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Customer Reviews for: Max Tile Raised Floor Tile

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Our church is in a 165 year old building which is built into the side of a hill (like a barn so both levels have ground-level entrances). As a result, we had recurring troubles with ground water entering the basement when we got heavy rains. After the previous laminate plank flooring was destroyed by the water issues, we finally pulled it out, had a waterproofing company install a drainage system, and installed Max Tile Raised Floor Tile. We've had a few heavy rains since and have not had any water problems, but we are satisfied that if we ever do, the new flooring will help minimize any issues. On an everyday basis, the floor looks great and is easy to keep clean. Everyone loves it!


Dayton, Ohio

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At the beginning i was skeptic about the product because i needed for a salsa event i was afraid that it will break or separate in the middle of the performances and renting a wooden dance floor was really expensive but it hold it very well my event was successful it is pretty good product some of them where damage on the shipping but i got them replace right away and to add customer service was excellent



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We installed Max Tile Raised Floor Tile in a basement bathroom approximately 9 ft by 7 ft. It was very easy to install and looks good. There seems to be a slight "give" in the center of the tile, but I dont think it will pose any problem. Looking forward to enjoying these tiles for years to come.

Maria Elkins

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Greatmats has an item we consistently use. The products are reliable in quality. I email my order in and it is shipped immediately. Very easy to do business with..

Rick Sloan

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Tiles came within 2 days. Tiles were in a heay package. Tiles were impossible to put together without following the instrucions on the site. Lay them down on very hard surface. Step on them, with all your weight in the right spot! Add a tile by placing it snugly on top of the tabs (already there). On the tile to be added, step on the right corner, then the left corner. To remove, bend down at the edge. Looks good, works on my "hard" carpet (once put together). The surface seems kind of "grainy" for ballroom turns compared to a wood studio floor - not very slippery (???).

John H

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These tiles have been fantastic. We have an old basement with slightly uneven floor. The little bit of flex on the tiles allowed us to still put them down. Made the basement so much nicer than we expected! They are a little more money up front than some other options but I think they made up for it in ease of installation and minimal prep.


Cleveland, OH

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Great quality product



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Excellent product. We are using it in our booth at a trade show.



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Great products and excellent customer service


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So far, so good. My carpet is soft, so I placed a thin board under the tiles to connect them. The edges connect well to the tiles, but pop loose a bit connecting to each other. Im a dancer, but Im also a chess player, so I wanted an 8 x 8 pattern in an 8 x 10 space. My brother sawed the two tiles which didnt quite fit.


Plymouth, MN

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I found that Greatmats Customer Service does and excellent job in communicating clear and concise information to the Customer. This is the third time Ive ordered from Greatmats and I will continue to do so.

Jaco Inc

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I made a purchase for my daughter, but unknowingly bought the wrong item. The Greatmats team noticed this as an odd looking order, contacted me for additional info and got me on the correct path. They saved me a substantial amount of money. Keep up the good work Greatmats.

Mike Sanchez

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I installed over 400, 12"x12" Max Tiles in my approx. 800 s.f. basement. I went wall to wall in my basements 3-rooms Prior to ordering the tiles, I used a 3-D CAD program to lay out the floor plan. This not only gave me an accurate count, but also let me position the tiles for the least amount of cuts. I have a table mounted, 10" miter saw which was just the right size for cutting the 12" tiles. I also installed the 3mm rubber mat over the concrete floor. There is some waste involved with the cut tiles and a couple miss-measured cuts but it looks good and Ive received several compliments.

Richard Rynearson

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We put these down in the basement because it gets wet a times. They work great. Easy to cut and easy to install


Flushing , NY

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My granddaughter loves her new dance floor! I was so pleased to get this on time for Christmas and the staff was very helpful

Monica J Beard

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Hi! I just ordered as my own Christmas gift a portable tap dancing floor. Guau!! Just great, great, great!! It is not heavy, so easy to install, very good quality, not expensive and the service: just perfect!! Everything was so well explained and I received it exactly the day they said. Congratulations!! Will share this with my classmates!

Ana Soto

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I have installed several kind of flooring products, by far this is the BEST one !!! So easy and fast to put down. For me the prep was more time to do. Love it and it looks Great !!!!!!!!!!

Gerry Sisel

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They make a really good product. It was slightly hard to get them on the phone. I had one question, and when we connected they answered very nicely.

Dorothy Brown

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Was surprised how nice it all came together. Sturdy quality at an affordable price


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The tiles are sturdy, slightly flexible (which is good) and look good - from ''up top''. When you kneel down it is pretty obvious that it is just printed plastic. I had to cut some with my table saw (fine tooth saw blade) and it worked well. But, do not leave the tiles exposed to sunlight: I had left one on the ground in my driveway for a while and the glue that holds the printed part to the tile body dissolved. Installing the tiles is very easy and quick. I did follow the advice and put a 3mm rubber underlay down beforehand. So far, so good. One more thing: when ordering, you need to take into consideration the shipping cost!