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Greatmats is Open and Operational to Serve You


Customer Reviews for: Home BJJ Mats 1.5 Inch

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Great Mats helped me sellect the best mat for my purposes. They even had it on hand so I could pick it up on the last day before Christmas. Unsolicited, my grandsons told me it was their best Christmas present ever!

Grandpa John

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Received mats 2 days after ordering! Quality product, me and my son roll and drill bjj on them at home. Thanks


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Mat is harder than I thought it was going to be..


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Shipping was truly fast, especially factoring in our rural location. The judo mat is doing great under the climbing structure.


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I had a few damaged boxes from the shipment, but only a couple very minor spots of damage to the mats; not enough to worry about. Mats appear to be very high quality. The company called me about the order because of an address issues, and it seems they would be very responsive if you had an issue.


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What a great start with a new customer. Looking forward to things to come! Thank you!


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So nice for our home gym. Look great and very professional looking

kenneth dimarco

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Great Experience with these folks several times now!

Joe Bellone

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I bought 80 2x2 gray mats. Unfortunately, 20 of the 80 were a different shade of gray. Would been nice for all of them to be the same.


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I purchased 40 Home MMA BJJ Grappling Mats in Red/Blue size 1 5/8" that protects against falls up to 4 feet for my Licensed Home Childcare to surround the area of my indoor loft to protect against falls from a 3 1/2 foot platform. I was very pleased with the attention and patience I received from Beth at Greatmats. My order was placed on a Friday, shipped the following Monday and was received in Texas the following Thursday. My order was complete and the mats are great! Although we have not had any falls yet, myself and the parents are happy with the added protection. The mats are very nice and shipped ten to a box. The boxes were quite heavy and shipping was a price shocker, but I am very pleased with the product. I did place a large thin rug over the mats to protect them from indentions/damage and we do not wear shoes on them either. I look forward to years of protection from these high quality mats!


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I would recommend these mats to anyone. They were easy to install and its great for all martial arts to train on.


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Broadway Community Yonkers

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Super Impressed and happy: I purchased the MMA BJJ 1-5/8 Inch Mats. They arrived on time and exceeded my expectations. They are absolutely great. I use them daily for all kinds of workouts including bag work, BJJ, calisthenics, and weight training. I purchased them because I live over my landlord and didn't want to disturb him while working out. Since putting down the mats, which were super easy to install, I have not had any complaints. The mats are very thick and soft with firmness that makes them very useful and versatile. I use them with minimal if any sliding, the individual mats remain firmly intact, but I do experience a minimal amount of sliding, which I attribute to the fact that my greatmats cover a fairly small area, and I have not installed them wall to wall. I plan to buy more mats when I move to a bigger room. These mats are the best!! High Heel Warning: This has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE QUALITY OF THESE MATS. This is more of a cautionary tale. Make sure you do not allow anyone wearing High Heels, the pointy ones, on your Mats. My girlfriend and her best friend decided to take over my exercise room while preparing for a night out on the town. They decided to wear their high heels with the pointy heels. Well, the heels left small indentations in the mats, one of which went half threw the mate. Obviously, these mates were not designed to have small pointy objects on top of them or stuck into them. I was livid. Thankfully the mats are reversible. The other side shows no sign of damage. It's not the color scheme I wanted, but the mats look great and work great.


New York, NY

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Excellent mats for BJJ! Will be ordering more!


Mobile, AL

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These mats are perfect for my 5 year old grandson. He can do his judo ukemi and tumbling in his basement ''dojo''.


Broomfield, CO

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Probably the EASIEST online transaction I have made. High Quality products and top notch service.


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The mats are great! Helped us cover our unfinished basement floor so we can put up a Ninja Warrior course. Easy to cut to fit around structural poles. Great customer service too.

John Martin

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Great mats! Great Service! I?ll be buying more!

Joe Bellone

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Easy ordering. Fast shipping. Reasonable prices. Great product. I recommend you to many others.

Shadow Valley

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For this re-order of mats purchased two years ago, the process was simple. Although on back-order, a phone call was all it took for an accurate ship-date. Friendly, courteous, thorough.