Customer Reviews for: Wood Grain Foam Tiles Reversible

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Great product, I received it literally 3 days after ordering!! I love quality products, with great customer service, and speedy delivery! Thanks :)

Edana F Lefeuvre

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excellent product!! covered 450 sq ft in less than 2hrs. lifesaver for a basement floor. Highly recommend this product. woodgrain foam tiles

Richard Watson

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We liked the product so much we have decided to order more and continue the floor project to cover more of the basement . It is very comfortable under foot- especially when barefoot!!!! The simulated wood grain is a welcome change to the gray concrete floof. Thank you for this product.


Alexandria, VA

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Quick shipping, tough bright colored product, friendly personal service and fair prices.

Bill Schaffer

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The mat that we bought looked great


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I have just installed the first 14 pieces of this product in a laundry room. When using the wood grain product and have to cut around things like a potty, matching the pattern can lead to some "fussy" cutting and filling of smaller pieces. It looks good and is very comfortable under foot. Looks a lot better than the gray concrete floor. I will be getting more.

Luther Stephens

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I found these great mats online, spoke to a great customer service rep and purchased quickly. Free shippibg had them delivered in two days and the special they were running saved me 40%. So far so good....


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This product is amazing (wood Grain reversible foam floor). It was incredibly easy to install and I was able to do it quickly. I ordered this product for my basement as it is at risk of getting water on occasion. When the water issue finally did arise (due to a burned out sump pump) I was easily able to lift the mats, wipe them clean and reinstall. I also have a floor that isn't perfectly level and has minor imperfections. This floor floats over the top of those areas seamlessly. We are still in the process of finishing construction and the floor has held up great with us dragging materials (doors, trim, etc.) in and out of the basement. I recommend this floor to everyone. Its worth every penny. The dark color is what is installed in my basement.


seneca, SD

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Tyler S

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I was looking for a carpeted but soft mat to go in my bathroom and the customer service rep steered me in the right direction. I love how it feels and looks and it is very easy to clean unlike permanent flooring. Thanks!


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The simulated wood foam floor tiles were delivered very quickly - unbelievably so, and the floor looks nice and is very comfortable to walk on. Well have to wait and see how well they hold up under fairly heavy kitchen traffic, but as of now we like it and the company was a breeze to work with.

Jim DeSantis

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The floors I ordered look very nice and they blend in well with the floors in the main floor even though its installed in my basement. Easy to lay down and easy to fit. I ended up ordering two more boxes.

Mustang Beam

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Wasnt what I expected. I was expecting a more firmer mat, but they are just like the toy mats that daycares have in their facilities for their children to play on.

Alfred Wilson

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The product was delivered as advertised and was very easy to install. I am very pleased with the look of the flooring and am looking forward to seeing how it holds up to seasonal changes.


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We ordered the thicker 5/8in mats to cover our childrens bedroom. It is made of excellent quality and very comfortable. Very happy with the results after installation.

Steve Chow

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Five Star Product AND Service


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Bought this for a play room for my daughter. Very easy to install and good looking too.

James Medley

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Mats were easy to install in my kitchen.Suitable woodgrain and comfortable under my feet.No mess,no clean up,I did not have to hire someone to do it.No extra material cost, no waiting to dry.Over all it was the perfect choice for me.I love the wood grain.Looks like real floor and I do not have to worry about slip and fall as in the tile,where people hurt themselves so badly after a fall.Easy to maintain with a dust buster ,and or broom and a dust pan,just wipe with a damp cloth or wet wipe.I would recommend wood grain to any one.

Parbattie Bernard

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Be sure to read the return policy COMPLETELY. I purchased the mats and was sure that I had the perfect solution for my wife, who suffers from ALS. A by product of the disease is falling. Most falls occur in the bathroom, so I ordered enough to put the mats in each bathroom. My wife found the surface to slippery. I asked for a return having read the first paragraph of the return policy. Was disappointed that I could not return. I laid only six squares on the floor.


Corpus Christi, TX

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These mats are sturdy and functional as well as nice to look at.