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Customer Reviews for: Max Tile Raised Floor Tile

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Expectations were met in every way. Floor was beautiful, shipped with out delays and easy to install. I am 69 years old, female and I had no problems. Very happy we chose this floor. Many thanks.

Taylor Made Visions

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Tiles were fine. I Ordered samples of the tiles for color only... I paid more in shipping than for the product.. there should be color chip samples available... even just 4"x4" would work just to compare color to other things in the project.

Jason P

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Greatmats went far beyond our expectations in arranging for an expedited shipping and worked with the manufacturer to actually PRODUCE the large quantity we needed. Ours was a rush for a trade show flooring and there was no option to wait, they pulled off the job with the greatest customer service we could have hoped for. We will be using them again for lots of our flooring needs.

Rossi Expositions

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love it!!!



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The staff is very professional. Highly recommend it.

Hostos Community College

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greta material regarding the tiles i took,specaily for a basement,nice texture to choose from and quick responde.

luis ayala

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We installed this floor last fall as part of a remodel of most of our house, including this dance studio. Now that the remodel is done and the room is cleaned up, I can say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this floor! So many awesome things to say about it: 1) Installation was so easy it's crazy. Once the underlayment was down, we just set a few pieces in place at one time and then walked around and snapped them into place. It was even a little fun. We did sometimes have to give it a sharp thwack but, even so, installation was simple. The hardest part was bending over repeatedly to lay new ones but there's no avoiding that. 2) The floor is warm on our tootsies in a room that we keep cold. 3) Barefoot, socks, or sneakers, we have no problems at all. The floor isn't too sticky or too slippery. Side note: it is absolutely in place; no movement at all. 4) Because of the underlayment and the sprung quality of the floor, it's really comfortable to dance on. We use the studio for Zumba, in addition to belly dance, and high-impact moves don't hurt us at all. 5) And ... it looks awesome! This floor is beautiful and I'm so proud of it! Wish we had done it years ago!


Baltimore, MD

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This is a great company and you see it all the way! I ordered some dance floor tiles from them, and the experience totally exceeded my expectations. You just feel the good vibes, starting with your interaction with the knowledgeable and courteous customer care when you place your order, continuing with speedy and efficient shipping and handling process, and finalizing when you receive a neatly packaged, well-manufactured product made out of excellent quality materials! And all of it manufested itself when I saw the excitement and sparkles of happiness in the eyes of my 7-year-old Irish dancer after we easily and quickly put the dance floor together)) Thank you so much Greatmats, you are truly great!

Dmitri Saks

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Excellent service and quality of product. Very easy to install.


Customer Rating:


Good quality product that installs fairly easily. My daughter is enjoying her new home dance floor!


Longmont, CO

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I was originally going to order this flooring through another company, but they were going to take weeks to get it to me and I was under a shipping deadline for a trade show. Angie at Greatmats responded quickly, worked with me, and I had my order exactly as promised, right on schedule. Thanks!


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My initial order was not shipped complete. Called customer service and was helped in a timely manor with friendly service. Product arrived a couple days later and all is good. Cant give 5 stars given my initial order was not shipped correctly but I would strongly recommend these folks and the product!!!

Randy Thompson

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Awesome product! I really haven't had this much fun in a household project in a long time. They go down in minutes. I put them over 1/2 inch foam rubber (at GreatMats recommendation) for a home gym. The floor looks great and has just the right amount of cushion. It is hard enough to bounce a basketball or hold up a heavy treadmill. Yet is also has some give, so a nice surface to walk on and do exercises. (I put a foam rubber mat on top to do situps). I wouldn't slam down heavy weights from a high height, but other than that, I think it can handle anything. The look of the product (I did maple) is great. It has wood grain, set in the tiny plastic 1 foot square. It won't fool anyone into thinking it is actual hardwood, but there was no grain repeats and it just looked nice--like formica.


Vienna, VA

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Excellent product as described and quoted

Caren King

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Floor was easy to assemble, but takes up a lot of volume (3 carts to cover 40 x 14 foot floor) Needed smaller carts than what was recommended as the cart from Great Mats does not fit through standard doors nor elevators or into small storage closets. Floor itself is a bit slick, dancers reported slick conditions, but that could just be from first time use. I also received reports of visible scuff marks, but our students returned the floor so I have not seen them.


Washington, DC

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Elegant product for our home gym while still providing the soft feel since we put ours on top of our existing carpet. If going that route you'll need to use a tile or some other hard surface underneath just to snap the pieces into place, being that the soft flooring doesn't allow for the connection; but once done it seems to work fine (although make sure to position heavy equipment stress points on the portions of said tiles where they connect that way over time you won't have a lower piece adjacent to another etc.).


McClean , VA

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We used the floor for our first event yesterday. Everyone loved it!



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The flooring is great. Easy to install and looks very good. Great product. I will be buying more as time goes by.

GNISEC-Gemco National Industrial Security, LLP

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I saved quite a bit of money replacing my basement floor myself using the MaxTiles product which were comparable or better than Basement Systems. I received excellent support when needed and would not hesitate to recommend.

Cleveland DIYer

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This flooring is not appropriate for aerobic activity at all. It's hard and slippery with a cheap Shiny finish. do not buy for fitness applications.


San Francisco , CA