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Customer Reviews for: Home BJJ Mats 1.5 Inch

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Definitely not durable enough for dogs. I’m a BJJ enthusiast and I have a young son not old enough to roll yet. I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone by getting BJJ mats for his play area (middle of my living room) until he’s old enough to start training. Admittedly, these would be great for that, but I also have two dogs (60lbs each) that are always going from sleeping on the couch to a full dash to the front door. I had these mats down for only a few hours before they started to look a little shredded. Hopefully, they will hold up better once my dogs’ nails are groomed. The damaged caused by my dogs seems to only be superficial. The only real issue will probably be trying to properly sanitize them with little gouges everywhere. I was expecting the tatami surface to be more durable. However, despite my unintended use of these mats, they seem great for BJJ. I’ve only done some warming up on them so far. They are heavy and firm, but still have adequate give for break falls and general rolling. Footing is excellent with bare feet and the puzzle piece tabs secure very well. These won’t be coming apart unintentionally. I’m also happy that every tile came with two borders, including a corner. So, setup was quick and easy, and would only be limited by your imagination.


San Diego, CA

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I love my mats. There designed great and comfortable. once there broken in, they feel even better.


San Antonio, TX

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The mats are great. they are rugged, fit together and come apart easily, and clean easily. a little bit on the pricey side but they seem to last forever so, i think it's worth it.


Olney, MD

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Great product. Recommend for rolling


Hawthorne, CA

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We absolutely love our mats! It did not take long at all and it was fun for my kids and I to put it all together. We have enjoyed training jiu jitsu on them almost daily. The mats feel very comfortable yet durable!


Gilbert, AZ

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I gotta say these @greatmats are amazing! Not only for training, home workouts but for kids play mats as well. I highly recommend them.


Schwenksville, PA

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Thankful for the backup mat supply from our MMA cage set up. Ordered enough to replace any that may have acquired damage over time, and it worked out to become our home set up.


Cypress, TX

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I got a 25 pads for a 10’x10’ area in my 10’ 7” x 10’ 7” room in my house on laminate flooring. Easy to install. Great quality.


Washington State

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I had ordered a few panels of the black and grey about a month ago and was happy with the density. I then ordered around 60 panels. I was very surprised when I received the red and blue panels and the foam density was different from the black and gray panels I had received. Beware that the different colors may have different densities.


Centerville, UT

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excellent product couldn't be happier. will be ordering more mats in the near future to complete home dojo


Huntingtown, MD

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Very satisfied with my @greatmats purchase! These feel great for a fraction of the price


Elyria OH

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Stockton, CA

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Very satisfied.


Wentzville, MO

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They have a good thickness, easy to install, great for grappling. I use them most for BJJ. I highly recommend that you pick these up!



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Had these mats for 6 years now and I still love them. Worth the price. Great for keeping those sprawls, shrimps, and penetration steps sharp.


Alexandria, VA

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Five star product!


New York, NY

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These mats are great, I've had them for 4 months now. I train bjj at home 1-2 times a week. I started out with a 10x10 setup and expanded to 14x14. The flexibility to increase/decrease the size is very nice compared to home mats that have a fixed size. Very good value for the price.


Kansas City, MO

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We are very happy with the quality of the mats. They are a perfect heaviness to make them stay in place and not slide while rolling on the mats. They are also very cushy for take-downs. The only small complaint is that they do feel a little bit slippery, they could use a slightly better grip. Not enough for me to take a star away though.


San Jacinto, CA

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Great to work with answered all my questions and I looked around could not beat their price anywhere!!


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Amazing mats and great value. I ordered the 2ftx2ft 1.5in thick martial arts/BJJ mats. love the quality and the look for my home dojo. Ordering was easy and they came early. Only thing you should know is that put together they come up a little short of full 2ft. for each mat. 7 mats was not 14 feet, but more like 13ft. 9.5 inches. Not a big deal, but if you are planning your space you should know. Shipping is a little pricey, but considering the size it was expected.