Customer Reviews for: Max Tile Raised Floor Tile

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we ordered some more. think it will make a great home dance practice floor

irish dancer

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Great product and customer service that is second to none. I have purchased flooring twice and will not hesitate to do again in the future

Cliff Bish

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After looking at all of our options, we elected to use your great flooring for 2 projects. Our Beach Room was completed about a year ago, and we decided to do the basement bathroom with the same product. The results are outstanding.


Racine, WI

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I first used this product on the basement room floor a few years ago. It was great since it eases coldness, but sort of hard floor so easy to clean, and humidity from the basement floor is prevented by rubber underlayment and raised floor. Only problem in the first time installation was the tool. We only had Dremel to cut and it took us for a long time and it was a nasty job due to plastic burning smell and scraps. Customer service tells that we can use the box cutter but I tried and I do not see how it works. This time, we placed in the living room bathroom. Purchased a portable electric floor cutter so it was much speedy and easy job. Product themselves are great. Easy to handle, light weight, accommodate non-smooth surface floor by placing rubber underlayment. We use 3mm underlayment. We just used the leftover underlayment from the first installment. In our house, we do not keep shoes on inside of house. This raised ti floor are soft to our body, feet, knees to walk on, and easy to keep clean. Additionally, handling and installation are not difficult. We are also thinking to use this product when we remodel our main bedroom bathroom in the future as well.


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nothing negative to say about the company or product.

Ron White

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Lay my Greatmats under the canopy of my Airstream and dance the night away!!

Steven Moore

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The tiles were fantastic -- I used them for my tappers. Great, sturdy, beautiful sound!

Kimberly Thomson

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We had to get a temporary floor quickly and Greatmats was helpful and communicated well! Would recommend!

METdance Center and Company, Houston, TX

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When I called I was not sure what to expect, but Beth (Sale rep) did a great job on making sure I was getting what I needed (not just take the order). The items showed up when they were scheduled and when I had issues with the shipping not using a end gate for delivery they were quick to refund paret of the shipping cost with no issues.


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Love the product design and its application for a basement room. Pricing seemed fair and resonable. A few hiccups occurrred, they sent the wrong sample the first time and failed to let me know that shipping could not go down a dead end street. Neither caused an issue. Over all I would use them again, which is my highest rating.

Charles Quinby

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order 1461575 Very good product, met my expectations in every way!!!



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Expectations were met in every way. Floor was beautiful, shipped with out delays and easy to install. I am 69 years old, female and I had no problems. Very happy we chose this floor. Many thanks.

Taylor Made Visions

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Tiles were fine. I Ordered samples of the tiles for color only... I paid more in shipping than for the product.. there should be color chip samples available... even just 4"x4" would work just to compare color to other things in the project.

Jason P

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Greatmats went far beyond our expectations in arranging for an expedited shipping and worked with the manufacturer to actually PRODUCE the large quantity we needed. Ours was a rush for a trade show flooring and there was no option to wait, they pulled off the job with the greatest customer service we could have hoped for. We will be using them again for lots of our flooring needs.

Rossi Expositions

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love it!!!



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The staff is very professional. Highly recommend it.

Hostos Community College

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greta material regarding the tiles i took,specaily for a basement,nice texture to choose from and quick responde.

luis ayala

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We installed this floor last fall as part of a remodel of most of our house, including this dance studio. Now that the remodel is done and the room is cleaned up, I can say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this floor! So many awesome things to say about it: 1) Installation was so easy it's crazy. Once the underlayment was down, we just set a few pieces in place at one time and then walked around and snapped them into place. It was even a little fun. We did sometimes have to give it a sharp thwack but, even so, installation was simple. The hardest part was bending over repeatedly to lay new ones but there's no avoiding that. 2) The floor is warm on our tootsies in a room that we keep cold. 3) Barefoot, socks, or sneakers, we have no problems at all. The floor isn't too sticky or too slippery. Side note: it is absolutely in place; no movement at all. 4) Because of the underlayment and the sprung quality of the floor, it's really comfortable to dance on. We use the studio for Zumba, in addition to belly dance, and high-impact moves don't hurt us at all. 5) And ... it looks awesome! This floor is beautiful and I'm so proud of it! Wish we had done it years ago!


Baltimore, MD

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This is a great company and you see it all the way! I ordered some dance floor tiles from them, and the experience totally exceeded my expectations. You just feel the good vibes, starting with your interaction with the knowledgeable and courteous customer care when you place your order, continuing with speedy and efficient shipping and handling process, and finalizing when you receive a neatly packaged, well-manufactured product made out of excellent quality materials! And all of it manufested itself when I saw the excitement and sparkles of happiness in the eyes of my 7-year-old Irish dancer after we easily and quickly put the dance floor together)) Thank you so much Greatmats, you are truly great!

Dmitri Saks

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Excellent service and quality of product. Very easy to install.