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Customer Reviews for: Grappling MMA Mats 1.5 Inch

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Got the mats installed. Excellent product. I am very very happy! Thanks again for all your help!


Gretna, NE

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We love our playroom flooring. This is the 8th room we have installed this flooring in for our autism therapy clinic. We love it! We have been using for over 5 years and it still looks like new! Here is our latest installment.


Broken Arrow, OK

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Thank you so much for being extremely helpful and your prompt assistance in finding the mats that suited our needs and budget. We absolutely love our Grappling Mats from Greatmats and they not only look amazing but they are suiting our needs perfectly!



Customer Rating:


Very good mats...

Aurelio Jr

Customer Rating:


Everything went very smooth from samples to ordering to receiving the mats. We just laid them down and they are going to be perfect for our Krav Maga and BJJ classes.

Thomas M

Customer Rating:


Great service and products. Didn?t care for the devilry person. But I realize they contract out.

Clint DuPlechian

Customer Rating:


Great quality. Better than expected. I hope it holds up with use at our child care center.

Kathleen I

Customer Rating:


The grappling mats ordered came very quickly the quality is very good. And it’s a perfect match for our karate school. We are very pleased with the product. Installation was nice. We were able to use a table saw to make the cuts to customize the area of the Mat that we needed. As well as we are able to use a carpet knife for the finer areas. Where we could use the puzzling if it in nice and smooth and evenly. thank you


Kingston, NY

Customer Rating:


So far, it’s been another excellent choice. They feel great! We also have zero complaints about them being too stiff for throws and landings.

Austin M

Nolensville, TN

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We chose Greatmats because of the great quality for the cost. They were easy to set up and tear down, and we loved the green/grey color combination. They're firm and supportive for executing quick techniques. They don't absorb much energy or cause the foot to root too deeply.


Nashville, TN

Customer Rating:


We use Great Mats MMA puzzle mats at our facility that are rated for fall safety and do not tear up your toes like some more expensive well-known brands do.


Winchester, VA

Customer Rating:


Awesome quality! Bought for my new Dojo. About 1200 square feet. Mats were delivered promptly, great follow up by the company and they installed like a dream. I looked at several competitors and these ended up being the best value for the money. Material is solid, dense foam and I bought the ones that are 1 1/2'' thick.


Pittsburgh, PA

Customer Rating:


Great price for mats that really work. We have yoga and martial arts, both stand up and grappling, and everyone is happy.


Kalamazoo, MI

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We absolutely love our Grappling Mats from Greatmats! Super easy to install, perfect for training, excellent for throws and falls, outstanding customer service, and they look great! Thank you from all of us here at Louisburg Jiu-jitsu! Sincerely, Adam Noll Owner Louisburg Jiu-jitsu


Louisburg, KS

Customer Rating:


I would like to thank you for your quality product and great customer service. This is also the second school I've put your mats in and wouldn't dream of using another company. New Visions Dojo


Nashville, TN

Customer Rating:


We love the mats. They are perfect for our indoor playground. We had wanted to buy the green ones but they were out of stock. Other than color, we are 100% satisfied. They were easy to install as well.



Customer Rating:


They work great, needed something I could pull up and lay back down and transport. 5/5 stars. The puzzle edges or whatever you'd call them, slide together nicely and come apart easily, while being real secure. Couldn't be happier


Hillsville, VA

Customer Rating:


Very easy assembly and great to roll on. Only took 30 minutes approx to cut these to size for the portion that needed to be refit. Could not recommend more.


Charleston, SC

Customer Rating:


The mats arrived on time as promised and were all in great condition. They were easy to move into the school and even easier to lay down. I am extremely impressed with the firmness when training on the mats, but also the cushion they provide when falling on them. When we decide to expand our school, I will definitely be ordering from GreatMats again.

Dominic M

Tarpon Springs, FL

Customer Rating:


They're rigid enough for stand up and you can take a hard fall on it and not worry about getting hurt.

Byron Bruce

Anchorage, AK