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Customer Reviews for: Foam Mats 5/8 Premium

Customer Rating:


These foam mats are perfect. I used them at my dog training center and they look fabulous. From ordering to delivery to actually laying the tiles, it was all so simple. The 5/8 tiles are cushioned enough so the dogs can run and play and not get hurt! Everyone at Great Mats was so helpful that I was sure I bought the right flooring. I'd definitely buy from Great Mats again!


Pouthkeepsie, NY

Customer Rating:


placed in my excercise room on cement floors. Works wondeful for comfort.


Papillion, NE

Customer Rating:


These mats did a great job for us at the Home, Garden & Remodeling Show in Louisville, KY. They were easy to handle, install and break down. They also provided great cushion for the sales team that spent as many as twelve hours standing in the booth speaking with prospects. We will be able to reuse these mats for several shows which eliminates the need for handling bulky carpet or renting expensive carpet from the show decorator.

Thaddeus A

Jeffersonville, IN

Customer Rating:


Excellent product and excellent service


Brooklyn, NY

Customer Rating:


I use these mats I ordered for exercise on a concrete / linoleum floor. They work exactly as I need, exactly as expected. They were easy to piece together and look great.


Layton, UT

Customer Rating:


We purchased the lime green foam mats for a large trade show and it looked awesome! The color went with the lime green color of our logo and we got many compliments on it! The mat was easy to setup and take down. It was great on the feet when we had to stand on it for up to 12 hours. Great product!


Minneapolis, MN

Customer Rating:


These are good mats. Once together you can barely see the connections. I ordered them because I couldn't find the color I wanted in any store. They were shipped right away and I'm happy with the purchase.


Versailles, MO

Customer Rating:


After my family convinced me to turn an unused room into an exercise room, I was interested to find I could choose mats that complement my existing decor. Your prices were far better than the store also! The hunter green mats look great with the window treatments in the room! I don't mind having treadmills and weight sets in the living room (we use the family room as a living space so the room really was wasted space) nearly as much as I expected to when I thought I would have ugly black or red foam mats down.


Hayward, CA

Customer Rating:


Pros - Easy, fast, and even kind of fun to install. - Looks quite nice. - Comfortable to walk on. - Waterproof and modular. We used this flooring in the basement and had a flood several months after installation. We took up the tiles in the wet area. When everything was dry, we put them back again. You would never know anything had happened. Felt like geniuses for choosing this type of floor. Cons - There is some color variation (in tan color anyway; brown seemed more uniform). Dont expect it to look perfectly uniform, and there will be areas where the puzzle outline is visible. In our case (casual basement) its fine. Things to be aware of - Each tile comes with four straight edge pieces, one on each side. (The edging has a straight side and an interlocking puzzle side.) You use what you need for straight edges and discard the rest. Very easy. - If you want a wall to wall floor, there will be some cutting. Start from a corner to minimize this. The cutting is quite easy with a utility knife (for long straight edges) or scissors (for curves or small pieces). Measuring is a little tricky at first but you get the hang of it. Dont obsess with minor variations at the edge as you wont notice them after youre done. - If you dont need to go all the way to the walls, just start wherever you want and use the pre-fab edge pieces. No measuring, no cutting. - Dont expect to cut around complex shapes and have it fit perfectly. - In our case, we had a large area and had to work around some obstacles like a stairway. By the time we met around the other side, the alignment was somewhat off. If you have that situation, try doing one or two strips all the way around, to get the basic skeleton, and then build on that.


Newark, DE

Customer Rating:


Excellent service and product.


Meridian, ID

Customer Rating:


Great product. Easy to work with, lay out and box back up. Worked great - durable and easy to clean.


West Palm Beach, FL

Customer Rating:


we used them in the basement to exercise on- they worked great. We're very happy with them


windsor, CT

Customer Rating:


The mats were very easy to cut and fit together, and they have a nice texture on one side so that I won't slip on them when they get wet. They're on my bathroom floor. My one complaint is that their coloration is highly inconsistent. I ordered white, and ended up with a variety of shades from bright white to off-white, and no two are alike. This would not be such a problem if the tiles were alternated with another color, but as a solid white floor, the differences in shades is quite noticeable. Also, shipping seemed to take an unusually long time. But the price was right and overall I am happy with the results.


El Segundo, CA

Customer Rating:


I purchased these to put in the play yard I bought for my grandbaby. I LOVE them - think they look good - are a nice thickness and best of all - they do NOT emit an odor! Babies are so close to the ground and I didn't want something giving off a toxic smell! My ONLY complaint is that a couple of the colors when I put them together did not fit on the corners and I had to cut them to fit and a couple other ones that "fit" - did not actually fit well and there was a gap. Not sure why some fit perfectly and others don't when I'm sure they come from the same mold. I made them fit - but it's not a perfect fit. But other than that - we LOVE them! And I knew the thickness was good after a few minutes because my grand daughter who can sit up (sort of) but not crawl yet was first put in there - she fell backwards, clunked her head and didn't cry!!! I've seen other ones that are sold at the big box stores and they are paper thin - these are a substantial thickness and don't cost a whole lot more! Service was great - arrived quickly!


Amherst, OH

Customer Rating:


These work perfect for our basement playroom area. The kids love the different colors; they can rearrange them when they want to make a new "scene" for their imaginary play. They also shipped quickly. Thanks!


Madison, AL

Customer Rating:


The 5/8" mat system is great. Installed very easily, provide good sound and temperature insulation. A good value and shipping was fast and easy. Thanks.


Madison, WI

Customer Rating:


The mats are working out very well so far. Very easy installation. The final test is how well they will hold up with daily use. Thanks.


Greenland, NH

Customer Rating:


The 5/8 mats are great. I use them at my day camp for a game called Gaga. Before we bought the mats, our kids were getting rug burns all the time. Now, they play injury-free. An added bonus is the mats protected the carpet. There was no wear and tear on the carpet after three days of heavy use.


Naples, FL

Customer Rating:


I bought those form mats for my granddaughter to use in her play room, which has hardwood floor. These mats were very easy to put together. I really like what I got.


Naperville, IL

Customer Rating:


We purchased the foam mats for a playroom for our kids. We designed a pattern ourselves utilizing MS Excel to layout the design to help us determine how many of each color to order for the size of the room. The set up was super easy and it was nice that each square had all the borders that easily popped off when not an edge piece (other places we looked you would have to pay extra for the borders). Each piece also fit nicely together. The 5/8 thickness we wanted for the kids and they had a good variety of colors to choose from in this size. You can definitely feel the difference on your feet as well as on your knees when crawling around the floor. Shipping was also fast and customer service was great. I had looked at various sites for floor mats and Greatmats had one of the best prices and S&H and variety to choose from. We've had friends over that have kids and all have said how nice the floor mats are for the playroom. We would definitely recommend Greatmats to anyone considering doing a playroom floor ... great product and customer service.


Bethel, CT