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Customer Reviews for: Max Tile Raised Floor Tile

Customer Rating:


Excellent product for a basement. Easy to install; just remember it's not like installing ceramic tile due to the fact that it interlocks. Just snap your lines and continue to the end, then return to your starting point and install another row. You will destroy a good blade when you make your cuts, but it is very easy to cut. Also, just keep cleaning your saw between cuts so it doesn't clog. I would use this product again and probably be even faster installing it the second time.


Beachwood, NJ

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I like this product & installed it myself in a 10ft x 13ft basement Laundry Room on a clean, flat concrete slab. I have "no" water issues in the basement & put down the 3mm rubber mat as recommended. I used a rubber mallet as suggested, after reading another product review, & an 80-tooth blade made for plastics/laminates in my sliding miter saw for all tile cutting. Everything went very smooth. Only bad report I have was I ruined a couple feet on the bottom of 2-tiles with the rubber mallet as they weren't properly lined up before I tried to pound them in place. I ordered 2-extra tiles just by chance so the room was complete in no time.


Hayden, ID

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I got this floor after a flood in my basement. The floor is very easy to put down and it looks fantastic. I am planing on purchasing more to complete the entire basement. Look no further this is the floor you want.


Roselle Park, NJ

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This product has held up very well so far, with no scratches or scuffs. It is easy to install and many people have complimented the way it looks.


Virginia Beach, VA

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Product was received very quickly which was great, quality of the product is very good extreamly happy with this purchase. I bought this for use in a basement which is going to work out very well.


Gilmanton, NH

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Excellent product! Easy to cut, install. Would recommend it to anyone. Sales person on the phone was EXCELLENT as well. Thank you Great Mats!



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Wow, where to start? I purchased this floor for my daycare room located in our basement. All of my parents as well as the children Love it too!!This floor is so beautiful. So easy to install. So easy to keep clean. Thank you soooooo much for making my home business sparkle!


pittsfield, MA

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I have had my floor down for about a month and it looks really nice. We had a small couples two-step class on it and it worked well. Also had 5 linedancers in another session and it was comfortable and easy on the feet. Got a lot of compliments on the floor.



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This floor is fabulous! I use it to do my Zumba and other dance exercises on carpet. It's easy to put together, and stays put while dancing. It was shipped very quickly to me. I love this dance floor.


Chesterton, IN

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We are very pleased with the look and feel of the dance floor and the ease at which the floor could be installed. Thank you!


Chapel Hill, NC

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My recent kitchen renovation includes a finished oak stairway to the unfinished basement. The stairway is open to the house, surrounded by a railing, so the stairway is visible at all times. The landing at the bottom is a poured concrete, which is a jarring contrast to the beautiful oak steps leading down to it. The landing is 3' x 3' with doors left and right. I wanted to make the concrete look nicer from the top of the stairs. The basement floor has a possibility of getting wet one day (if the pump fail and it rains hard enough), so I needed a waterproof solution that would allow air to get under the floor, and also be easy to uninstall and reinstall in case of flooding. Max Tile provide a great solution to all these requirements, and the light oak goes pretty well with the oak steps. I had to trim four tiles to fit around the door jambs, which I did with a regular circular saw. Installing 16 tiles took about 2 hours. I am quite pleased with Max Tile.


Hopewell, NJ

Customer Rating:


Very good looking product. Very sturdy and easy to work with.


Havre de Grace, MD

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We bought 21 tiles to make a mat for our elliptical machine. It's perfect. It sits on carpet and looks much better than a cheaper black exercise mats. The wood tone looks very nice.


toronto, ON

Customer Rating:


the floor looks great in my basement. we love it..i think its a great product because of the design of the tile .i would love to get it for my garage too after i refinish it ..


Lower Burrell, PA

Customer Rating:


I can honestly say that your product exceded my expectations. The installation was very easy and the product looks great. I would recommend it to my future customers.


Burlington, CT

Customer Rating:


This floor provides a great cushion for aerobics, jump training and just plain working out. My only regret is that we waited this long to buy it. My back feels great!!


Seattle, WA

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Thanks Greatmats. My husband and I are very satisfied with max tile. It is well put together, very durable and looks like a wood floor. We bought max tile because it was idea for the basement. We do not have to worry about water damage or warping to it at all. Our friends seen this product and now it have them thinking about using it in their basement. We have shopped around for vinyl flooring until we went online and came across Greatmats. If you are looking for a floor to use in your basement, we recommend this product. D. Robinson, PA


East Stroudsburg, PA

Customer Rating:


They do look nice but they don't work for the break dancing. I cannot use them but neither return them.



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I purchased this floor to use as an exercise area. It bends on carpet, so I moved my exercise area to a tiled area of my house and it works great over a rubber mat on the tiled floor. Most houses in my area don't have basements. Houses are built right on concrete slabs with just a carpet for padding. As a result, I developed back and knee pain when I exercised. After I started exercising on the tilemax (over a rubber mat), the knee and back pain disappeared and I enjoyed my workouts much better. The tile looks beautiful also.


Harker Heights, TX

Customer Rating:


love it. No problems with delivery. Use it everyday. will looking at other products from your company.


San Antonio, TX