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Customer Reviews for: Home MMA BJJ Mats 1.5 Inch

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I purchased the Home MMA BJJ Mats 1.5 Inch a few months ago. I'm very impressed with these mats! They are solid and firmly built! I bought 25 mats which covers a 10 ft x 10 ft area. What i truly like about the mats is how compact they can be. I can take them apart in minutes and stacked them up without taking up much space. I originally owned a wrestling mat that I had to roll up and store along side of garage which took up a lot of area. The mats are great and so is the staff! Every time I have questions or need a quote Beth is there to help me out! Thank You GreatMats!


Stockton, CA

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Excellence mats. I?m very happy


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Mats arrived on time and in excellent condition; fit together perfectly

J David

San Jose, CA

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Great quality 1.5'' mats. Extremely comfortable on bare feet. Using these for general MMA training and love them.


Antioch, TN

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Works great, easy installation, kids love them.


Danville, IN

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Great quality product I purchased. I am sure not only the ones I’m using for TKD, but there entire line is just as good. Thank you for a great product. My entire experience has been one of a kind! Thank you.


Land o lakes, FL

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Super Impressed and happy: I purchased the MMA BJJ 1-5/8 Inch Mats. They arrived on time and exceeded my expectations. They are absolutely great. I use them daily for all kinds of workouts including bag work, BJJ, calisthenics, and weight training. I purchased them because I live over my landlord and didn't want to disturb him while working out. Since putting down the mats, which were super easy to install, I have not had any complaints. The mats are very thick and soft with firmness that makes them very useful and versatile. I use them with minimal if any sliding, the individual mats remain firmly intact, but I do experience a minimal amount of sliding, which I attribute to the fact that my greatmats cover a fairly small area, and I have not installed them wall to wall. I plan to buy more mats when I move to a bigger room. These mats are the best!! High Heel Warning: This has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE QUALITY OF THESE MATS. This is more of a cautionary tale. Make sure you do not allow anyone wearing High Heels, the pointy ones, on your Mats. My girlfriend and her best friend decided to take over my exercise room while preparing for a night out on the town. They decided to wear their high heels with the pointy heels. Well, the heels left small indentations in the mats, one of which went half threw the mate. Obviously, these mates were not designed to have small pointy objects on top of them or stuck into them. I was livid. Thankfully the mats are reversible. The other side shows no sign of damage. It's not the color scheme I wanted, but the mats look great and work great.


New York, NY

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Excellent mats for BJJ! Will be ordering more!


Mobile, AL

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These mats are perfect for my 5 year old grandson. He can do his judo ukemi and tumbling in his basement ''dojo''.


Broomfield, CO

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The mats are fantastic, great for BJJ sparring. I only wish I had more room so that I could further enlarge my mat area.


Chicago, IL

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Consistently a great quality product at a reasonable price!

Moriah C

La Crosse, WI

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Five Stars!


Nashville, TN

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huntsville, UT

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It is the best, made an unsafe situation safe, lowering the potential danger and injury from a fall.



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I really like the MMA BJJ Mats because I feel good practicing my MMA stuff in the mats.


Huntington Park, CA

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Soft and firm at the same time! Perfect


Ashland , WI

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Good quality mats. I use them for indoor play area flooring with tall childrens play structure. Very satisfied.



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My wife and I started taking jujitsu recently and decided on purchasing mats to do drills at home. On top of having a toddler, we basically knocked out two birds with one stone. The mats act as training area and safe area for our baby to walk around on. We ordered the 1 5/8'' Home MMA BJJ mats, black and grey. Delivery time was acceptable and once unboxed, the mats were easy to assemble and adjust. One issue was that one mat was damaged. There was a big snag in it, most likely a factory issue. I contacted Greatmats, and Joanne was able to replace the damaged mat without any issues. Great customer service. We will definitely be ordering from Greatmats again in the future.


Brooklyn, NY

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Excellent quality, fast shipping, and great price.


Royal Oak, MI

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I took these mats to an orphanage in Viet Nam. Several of us checked them as baggage on an international flight. They were exactly what was needed-strong, colorful and easy to wash.


Austin, TX