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Customer Reviews for: Home MMA BJJ Mats 1.5 Inch

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Use these for a living room home bjj/gymnastics/''don't be lazy'' gym. These are very good, and stay good, for rolling and even some falling (better than judo mats, better than the mats I usually use at my bjj club, I'm tall and heavy so I got these mats partly to practice stand up game). From my years of martial arts experience, they are exceptional in not getting your toes tangled up. They are as easy to clean as you could expect (there is texture). There is a slight factory smell of them at first but it goes away in a day or two, not enough to bother my sensitive nosed friends. Only issues so far: I have managed to damage them by dropping kettlebells on them, so I don't recommend them as metal weights supports but that's not what they are intended for anyway so I'm not too bothered.


Englewood, OH

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This mat is beyond expectations. Firm enough for take-downs and perfect texture to roll (without sliding). Only regret is that I don't have more space to expand. 8X8 is more than enough room to train with a partner. The mat also doesn't move at all when training.


Brooklyn, NY

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The mats are great. I have a small apartment space and set these up in the corner of my living room. I get to train with my wife and my toddler gets a fun area to practice his ukemi. They also are really easy to put together and take apart so when people are coming over or my wife is sick of seeing them I just stuff them under the bed.


Sacramento, CA

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I love them ..except I wish it had the ramp down edges..Our babies have a pretty thick drop.


Blue Springs, MO

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Mats are perfect, exactly what we needed!!!


Gilbert, AZ

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Exactly what we were looking for and perfect for in-home use. It was also easy to put together.


Eastlake, OH

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Great mats, love them for our use.


Pleasant Hill, MO

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My husband loves these mats! I got him 12 tiles for Christmas to set up his own workout space in his half of the garage. Ever since we moved he has not had any space of his own or place to train MMA, and he was missing this so much. Needless to say, he was thrilled on Christmas morning and says that the mats work great for his needs. The garage may not be the prettiest place, but it gets the job done!


Franklin, TN

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Great mat, easy assembly, high quality materials! Recommended!


Great Neck, NY

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When I ordered them I had no idea that they'd be this nice. I recommend 110%!


New Britain, CT

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Super happy with the mats. Was looking for something that we could workout on and also the boys to wrestle on. These mats are firm, but yet shift enough to roll on. Great price and great mats.


Village of lakewood, IL

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The thickness and padding is perfect for TKD. Poomsae does not hurt my feet or knees. Very stable for kicking practice and padding level works well for throws and take downs. No smell and easy to assemble.


Green Brook, NJ

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I love these mats! Easy to install, easy to roll on, and easy to clean. When I expand my home gym I'll be going back to GreatMats and buying some more!


Waco, TX

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I recently purchased the 1 5/8'' BJJ mats, and I love them. My family has been using the mats for exercise, and I am working on a mounting system for my punching bag. I love the density of the mats, and the installation was very simple. Great purchase!! Thank you!


Excelsior, MN

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Paradise, CA

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These mats are perfect for me. I'm using the mats, at home, mainly for yoga and bodyweight workouts. I use them occasionally for bjj as well. These are great for multi-purpose usage. The surface is smooth but not slick. Textured. I have had no problems with mat burn. The pieces fit together perfectly.


Johnson City, TN

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I purchased this product because of its impact rating. I needed durable and also padding if anyone falls. It installed very easily and all the cuts we had to made were easy to do as well. Highly recommend the product.


Tigard, OR

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Great product and customer service!



Customer Rating:


This product is just as advertised, of the same standard and quality that you will find in a professional gym or martial arts facilities practicing Mix Martial Arts (MMA). Greatmats service and professionalism made the project of my home gym a professional one.


Manassas, VA

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We were looking for something to provide for a fall zone for a play structure we are using in our gym for our Preschoolers. It needed to be portable as we occasionally have to move or tear down the structure. It also had to meet the safety requirements for a four foot fall rating and be colorful and attractive. The mats arrived within a few days of placing the order and we are thrilled with how they met all of our requirements.


Indianapolis, IN