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Customer Reviews for: Max Tile Raised Floor Tile

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The Max Tiles are very convenient for me. The floor I live on is all concrete and exercising is very difficult on my joints so the portable tiles let me instantly have a wood least as close to a wood floor as possible. Overall a good product.


Richmond, CA

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The dance floor has been just what I expected. I received spot-on advice when I called in the order. Thanks for directing me to the right floor and for installation advice. Robert Brown

Robert A.

Roswell, GA

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I ordered the Max Tile Dance Floor in maple as a dance floor for our birthday parties (see for a view of the dance floor in action). The dance floor was relatively painless to install.. a 9' x 9' dance floor took about an hour. The product takes a lot of punishment- 15-20 girls at a time doing the cha-cha slide in dress-up heels and it is no worse for the wear!



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It firmly grips the carpet such that there is no movement of the tiles relative to the carpet. And while there is some give to the floor since it overlies carpet, it still functions perfectly as a hard surface for yoga. I got the maple which provides a very pleasing aesthetic to the room. The floor does not look cheap, withstands scuff marks, and cleans up easily.


Beverly Hills, CA