Customer Reviews for: Patio Outdoor Tile

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Still installing our delivery but very happy with the quality. They are Great!

Jo Ann Polimeni

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Overall, a very good experience.

Watershed Holdings

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My school just purchased patio tiles to place in our outdoor gaga ball pits. The tiles were easy to work with and easy to trim when needed. I would recommend this product for anyone interested. I spoke with Ryan Noll several times and he was fantastic to work with.


Bettendorf, IA

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a high quality product, very easy to use and install. While it has been there for just a couple of weeks, looks like it's going to be a durable product as well.


Katy, TX

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I bought patio outdoor tile to use on my moist basement floor to allow some cushion and dry surface when I worked there. I was able to discuss some questions with the rep on the phone and was provided a quote . The online ordering was not clear to me but she really made it possible to go ahead with the order. I received it in 2 days. The product is just perfect, easy to install for a novice and looks attractive too. It was on sale at the time and I think I got a very good durable product at great value.


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The offered products are with a real great quality and very easy to use. Delivery service was also prompt and very quick ... the only disappointment is cost of shipment was was about 50% of the total product price. Hope Greatmatscan do something to improve this drawback.

Ahmed Afify

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I live in a Florida community that does not allow fenced yards. Because of snakes, I trained her to go on the sealed, painted patio. It's an ideal setup except that her nickname was Princess Yellow Foot! I went on line and found this product which is a perfect solution to an annoying problem. Her legs stay dry. It's easy to install & hose off. Customer service was great. FIVE STARS!!!


titusville, FL

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I ordered deck mats and ran short. i was bailed out quickly. Thanks again

julie rice

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I just finished my patio remodel. I love the results. I love the product. I love the service. I love the cost. I had three difference sizes of patio slabs. I did not like the look. I bought your outdoor tile. It was easy to do and the results are fantastic. Thank you for selling such a wonderful product.


Mckeesport, PA

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Very easy to work with. Went down with very little work. Finished project looks great. If there is 1 drawback it has to do with the thickness. When I put my patio furniture back on the deck, I noticed that the post legs on my chairs and table were making deep indentations in the tiles. I could see in time that this would cause a hole. The solution was to get furniture discs for all the chair and table legs and attach them to the bottom. This way they can easily slide without tearing into the material.


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Excellent. Product was easy to install and now the risk of customers falling has been reduced by the great mats product.



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great product, great price, but the shipping cost stings a bit.


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We have stamped concrete around our pool and we looked around for lots of ways to make it less slippery but they all seemed out of our price range. We took a chance and tried getting the pool tiles and so far they have worked out great. They were easy to put together (and take apart when I realized I had not lined them all up the same direction :)). We didnt do our entire backyard just lined around our pool. The kids tested it out last weekend and it worked great. I was hesitant to purchase these, since you cant return them, and the shipping was expensive, but they really do work well. I would recommend them as a solution to anyone looking to make the area around the pool less slippery.

Rachel (LA, CA)

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I ordered the incorrect number of tiles and needed less than the minimum order. They took my order anyway and shipped them promptly as they had the original order.

Stewart Lavigne

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Love the patio tiles. Easy installation, product exactly as described. Great value!


Parrottsville, TN

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Great mats. Nice quality. Sturdy.

Jan Renner

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I am very pleased with the product. There were a few bent edges that made a few tiles hard to put together but nothing mayor. The main issue for me with this purchase was the shipping cost. I understand that this is heavy material, but seeing that it was going to cost me something like 50% more for shipping, made me hesitate a lot. As a matter of fact I was thinking on getting a few more tiles but instead I'm waiting to see if I may need something else before making my purchase.


Hillsboro, OR

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I ordered 450 patio tiles from Greatmats..a great price I thought...shipping was a little steep, but still a good price I thought....they charged my card the minute the order was a confirmation email, directions to call the freight company and an ETD.of 12/5, I called the freight co when no delivery was made. Monday 12/8 i waited til delivery. .called..expect by delivery...Ill be interested to see if I get my product...

Opal Ridge Grooming

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This produck worked out really great and was a snap to install (get the pun) ? My deck was 15' by four feet and it took me around three hours to install. It solved my problem of water puddles on the deck which the dogs got into and then tracked in. Now the puddle is under the decking but I can still use a hose to wash it.


Tacoma, WA

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Greatmats was "great" to work with. They were fast, friendly and very reasonably priced. They helped me with the project I was working on and quoted me the right amount of flooring matts that would work for my particular project. They even offered me a product that was cheaper to help save me money since color wasnt an issue. Will definitely do business with them again

Excel Construction