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Greatmats is Open and Operational to Serve You


Customer Reviews for: Home BJJ Mats 1.5 Inch

Customer Rating:


These mats are perfect for my 5 year old grandson. He can do his judo ukemi and tumbling in his basement ''dojo''.


Broomfield, CO

Customer Rating:


Probably the EASIEST online transaction I have made. High Quality products and top notch service.


Customer Rating:


The mats are great! Helped us cover our unfinished basement floor so we can put up a Ninja Warrior course. Easy to cut to fit around structural poles. Great customer service too.

John Martin

Customer Rating:


Great mats! Great Service! I?ll be buying more!

Joe Bellone

Customer Rating:


Easy ordering. Fast shipping. Reasonable prices. Great product. I recommend you to many others.

Shadow Valley

Customer Rating:


For this re-order of mats purchased two years ago, the process was simple. Although on back-order, a phone call was all it took for an accurate ship-date. Friendly, courteous, thorough.


Customer Rating:


Items just as described, and when some arrived damaged due to shipping, company quickly replaced the damaged items. Good quality mats, very satisfied.


Customer Rating:


The mats are fantastic, great for BJJ sparring. I only wish I had more room so that I could further enlarge my mat area.


Chicago, IL

Customer Rating:


Consistently a great quality product at a reasonable price!

Moriah C

La Crosse, WI

Customer Rating:


The mats are outstanding! Great experience all around.

Joe Bellone

Customer Rating:


I bought 3 boxes for my basement climbing wall and they work awesome. So I bought 3 more boxes now I have a climbing wall / grappling gym and if my basement where to flood they are easily moveble.


Customer Rating:


Five Stars!


Nashville, TN

Customer Rating:


I purchased the home BJJ mats. They feel fantastic under my feet, yet firm enough as well. And they dont stink, at all. I loved getting a sample that takes 100% of the risk away, you know exactly what you are getting. The mats were delivered as ordered, I had a nice chance to indulge my inner child with various color patterns, and I love the end result every time I walk by. Thanks so much to GREAT mats!


Customer Rating:


al good,every order

glenn stofft

Customer Rating:


Easy to purchase. Price was perfect. No issue

Ryan Kent

Customer Rating:


I just received the mats by Fed-X Ground & was very excited to assemble the mats in the front room. I purchased 25 mats (2 sq.ft. home mat / 1 5/8? thick) & the mats are perfect!! Gives about 100 sq.ft. to practice on. Been using them for practice at home with my boys. Would recommend these mats for any one looking for mats for home..

Adam Thomas

Customer Rating:


We called less than an hour after placing mat order to cancel. The cancellation was processed, so we were told. Days later the mats were discovered having been delivered.

Stuart Jolly

Customer Rating:


Quality product exactly as described received orders in 2 days choosing cheapest shipping.


Customer Rating:


Greatmats had great customer service! They helped us pick the right mat for our application and then suggested we switch to the same product that was cut to a smaller square to help us save on overall and shipping costs. Hopefully the toddler wont be doing MMA in the indoor play zone for a while, but when she does, we have the mats for that!

Lee Schergersologuk

Customer Rating:


Insanely fast delivery and the MMA tiles were very nice and holding up great for my son!

Ben DuFour