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Greatmats is Open and Operational to Serve You


Customer Reviews for: Grappling MMA Mats 1.5 Inch

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The mats we ordered are perfect for our needs. We got the red/blue tiles and they are very durable and also easy to put together prior to practices. The only bad thing, it cost nearly $330 to deliver the tiles due to being required to have a drop gate vehicle deliver them. The shipping cost added 33% to the total price.


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The mats shipped on time and were exactly what we wanted.

John Reed

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The puzzle mats that I purchased for my bjj school have been great. They were easy to enstall and are great to roll on. Also the customer service was outstanding.


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Prompt, courteous service. Shipment tracking & notifications leaves something to be desired, but shipment arrived on schedule.

Legendary Industries, LLC

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Pam at Greatmats was very nice and knowledgeable. Made the ordering process very easy. Will order from her again! The mats are great. Very durable and easy to setup.

Gracie United Leesville

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Good customer service! Will buy from Greatmats again.

Randall Strawn

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Im very happy with the mats. I bought 25 of the large mats 1m x 1m, for my garage. I liked them so much that I bought 5 more. They provide good cushioning and seem very durable. They are a little more firm than expected and I would not recommend them for throws, but for training in jiu jitsu other than that they work very well. Also, be aware that the surface is a little more slick than typical mats you would find at your academy. Overall, I would say that the firmness and the slickness make them somewhat less favorable than the higher end mats at the gym, but for the price and for home use they are probably the best way to go. They are a very good value and you can tell it is a product that will really hold up well.

c campbell

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Thank you for the wonderful mats!


Destin, FL

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very good company to deal with

Thomas Kligerman

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We love our new Great Mats floor in our toddler playroom. It's easy to clean and provides a safe surface for our kids to play. It was simple to install and looks great as you can see.



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Thank you for your great customer service and making a great product for my kids and I to enjoy!


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These are the best mats available for grappling. They go down and come up easily and will last forever if you take care of them.


Kent, WA

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The mats are excellent quality. Customer service was responsive. I took off one star because they arrived missing most of the ramp edges and I was informed after the order arrived that they are back ordered and will get here later, although they arent sure how much later yet.

The Perfect Play Date

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I bought my first set of mats over a year ago. As my school grew, so did the need for more mats. My second order the color matched perfect. Now over a year later I just ordered my third order.. Once again a perfect match.. Big tiles mean less seems, no rolling your toes, and perfect density for the throws when hitting the mats. The 1-5/8" grappling mat is the most affordable mat I could find after extensive research!! Joey D, Modern Urban Defense Long Island, NY

Joe DeRosa

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Great mats are in fact great in our facility. We also had a mix up with the dye batch, rare but does happen. They worked with us on this and Dave was excellent in resolving the issue. Highly recommend but try to order all your mats at once.

Jennifer McNutt

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We needed a specific kind of mats for our space, and we decided to go with Greatmats. They were expensive, but we felt that they would be the best possible quality. We were not disappointed. The final product not only met all of our safety requirements, but they look incredibly professional. We have gotten a number of comments on how they look. Also, the material was very easy to work with. I think my favorite thing about the experience, however, was the prompt and thorough customer service. I felt that I never was left hanging or uncertain about any of my (many) questions. My only disappointment with the product is that I would love if the beveled edge pieces also had a corner option. I think that would be the final piece to make the mats look incredible in our space. However, that product detail isnt available. We plan on using this company again for any of our future mat needs.

Springfield Faith Center

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These puzzle mats are sturdy, durable and light weight. They fit together perfectly, and are easy and quick to set up. I use them for judo. They are a good surface to fall on -- soft enough, but no danger of bottoming out. However, they are not so good for the person doing the throws because your feet sink in too far to pivot well. That could lead to twisting a knee. I use these puzzle mats as a bottom layer, and put traditional 1 meter x 2 meter tatami mats on top. This arrangement seems to me to be as good as a sprung floor, but is cheaper and could be moved if I ever move. The mats on top give a good safe surface for throws -- feet dont sink in, grip is good with no mat burn, etc -- and the puzzle mats below make for a much less dense substrate, meaning a much more comfortable landing. If I were doing an activity without throws (BJJ?), the puzzle mats alone would be ideal. Customer service was helpful, and delivery was great.

Sakura Judo

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My customer service representative was amazing... She was able to help me with my order and answered all of my questions. She was able to close the deal for me..


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Customer service was beyond expectations . From placement of order to order tracking and delivery. Too early to give review of product , but if it is on par with customer service then I will be extremely pleased

Joseph Cetta

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the mats were easy to install and look very good . quality is very good . dont know how water/cleaning will affect it yet since i just installed them . so far happy with the product

Stela K