Customer Reviews for: Grappling MMA Mats 1-1/2 Inch x 1x1 Meter

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


We use great mats 1' 5/8'' mats for our BJJ, Muay Thai and MMA programs. The mats are great for grappling and throws and still provide a great surface for standup techniques, allowing for great footing and transitions. Truely a great product for EVRYTHING that we do, and that IS, EVERYTHING! Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Judo, BJJ and MMA. Great Mats product covers it all!


Kalispell, MT

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Great mat. It was easy to install, comfortable to work out on, and it is easy to clean.



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


These mats are AMAZING... I've attached a pick of the temporary indoor setup we made space for (required rearranging of furniture + ensuring we had sufficient walkways around), but it's working out great in the interim. Won't be rolling with any adults anytime soon, but still gives me & the girls a great place to train BJJ & stand-up in the interim...


San Ramon, CA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


I built a new wrestling room in a sports gym. I used the mats as a border in the room with wrestling mats on the interior. It worked perfect. Easy to install. Great value. Thank You.



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Great product. Very pleased. Put the flooring down on my own. Easy to work with. It looks beautiful. It is being used in a business, (a parent and child enrichment center) in a young children's play space with a slide. It was important to me to buy certified safety flooring. This MMA 1.5 flooring is rated safe for falls up to 4 feet.


Duxbury, MA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Does what it needs to do, as a school dojo safety is of the utmost importance. Thanks, Mark


durham, NC

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Very nice and best quality mat that I had ever seen


Gorakhpur Uttar pradesh India 273001

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


We needed a solid mat for our program to handle falls, rolls and throws, and the 1.5 inch are perfect. Also the mats provided strength for our stand up program. The mats are still as firm as when I first purchased them. Glad I made the choice to purchase the product!


Highland, MI

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


My review isn't just for these mats, which work great. What really impressed me was that today in the mail, I received a HAND WRITTEN card (and not just a one sentence one, either) from Great Mats thanking me for my order, and offering a direct line if I need further assistance/questions. Not many companies do things like that anymore. This is yet another example of the exemplary customer service I have received from them.


Bay Area, CA

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Got the mats installed. Excellent product. I am very very happy! Thanks again for all your help!


Gretna, NE

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


We love our playroom flooring. This is the 8th room we have installed this flooring in for our autism therapy clinic. We love it! We have been using for over 5 years and it still looks like new! Here is our latest installment.


Broken Arrow, OK

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Thank you so much for being extremely helpful and your prompt assistance in finding the mats that suited our needs and budget. We absolutely love our Grappling Mats from Greatmats and they not only look amazing but they are suiting our needs perfectly!



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Very good mats...

Aurelio Jr

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Everything went very smooth from samples to ordering to receiving the mats. We just laid them down and they are going to be perfect for our Krav Maga and BJJ classes.

Thomas M

Customer Rating: 4 Stars


Great service and products. Didn?t care for the devilry person. But I realize they contract out.

Clint DuPlechian

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Great quality. Better than expected. I hope it holds up with use at our child care center.

Kathleen I

Customer Rating: 2 Stars


Second time I have had to deal with bad delivery services.

Tearion Scott

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Always a pleasure doing business with Greatmats!


Customer Rating: 5 Stars


These are amazing mats for training! We had a great experience with customer service as well. Will be ordering more in The future.


Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Everything arrived on the time and without damage. Installation was easy and so far, the mats meet all of our needs. Customer service was very responsive during purchasing process and provided direction on what mats would work best for our use.

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