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Elegant product for our home gym while still providing the soft feel since we put ours on top of our existing carpet. If going that route you'll need to use a tile or some other hard surface underneath just to snap the pieces into place, being that the soft flooring doesn't allow for the connection; but once done it seems to work fine (although make sure to position heavy equipment stress points on the portions of said tiles where they connect that way over time you won't have a lower piece adjacent to another etc.).


McClean , VA

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We used the floor for our first event yesterday. Everyone loved it!



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This flooring is not appropriate for aerobic activity at all. It's hard and slippery with a cheap Shiny finish. do not buy for fitness applications.


San Francisco , CA

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Our church is in a 165 year old building which is built into the side of a hill (like a barn so both levels have ground-level entrances). As a result, we had recurring troubles with ground water entering the basement when we got heavy rains. After the previous laminate plank flooring was destroyed by the water issues, we finally pulled it out, had a waterproofing company install a drainage system, and installed Max Tile Raised Floor Tile. We've had a few heavy rains since and have not had any water problems, but we are satisfied that if we ever do, the new flooring will help minimize any issues. On an everyday basis, the floor looks great and is easy to keep clean. Everyone loves it!


Dayton, Ohio

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At the beginning i was skeptic about the product because i needed for a salsa event i was afraid that it will break or separate in the middle of the performances and renting a wooden dance floor was really expensive but it hold it very well my event was successful it is pretty good product some of them where damage on the shipping but i got them replace right away and to add customer service was excellent



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These tiles have been fantastic. We have an old basement with slightly uneven floor. The little bit of flex on the tiles allowed us to still put them down. Made the basement so much nicer than we expected! They are a little more money up front than some other options but I think they made up for it in ease of installation and minimal prep.


Cleveland, OH

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Great quality product



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Excellent product. We are using it in our booth at a trade show.



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So far, so good. My carpet is soft, so I placed a thin board under the tiles to connect them. The edges connect well to the tiles, but pop loose a bit connecting to each other. Im a dancer, but Im also a chess player, so I wanted an 8 x 8 pattern in an 8 x 10 space. My brother sawed the two tiles which didnt quite fit.


Plymouth, MN

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We put these down in the basement because it gets wet a times. They work great. Easy to cut and easy to install


Flushing , NY

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The tiles are sturdy, slightly flexible (which is good) and look good - from ''up top''. When you kneel down it is pretty obvious that it is just printed plastic. I had to cut some with my table saw (fine tooth saw blade) and it worked well. But, do not leave the tiles exposed to sunlight: I had left one on the ground in my driveway for a while and the glue that holds the printed part to the tile body dissolved. Installing the tiles is very easy and quick. I did follow the advice and put a 3mm rubber underlay down beforehand. So far, so good. One more thing: when ordering, you need to take into consideration the shipping cost!



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Very easy to install and cut. I had a lot of angles as the basement walls are at unusual angles.



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I bought the Max Tiles back in June to make a dance floor in my condo, and posted a review complaining about the floor being uneven after a few dances on it. I was wrong, and it was my fault not to snap them tight before use, thus causing it to be loose. The tiles are now fit perfectly and they make a great dance floor. In fact, I bought a few additional pieces to enlarge it recently.

Phiem C


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Easy to install. Clients love it. We are able to move it around according to size we need for each event. Plus we have saved hundreds of $$$$$ by purchasing a floor of our own. Thank You ! Edward



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Perfect for my daughter to practice tap and ballet on. We are using it on top of carpet and the edges in snap with too much weight applied to them (my husbands weight) because of the give in the carpet. We chose the darker color and love it. The snap on border is great for preventing stubbed toes. We got 12 tiles so it's 3x4. It's perfect! Also the sales rep on the phone was amazing! Knowledgable and made sure I was getting the right number of male/female clip on borders and corners. Fast shipping! Had the Mat in 3 days.



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Product is of high quality and received as promised. My daughter loves the dance floor! Very easy to assemble.

Cyd Lem

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Greatmats didnt have the raw material in stock and it took two months to get them. They did proactively communicate the issues with me. I havent installed them yet.

David Martin

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I contacted GreatMats with a lot of questions in hand as I was trying to get things organized for our After-School Program. The representative was very patient and extremely helpful with helping me to navigate through the website in order to make the correct decision for my program.

Date Academy

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I bought the Max tiles to use as a dance floor in my condo (carpeted). The installation was not easy because I couldnt snap them together on carpet (soft) as opposed to bare floor (hard) i.e. I had to put a piece of plywood underneath the two tiles in order to snap them together with my foot. The surface would get uneven after dancing on it for a while because of the carpet, and I have to stomp on it to make it even again, and its rather annoying. Other than that, the customer service is superb. I dealt with Tina, who is very diligent, professional, and courteous.

Phiem C Dang

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Installed stone max tile in basement which recently flooded. Very happy with the product and the service at Greatmats. Only note, not so easy to step on the joints to snap together. Had to use a piece of underlayment as a cushion and hammer the joints. Finished room is lovely.

Carole S.