as my favorite store.


Teaneck, NJ

Customer Rating:


The mats are awesome, the ladies i dealt with were wonderful and our 2 playrooms look great! If you have the desire, we would be willing to allow you to take and use pictures of either room for marketing purposes. They truly make the rooms unique. Troy Dusenbery


Wichita, KS

Customer Rating:


i receive the product as expected, installed by myself and check every week about performance. As far as i know, those mats looks, perform and stay great at their place (in a little amenity center for our condo), so i'm happy with your service and the quality of Great Mats


Miami, FL

Customer Rating:


This mat is working great in our store. Couple of suggestions: The small strips around the perimeter of the mat need a company suggested method of either interlocking tighter or gluing. You should recognize that a retail store is in an excellent position to refer business back to you and provide pop information. (We've had several inquiries and referrals to you. Out customers are your customers) Regards, Brian


Hood River, OR

Customer Rating:


I am sooooo happy I purchased these mats! They have made such a difference in my workouts! I am able to do floor work such as yoga, cardio, think Insanity, strength training like P90X......any type of exercise and my joints and lower back do not feel any pain! LOVE IT!



Customer Rating:


I ordered the mats for a kids' outdoor play space. They are working out PERFECTLY!!! They were so easy to install and fit the space like a glove. Now the kids have a clean, safe, durable area to run around and play. I love them!


Olathe, KS

Customer Rating:


Planning on buying more, SO EASY to put down. Only time will tell if they perform as advertised, but so far, so good. Others here mentioned they love the feel underfoot. Recently saw a similar product at Costco, but only 3/8" thick, made of rubber. Not impressed, though similarly priced, they only came in 12" x 12" tiles - twice the work!


Greensboro, NC

Customer Rating:


Great product. Pretty and works well for a play area for my 9-month old.


Brooklyn, NY

Customer Rating:


These were great to work with for our recent event - Diaper Derby. They were easy to assemble and clean up well. Made perfect race tracks for our little crawlers and walkers.


Braintree, MA

Customer Rating:


I am exceptionally happy with these mats. I purchased them for outdoor use, to cover portions of my concrete patio and form a soft flooring for under my 1 year old's playhouse. I installed these immediately before a major storm. When the clouds cleared, teh mats survived with no discoloration, or deterioration. My obese beagle has also been running and playing on these with no punctures. After much research I opted for these because the edges were included. I think the shipping costs were excessive, but other than than, fantastic. Would definately buy again. Very happy.


Elk Grove, CA

Customer Rating:


Great product. Great price. Easy to put together and dismantle. We're using it to create a 'reading corner' at events. Thanks! Liron


Springfield, MA

Customer Rating:


Was very satisfied with the asssitance that I received when ordering my mats over the phone and was surprised at the speedy delivery. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I have not been able to put them down and enjoy them as yet. Hopefully That will happen soon. Tom Rizza


Wallkilill, NY

Customer Rating:


I used these mats at a home show. In the past I only had the concrete floor under foot and was exhausted by the end of the show. These mats made all the difference in the world. Will be buying more for the next show when I have a larger booth.


Upton, MA

Customer Rating:


I love my mats. Wonderful colors. They are well made, really cushy on the feet, and are just what we hoped for.


Brooklyn, NY

Customer Rating:


These mats were great for my son's room. He is allergic to dust mites so is unable to have carpet in his bedroom. After installing hardwood floors, these mats were a great alternative to a rug. We chose 2 happy colors to complement his wallpaper border and he loves it!


Warrenton, VA