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Customer Reviews for: Foam Mats 5/8 Premium

Customer Rating:


Great product. Our little one has been playing on it since the day it arrived.


Chicago, IL

Customer Rating:


Great quality and price. Nicely engineered and fits together well. Customer service was very responsive to our request for a couple of color samples. Highly recommend!


Avondale Estates, GA

Customer Rating:


Good quality. Ideal for purpose intended. Will buy more


Iowa City, IA

Customer Rating:


They are perfect and I will be ordering more in the near future.


Haughton, LA

Customer Rating:


very easy to install.


Windsor, CT

Customer Rating:


Great product! Very easy to install and very easy to clean. I put it on my son's bedroom and he just love it!!


costa mesa, CA

Customer Rating:


Very happy with purchase, will purchase more


McCaysville, GA

Customer Rating:


1. Awesome phone customer service. Very helpful, and prevent me from overspending believe it or not. 2. The mats are super. We used it for a basement playroom, it is super soft for my 2 year old and looks great. I hired someone to lay them so that the pattern continued nicely but if you are at all handy you can do it yourself; I am not handy in the least bit. 3. Highly recommend the product and this retailer.

Joshua A


Customer Rating:


Outstanding product!!! I used it directly on top of cement for a kids play area. The floor now feels warm and soft. Great quality mats that are easy to install. (10x20 area installed in 20 min). I highly recommend it.


Gardena, CA

Customer Rating:


Product was delivered promptly and order was correct. Foam mats were easily installed and have worked out very well. We are very pleased with them and our grandchildren enjoy playing on them.


Hartland, MI

Customer Rating:


Converted an area in basement into a workout space within 30 minutes. Alternated tan with green the area looks great, it fulfilled my vision for the area. I was very impressed with shipping I think they arrived 2 days after I placed the order.


Meadville, PA

Customer Rating:


The 5/8" mats were perfect!!! and I was pleasantly surprised that they came with a border!! Before giving them to my twin granddaughters, my older grandchildren loved tearing them down and putting them together in different patterns, building with them, etc....yikes!!....but they took that abuse beautifully and stayed as good as new! An excellent product!!!

Marcelline Z

Aiken, SC

Customer Rating:


It was very good


Piscataway, NJ

Customer Rating:


My project involved covering a concrete floor in the basement. I investigated several options and decided on Great Mats after reviewing products and reviews on the website. I am completely satisfied. Ordering was easy, delivery was on-time, and the product has met my expectations completely. It is easy to install and maintain, and looks great as well. I will consider Great Mats for future flooring projects. Thanks.


Tampa, FL

Customer Rating:


The children love playing and jumping on it, and it makes a wonderful surface to set up their wooden train tracks.


Santa Rosa, CA

Customer Rating:


Great mats for your toddler/infant to play on. Ships fast.


Jersey City, NJ

Customer Rating:


These are great in my playroom... I am thinking of ordering even more. My kids love taking them apart and using them to build with too. Thanks!


Bismarck, ND

Customer Rating:


This was my second order of these mats in brown, to complement our dark wood floors. They are soft, easy to clean, and durable. After 2 years with my toddler, they are still in very good condition and now, with a new addition, we needed more mats for a baby area. These mats are perfect for the baby to scoot around on and provide enough cushion that she can safely roll onto her back/head. They fit together tightly enough that when water or other liquid spills, it doesn't seep through the seams as I would've expected it to. I just need to wipe the top dry and, no matter how many times I check, there is never liquid between the seams. Though they are more expensive than the ABC puzzle mats sold in stores, the fact that they are all one color seems to discourage my toddler from taking them apart and thinking they are a toy. They are left alone to protect my kids from bumps and bruises and my floors from my kids!


Westminster, CA

Customer Rating:


I am using GREATMATS in my second grade classroom! The cost was half that of a rug of equal size and the mats seem easier to keep clean. The 24 students have their own large space which helps with classroom management and learning. Thank you, GREATMATS!


Del Mar, CA

Customer Rating:


Great product - as expected!


Dunwoody, GA