Customer Reviews for: Grappling MMA Mats 1.5 Inch

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Love the mats. Great product for school use.



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I will order from Greatmats every time! They are efficient, amazing, and great products! PAM is also an ALLSTAR!

Acro Yoga Inc

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Once again Great Mats has provided an excellent product. The only issue we have is with the carrier. The arrangement was for the carrier to call and arrange a delivery date. This didnt happen. I received a call from rhe drop location that the mats had arrived. I was over an hour away. We need better communication between the carrier and client.

Harding County Judo Club

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This is my second purchase in 5 years. Love these mats.

Clint DuPlechian

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Great material fast delivery overall good experience

Shaqir Kavizi

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We recently received the 1 1/2 inch reversible mats from GreatMats at SUPERKIDS Martial Arts in southwest FL and they are definitely the best puzzle mats available. We've trained on 4 different matted floors in the last 15 years at the studio and these are the best by far! They fit completely snug together without the usual gaps found here and there with other products. The kids love them because the look great and offer pure fun without fearing falls and the adults love them because they look great and offer less resistance/friction when rolling compared to most puzzle mats out there. We offer BJJ, TKD, and fitness classes and they work perfect for all! Ordering was a breeze and we got what we ordered when we were told it would arrive. We were even able to make a great home roll out mat with the extra edge pieces the size that would be $400 worth of more mat space! Anyone looking to have a quality floor for quality training doesn't need to look any further, we did it for you. :)


Pt Charlotte, Fla.

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This is the third purchase Ive made from The 1 1/5 grappling mats are the best mats Ive ever owned. We originally purchased the 7/8 mats for our gym and they were good. Ive bought 2" inch folding mats from them as well. They have never failed to deliver a great product!

C. Damiano Centerline Martial Arts, Florida

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The mats are very nice.


Las Vegas, NV

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Love the product, easy to install, easy to clean, great product!


Dearborn, MI

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i placed an order with ~$200 in shipping fees. They called me and let me know theyre only an hour away and I could pick it up and save the shipping cost. Drove out to a really small down in Wisconsin as was met with the nicest people. Absolutely amazing customer service.

James Au

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Mats are great need a better transsision or thershold to come out doors.


Powder Springs, GA

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I bought and installed these mats over a month ago. About one year ago a friend of mine had purchased them and has loved having them since. They were easy to order, showed up exactly as they appeared on the webpage, and have been an awesome purchase. My family uses these as tumbling, BJJ, and wrestling mats. Though they were initially a little slick, the frequent use has helped take some of the shine from the surface and they now work very well. My only issue throughout the whole process is that the calculator has a high degree of inaccuracy. Using the Greatmats calc it estimated I needed 36 mats, when I did my own calcs I came up with 30 and still had to cut some down to size. Otherwise I would strongly encourage people to buy these. They are a great value and very easy to install.


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Everything went smoothly, order arrived on time and just as expected.


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Was such an easy transaction very price competitive and super easy to deal with. Shipping was very high though :(

Daine Wilson

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Shinobi Elite martial arts studio absolutely love our new mats. My students have commented on how soft and cushiony the mats feel under their feet. We also appreciate how gentle it feels on our bodies when we do our rolls and break falls. Thank you Great Mats for such a superior product, we really appreciate it. We will definitely recommend them to any one who is looking to update or change their floors.


St Augustine, FL

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great product first saw it in indy at a eddie bravo seminar now my son and I and my buddies roll whenever our school isn't open. once I build an addition ill make it 4 by4


galion, OH

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This is our 3rd order of these mats. Extremely durable! Perfect for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! Big thanks!


Twin Falls, ID

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Great material, having trouble with the seems completely sealing flat. The surface is easily scratched or ripped by toe nails. I give the product 4 stars because the overall quality is good but if you consider quality vs dollars against tatami or roll out mats the cost is literally 2.5 to 1. So in the long run this is the best mat for the dollar.

James N

Baton Rouge, LA

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The 1 5/8 Grappling Mats work great. They are easy to install and easy to clean. We primarily use the mats at Combative Jiu Jitsu for a combination of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, and MMA.


Chino Valley, AZ

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The 1 and 5/8 inch thick MMA/Grappling Mats are fantastic. We have been using them at Combative Jiu Jitsu for about a year and we could not be happier. They have a good feel and just enough grip. The mats are easy to clean and pretty tough and tear resistant. These mats are more expensive than the 1 inch versions, but well worth it. I just wanted to say thanks to Pam at Greatmats.

Combative Jiu Jitsu